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Vachetta is cow. It's m.a+'s standard leather. Sometimes people will call thier M.A+ Vachetta stuff Calf but it's tagged Cow on the magnetic tag. It will age really nice. @chomeo has a beat up pair of derbies that look really great.
That Holger guy can't ship M.A+. It's in-store only.
Has anybody tried the m.a+ spiral zips on? Not worried about the sizing but if the spiral zip will actually secure your foot properly.
Who's gonna pull the trigger? http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w118097482
Want an H blazer in cotton : (
Need a cotton blazer or something for spring. I thought Layer-0 was going to release one but I don't think it's coming : (TTS. Slightly boxy even.
If someone bought the cotton LUC Famers Jacket in sz48 from re. porter last night and you don't want it PM me or if you do want it; I'll give you 100usd over what you paid.
Raul is a master. He rebuilt the sole on these S52M's a few years back:
Raul's work http://www.williesshoeservice.com
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