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Canali does make some trimmer cuts. The boxier fit that everyone talks about is their 13000 body (at least that's what it's called in the North American market). If you look really hard you may be able to find their 14000 and 15000 bodies, which are trimmer, have higher armholes and more waist suppression, and a slimmer pant. They're pretty similar fits, but have slightly different shoulder treatments. The 13000 is by far the prevalent fit available in North America,...
Still dead set on a leather sole as I would like to be able to wear these with suits as well as casual clothing, so all the recommendations for Dainite are doing nothing for me. I appreciate the feedback though. I think I may have found a solution with a pair of Ferragamo chukkas I came across today. I'll try them on when I have time. Does anyone know about the Grenson Rushden line? What is the quality like? Are they Goodyear welted,...
I am interested in purchasing a pair of the C&J Tetbury chukka boots, but am concerned that it appears to be offered only with a Dainite sole. I would prefer to have a leather sole, and that is a dealbreaker for me. What I hope that you wonderful people could tell me is if C&J make the Tetbury with a leather sole, or am I out of luck? Also, if they do not offer a leather sole on this model, are there any chukka/desert boot styles out there in a last comparable to the...
I know the R30 program exists as I have described it, as that is what the menswear store I work in offers. However, I live in Canada and we don't exactly get a lot of options when it comes to high-end menswear. It is entirely likely that a true MTM program now exists and is unavailable in this frozen wasteland. If I can get in touch with our Canali rep any time soon, I'll ask him about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by andyw Watching McCain speak and gesticulate, I noticed his shoulders and upper arm movement to be stiff and weird, almost like his suit was too big at the shoulders. Anyone else notice this? That's due to an injury he received while a POW in Vietnam, I believe.
As far as I know, Canali does not offer an MTM program. Instead they offer something called "R30", which is essentially a customization program and nothing more. You can choose your fabric and select from a predetermined list of cuts and button/lapel/pocket/vent styles, but they won't adjust measurements for you beyond your choice of jacket and pant size. So you're basically getting an OTR suit that takes six weeks or so to make and costs a premium over what you would...
Jeez you guys are fast. In particular I was wondering about the Starr oxford brogue, but really any of his shoes in general. These are the Starrs: I have a pair in red suede, and I believe several other forums members own these shoes in various different materials and colours.
I've been wondering who manufactures shoes for Paul Smith, and haven't found any information through searching online so far. I was hoping someone here might know. Anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd ... for cigars? Re: Does anyone here DISLIKE cigars?
Leaving the house without a pocket square for me would be the same as leaving without pants. I just can't do it. I love the extra colour or detail it adds. Plus, that's what the breast pocket is for.
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