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More crappy iPhone photos. I think this trend may continue for a while. Sorry gents. Home from work... And now off to DJ at my favourite cocktail lounge...
Some crappy iPhone photos today. It was the first truly warm, sunny day we've had so far this year and a great excuse to break out my summer GTH pants.
What last is the pair of 7D tassel loafers on? I can wear a 7D in some Alden lasts, but not all...
Went for a walk in the park before a long weekend dinner date... Click to make larger - click again to make huge!
Hey everybody! I haven't posted in this thread in years, but have been following it almost daily. Taking notes from my favourite posters, refining my wardrobe, and nailing down the details. I think the journey is at a point where I'm pretty happy with how my style has come along, and thanks in no small part to the discussions, feedback and photos posted in this thread. In particular: gnatty8, newyorkranger, Orgetorix, Phat Guido, NOBD, luftvier, Parker, niidawg,...
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Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 The burgundy/black specs are nice. I was in Toronto in August and bought these. I think I paid around $300 for them. Really fantastic shoes!
I sell this stuff at my store, and this is what I have decided makes them so awesome: -Excellent tech fabrics -Fantastic slim fit -Unique styling I picked up a cream merino v-neck this season, and it has quickly become my favourite sweater. I've spent much, much more on merino sweaters before, and none have felt this nice. The wool is lightweight, yet thick and spongy, and it retains it's shape no matter what I do to it. The fit is perfect for me as well. I...
This thread is even more tasteless than my clothing. Please leave me out of it. Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel
I have not yet found a quality dry cleaner in my city. What would you recommend as a sort of "litmus test" for determining whether a cleaner will treat my clothing well before I allow them to work on any of it? I would rather not find out a cleaner is going to ruin my garments by having them actually do so.
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