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I appreciate Paul posting here as I'm sure MediaHound does too. Paul has posted about manufacturing in DR about two years ago in a thread on that topic but has not been challenged on very valid points that Mediahound has brought up.SF is a great place for discussion and disseminating information. You fucking losers that are trying to stifle that rich dialogue should just keep your mouths shut.
Sea-Gull D304. Good luck finding one.
becoming a canadian citizen will instantly increase your IQ by 15 points. go for it. as we can see from piobaire, the opposite occured. just kidding. don't attack me.
got an error on your website for the watch. i beleive the movement is the b16zr not b162r.
From what I've read, there are those who think just as you said but the majority are still there to get him elected, perhaps these are the people with the other half of the brain. The ideological movement will continue on even after the outcome in Tampa however, do not confuse this with Ron Paul being just a consequence of it, whether he gets the nomination or not. No, they are one in the same.Gibonius: Now with Nevada and Maine in hand, along with Louisiana, Iowa,...
Running on a Seagull st2528 moon-phase movement. Made by Thomas(the guy who handled the 1963 re-makes from Seagull HK and i think still provides the 1963's) at his new company from the collective design of watchuseek chinese subforum participants for this project watch. limited to 150, all sold.The dial colour is the same as the 1963's. 40mm case. nice features: signed crown, signed buckle, signed rotor, signed strap. blued (painted) hands, screws and rotor.
Why don't you go offer your services to them since it seems like you have a better grasp of the situation than they do.All this talk about copying and ripping off, the real question is what is original anymore? I bet you wouldn't open your mouth if a luxury brand decided to make a watch that was very similar in design to another, now would you? Is a rolex sub a rip off of the blancpain fiftyfathons? I guess this is a 'ripoff! OMG! fake! must avoid whole brand!", as...
don't listen to that douche a few posts up. i hear manbushijie is pretty good. never tried it myself though.
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