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The tags all look pretty legit to me, just very old. For the record, I work in a menswear store that sells lots of Pal Zileri.
Quote: Originally Posted by pecoranera Has anyone been to the new Brooks Brothers store in Vancouver? I think they must be expecting Vancouverites to suddenly embrace a look that is seen almost exclusively on visitors to our city. The repp ties are fantastic- no one does those better- but what of the golfing cardigans shown without irony or the boxy seersucker suits? As as has been pointed out here by others, Brooks Brothers is famous for a...
If you bought these from Aldo, then the answer is unequivocably YES, you should return them! First and foremost, Aldo shoes are of atrocious quality and whether the shoes fit you or not, you will likely regret your purchase not too far down the road. Secondly, Aldo sales staff are poorly trained in all areas except on how to make the sale as quickly as possible regardless of fit, style, or quality issues. If he told you the shoe will stretch, then it is most likely not...
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Not happy with the winner. Too drab for my tastes. You expected the Forvm to vote differently?
I like it exactly the way it is. I like the choice of socks, but at the same time I probably would not wear socks with this outfit. And I would definitely give the pants a one- or two-flip rolled cuff.
I don't even think my best entry made it to the finals, to be honest - and mine weren't the best of the bunch. It's hard to vote because they're all nice. Can they all be made? edit: mine were the best, vote ROBASAURUS so I can have a free tie!
I would say yes, but only under the condition that the shade of navy is rich and light enough that it won't appear too similar too the black blazer under any lighting conditions. If the two are close enough, it will be a terrible combo. I could see it working if they are noticeably different, however.
I love Club Monaco. I do most of my casual shopping there because they're about the only place in my area that consistently has stock in XS, and it fits small enough for me too. But I find the quality there to be pretty decent for the price - much better than anything else in a similar price range as far as mall brands go. As a side note, I just found out that they've fired their lead designer and replaced him with a guy who supposedly was Thom Browne's assistant. So...
Following the Ten Commandments has clearly brought joy and happiness into this man's life: Or I guess maybe not. And I love that he breaks the all-important First Commandment right on his front page:
Two more:
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