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Yea that really is cheap at Peppino's. Any idea how much they charge to have the jacket taken in?
To the entry above regarding yama - yama is very average, but since one of the locations is a block from my apartment, I will eat there from time to time. It's also cheap, and if you're just getting rolls, its not bad. For better sushi in the Yama area, try Ushi Wakamaru - which is about to get mobbed after a review in the Village Voice comes out this week. It's better than Yama/Tomoe/Blue Ribbon Sushi, but probably a notch below Yasuda - but one can eat quite well at...
let me partially answer my own question if anyone's curious about wilfred's $65 to take in the coat $20 for sleeve buttons (non-functional) $20 for hemming pants
I'd give it a shot under your proposed terms.
Could people chime in with rough cost for typical suit alterations at Wilfred's, Alexis, and Peppino's? For example: 8 buttons (handsewn or machinesewn) Taking a little in the waist of the coat Hemming pants and taking an inch or so out of the waist of the pant Last time I did this at a place called Hong Kong Tailor Jack (with to my untrained eye, pretty good results), ran me about $100 a suit.  Just curious what it runs at these various places. Thanks
hope this isn't uncouth, but how much did those set you back?
Got my suits from Sierra Trading Post (2-day fedex). I ended up ordering one of the three buttons in a 52 since I was skeptical of the 54 to 42/36 conversion they had on the website. Glad I did, the 52 fits much better right (will need to get it taken in in the middle a bit, but I always do). Oddly enough, the 54 isn't far off at all in the shoulders, but is too long and baggy in the middle. Plus - I like the pattern on the 3-button better. Only downside, $1,000 before the...
not dainite, leather sole but with little rubber bumps and a ring of traction. Now that I look at the catalog on Plal, it looks like the Grafton (last 342) so still not the same last (but looks similar)
if you're looking at a C&J chelsea with the interesting treads on the bottom, i have it in 9.5d (and i have a rlpl eg monkstrap in 9.5d and an alden in 9.5d) - it fits me very well and is extremely comfortable. don't know if that helps.
I ordered the two button side vent suits - one in the navy stripe and one in the nailhead gray. I ordered based on their sizing conversion (54 = 42/36), but I suspect there sizes may be off. They seem to have a generous return policy if it doesn't work out though (and I have a sibling I could pass these along to as well)...
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