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You need to remember I wore redwings daily for too many years in an extremely harsh environment. I was in the chemical world. Shoes were exposed to countless caustics, dusts, and solvents. Red Wing leather never failed me and the soles only died from mileage.
Lol. Never worn boots for construction or day laboring myself either. I was simply giving my un-biased opinions and experiences with shoes I have worn and continue to wear today. FYI it was the leather that failed on the thorogoods not the sole!
Nobody said anything about the soles lasting 20 years but the boot lasting 20 years. Lol, read. And like the previous poster mentioned you get what you pay for. Thorogoods wouldn't last me 6 months. Other brands I find your just paying extra for horween. I find red wing is the best quality for the dollar.
Dozens. But I was in the chemical coatings industry and would literally destroy shoes so I just bought the $150-$200 un re-sole able red wings. At roughly $.50 a day for a tough and comfortable shoes that I wore 10+ hours every day I don't see that as expensive. My non work boot red wings I see lasting me for 20 years easily.
It was the soles that only lasted a year. I wore daily and abused them with alkalis, solvents and neglect. Leather was always good.
Greetings. Long time red wing wearer, first time poster. Been wearing red wing work boots most of my professional life. I originally went to red wing because I was sick of having to buy new boots every 6 months. Either the leather was garbage or the sole was. Red wing leather held up perfectly. Red wing "work boot" soles only lasted me a little over a year on average. Still much higher than the norm. So, a week before I retire from the contracting world and some searching...
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