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1. I have you beaten in terms of horribleness. Thankfully, no pictures survived, but I used to have this terrible poly-wool (more poly than wool) vest that I thought made me look pretty good. I would wear it with jeans, the aforementioned black Born shoes and an American Eagle white shirt. The vest fit me like a box. It was terrible, and to this day I still think it is the single worst purchase I ever made. 2. I could not agree more on the point about the shoes. I was...
I would say that you're not going to be able to buy that exact suit retail. Your best bet would be try to find a similar fabric and take it to a tailor (at least IMO).
I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and discuss the horrible, stupid things we did and wore way back when. I'll start: For a while, I thought Born shoes were the ne plus ultra of men's footwear, and decided they were the only "dress shoes" I would ever wear. They looked like this:  and I wore them with jeans all the time.    I will confess that they were very comfortable, though. I also thought (though I never had the funds to act upon it, thank...
What's it made of? Oops. Just saw the picture.
How come?
I recommend that you buy brown oxfords, not black. Black cap toe oxfords are way too formal for khakis and black shoes don't look right with jeans.  You may wish to go to an Allen Edmonds outlet store or check ebay.
I thought I would try to learn to make ties. I was discouraged by the cost of iron-on interlining fabric. Advice?
Allen Edmonds, maybe?
I will when I have the chance to take the jacket to a tailor, which unfortunately isn't going to be for a while. It may well be that it doesn't work.
I personally think double-breasted suits are the best thing since the Resurrection, but I just don't like 3-button suits. They always look blocky to me.
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