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post of pics (or email me some)
Did you get the ror-edge monster we discussed awhile back? Crazy color combo from The Library (must be for Seal)
^^ new leather available for the vest bag? object dyed unicorn
New A1923 up at HLORENZO: http://shop.hlorenzo.com/products/vendor/mens/a_diciannoveventitre
Who the heck is Tassos? LOL
re: tornado zip models I just received 3 or 4 emails on this subject…. for clarification & I think this right (where is BSR when you need him)? AM/2521 sx regular tornado zip 2009 collection AM/2521 mismatch tornado zip from 2009 collection AM/2601(L) regular tornado 2010 collection- *** L (lined) only lined if you choose a non scarred reverse leather 2010 tornado zip is a bit sleeker in shape and also has a slimmer shaft.
They are the mismatch tornado zip boot; AM 2521- I'm not joking either.
I'm in on this one.
New Posts  All Forums: