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^ A- They are in route. I meant to email you- will do later tonight. E
Check with INK and Anchoret too. Pita and On Kit are excellent. I stand by both.
LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION INDIGO TOPSTITCH-FREE JEANS 24FMPN49_CO164_RG SIZE 48 COLOUR 24/8 FROM CURRENT SEASON: AW14! SIZE 48 (TTS). INCLUDES TAGS AND SPARE BUTTONS. JUST TOO MANY JEANS... THESE NEED A NEW HOME ASAP. BRAND NEW! WAIST 41CM HEM 17.5CM INSEAM 89CM MORE IMAGES HERE: http://imgur.com/a/Emubm#0 http://archivesf.com/collections/label-under-construction/products/indigo-starchy-topstich-free-jeans
Raul over at Suus will be happy to ship to you too. Tons of models available. [[SPOILER]]
What size and what model? Eastern Market stocks M.A+ ( or at least they used too)
These ever come in black? Treatment is crazy.
Aw14- those are my preorders from Anchoret/ On Kit.
PLEASE EMAIL BE AT ECKBLK FOR A FASTER RESPONSE M.A+ S1A1 ONE PIECE LEATHER DERBY VACHETTA DERBY Sz 41 (fits 8.5 or 8 with insole) BNIB. Includes everything: spare heels, laces, bags and box. Wear on sole is from store wear or trying them on at home. Size 41 runs tts; best for US 8.5 IMO. Outsole measures 30 cm. 1000 USD (BUYER COVERS FEES AND SHIPPING) MORE IMAGES HERE: http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/shelter2buyer/diary/201404060000/
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