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In that case, I'll take them! PM'ed.
How would you say these fit? True to size? Most of my other shoes are 7.5, but I have a pair of Bass longwings that are an 8, and I wear 8 in Converse if that helps for reference.
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren ridiculous pants require ridiculous facial expression Stanley, this is AWESOME! Deets on the pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by EFV I really like this. The SC is spot on, great fit and lovely pattern. As I really need glasses but don't like the ones I got (which leads my vain ass to go through the world half blind) I would like to know what brand those are, as they look like the kind I would be going for. The glasses are Paul Smith sunglasses from S/S '09 that I put photochromatic lenses in. I got them to replace a pair of Wayfarers because...
End of a long day, crappy iPhone pics... ironic, as I just returned from a photography class.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jamesgatz Everyone else's problem is that you're gay. If you would have posted a swim-trunk pic of yourself next to your girlfriend, you would have been congratulated for a great accessory. Not looking for a iFight with anyone - just calling spade a spade. Fixed that for you. With regards to the comments about him earning the right to make a joke here: I interpreted his underwear post as light-hearted and not...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Finally! Someone is throwing down with Holdfast and his snarky, wisecracking, innuendo layered within tangents buried underneath elliptical references. Let the wagering begin. - B 50 quatloos on the newcomer!
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I saw this originally. Here are the bullets: Bow? Tied the way that I like to see them. Belt? Showing like I don't like to see them. Forefinger ring? Rather papal. Holding wine glasses by the bowl? Will cause simultaneous fainting of foodguy and Kwilkinson, with a high probabilty of mutual concussion. - B In my own defence: my index finger is the only one that is balanced enough between...
Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous fits. I'm glad you all enjoyed, or were at least shocked by, my GTH pants and checkerboard Vans. And Spoo, the bracelet isn't huge - my wrists are quite small. The beads are tiny, hand-carved skulls made of yak bone. Admit it: you want one for yourself! Quote: Originally Posted by Gdot LOVE the checkered Vans! I had a pair of those back in the 1980s when they were all the rage! Wore them to shreds! ...
Vox, if you tipped better and more often like your neighbours do, maybe I'd throw the Sunday paper on your porch! I think you'll have more fun reviewing this one, taken when I was at an art gallery opening (my eyes may give away how late in the party this photo was taken):
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