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Alex, you already have like new S52M's, bruv.
That design on the leather was shown in a cotton ventile like fabric too, I quite liked the collection. Norwegian welted boots anyone?
remove a layer, buddy.
You and I bothcheck PM- not sure if they will ship to yousadly, these are too long for me at a sz 42. Will be listed soon. Such a pain to get in
Edit- shouldn't write that
Carpe Diem Continues...
^They are A1923 or ADicannoveventitre not Augusta. 2-3 years back iirc. Not sure what you budget is but Holger is bringing in a full sz run of non shell M_moria sneakers. I'm really not into sneaks from these designers but Altieri's are really, really good.
Some great images of SS16 here: http://www.leparadox.com/fashion/a1923-spring-summer-2016/ *Hide-M bringing this boot in black/culatta.
IE Linen w/ rev calf ST3
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