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these shirts are horrible. the collars and cuffs are just bad how much did you pay?
yes, certainly not sneakers!! I mean some loafers or some classic brogues etc
Hello, I'm going to london (most likely just around knightsbridge) this weekend to seek a few things. I am after some very stylish shoes which i'll wear for casual everyday. £300 is the top end of my budget, i'd like to go more for some £200 so I won't feel quite so devastated at the wear & tear they will inevitably suffer due to be wearing them very often. If you had the same idea as mine, what would the first pair of shoes you would try on be? I love the...
why do people have to try to change the things which are happily timeless ?
can you show a picture of how that looks with magnetic things? I asked this question a while ago but got no answers, i have the problem with my off the rack shirts
I suppose as long as brand names have existed
what measurements did you give them? Did you choose their free shirt deal? take 2 inches off everything?
think about watches as art it's a combination of craftsmanship and what people are into/collecting. A lot more so craftsmanship than art though
haha. who the hell measured you? its massive I would email them the pictures, they have good customer service.
i want to use you as a pocket square
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