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 I was waiting to hear that. I sort of knew it but needed a second on that. Then I guess I leave the water proofing for the suedes or the likes only. Thanks for the help ;)
 By smooth leather you mean any calf/shell ?Would you rather suggest using the nano protector cream ?
I am polishing a pair of shell cordovans from carmina. I am not sure if I should waterproof them with the tarrago nano protector. If I go ahead with it, should I be using the nano oil protector or the normal one ? Please help.
Hi.  I appreciate the work you are doing at exquisite trimmings.  I have an issue(s) I'd like to bring to notice for the members on this forum. I just ordered with exquisite trimmings for the second time, though the former experience wasn't quite that good I went with giving another chance. I must say I haven't changed my opinion. The order I placed consisted of 6 products. including 25 hangers from butler luxury (5 of 5 each). The package that was shipped contained...
I just ordered this in cordovan. When I asked them about this shoe, they said it's not in stock. It'll be difficult, if not impossible, to find this at any carmina retailer.
Thats two. I believe we need atleast 6 to qualify for a GMTO. I still need to check for the attributes that can be changed.Anybody else interested in a pair of burgundy cordovan oxfords (Simpson) ?
Hi where can I check for a carmina GMTO ? anybody interested in a pair of oxfords or loafers in burgundy cordovan on simpson ? Its not offered on RTW as of now..
Do they ? I dont think so.. I called up Carmina the other day and asked them to help me with all the shoes they have in Simpson last in burgundy. She never mentioned anything about two different simpson lasts. Anyways AFAIK simpson is the narrowest last. The next I think comes the RAIN or ALCUDIA, almost similar to simpson. But definitely not as similar to be confused. There must be some kind of a misunderstanding.  Ayush
Hi. I am planning to buy a pair in burgundy. I am also looking at the rubi shell. Ruby looks a little too red in shade. Can someone help me with the ruby and burgundy shell side by side in natural light ?  I wear a simpson and they absolutely dont make a burgundy calf or shell in this last in their RTW. 50% upcharge looks too steep to me. Any help appreciated. Thanks   Ayush
I am sure it must be for you. For me its not.
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