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Looks great! I'm bummed that I can't make it... one of my events is happening the same day. :'(   Everyone have fun! 
Won't be able to make it this time... have fun everyone!
  Dsquared2 Biker jacket   Replica jacket from movie "Fight Club"   A lot simpler (probably the style you're looking for?? ) but I don't think they have this style in stock anymore. Dsquared as well.    Another biker jacket... God Speed: Gods of Mankind    Tried to find a mixture of pricepoints/styles :/
This can depend on what you're applying to. Try asking in the business forum area though... might be a better place.  Credit cards are out to make money and get your money; so I'm sure someone will be happy to offer you a credit card. I'm guessing you're still a student?You can apply for student credit card and you don't need a cosigner. Look at the apr rates, my recommendation if you're american is chase sapphire. It has a better rate than my wells fargo credit card and...
Get a job or become a gigolo... 
looks beautiful!
South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA.
I don't have to leave anymore...  What I have is right here.
hahahah i don't know what model it was! yeah that is kanye's car >.> I tried finding a similar photo closest I could find :/   You can hate the matte finish craze all you want :P  How long do you think the trend will go on? I've only seen it around the Bay (SF) not so much in other cities. Saw it on a range rover too at work.   Yeah that is a wald phantom. Heh definitely no secret that hiphop artists and football players love phantoms.
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