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duties + customs = ~32.42%Paid $232 on my EBs
First day wearing them out. The top is very loose and feels awkward. Wearing thicker socks would not work, i can fit 3 fingers into the top. If all their boots on other lasts are like this, it's a deal breaker for me.
just got them. as others have stated the suede inserts are generous in size. i'll take some photos in a second.for their price point, they are very appealing. will put them through good use to see how they stand up but first impressions, would buy another pair.poor shots
i'll chime in. was eager to purchase from SM--decent offerings at a good value. sent an email 2 months ago with questions on customization, haven't heard back. haven't bought anything yet. perhaps in the future. i'll take a peek in their store next time however i'm certainly not going out of my way for that though.
thank you. jumped on the balmorals
I appreciate Paul posting here as I'm sure MediaHound does too. Paul has posted about manufacturing in DR about two years ago in a thread on that topic but has not been challenged on very valid points that Mediahound has brought up.SF is a great place for discussion and disseminating information. You fucking losers that are trying to stifle that rich dialogue should just keep your mouths shut.
Sea-Gull D304. Good luck finding one.
becoming a canadian citizen will instantly increase your IQ by 15 points. go for it. as we can see from piobaire, the opposite occured. just kidding. don't attack me.
got an error on your website for the watch. i beleive the movement is the b16zr not b162r.
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