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S49M is the 7 hole non lifted model. Looks like heavy waxed horse (XC01) from the way the leather is wearing at the top of the shaft on the right boot. The boot you posted has a slightly shorter shaft than most S49M's models I've seen so perhaps one of the strange off shoots that started appearing later.
No- hide [m] images are all a1923. He will not be stocking any pieces from the cdiem capsule.
S21M:S45M:S23M:S61M or whatever they are calling itNew images from hide[m]: note the new SS16 LUC linen pants
yes, through PNP. I don't know of any other EU stockist besides PNP and Luisaviaroma.For sizing I've always gone TTS on both low instep and bubble toe models. I'm tried sizing up once to a size 42 on S40M model a failed miserably; felt like I walking around on ski's but I'm on the smaller size of 8.5. If you are somewhere between a 12.5 and 13 you could possibly size up. The most of the styles run quite long already; it's the design of the footwear.Some pics from Shelter...
I've never found the instep to be problematic on tornadoes. That being said my tornado experience is a bit limited at 4 pair, both old and new last, all horse. If anything the toe box can be a tad narrow after sizing down.I do have some intensive experience with Cdiem footwear (maybe 25 pair ) and the instep is going to initially bother some people.Just my experience (or lack of)
Shell plus the legenday instep would likely break your foot
not offered.
" From size 38 to 46 "- not sure what size the shop ordered up to though. You can special order exactly what you want, June 2017 delivery. They will require a 50% deposit.
I'm going to assume yes, I've seen size 45 Cdiem floating around. It may have to be ordered though. I'll ask.
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