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Me and @jpc9 will meet you guys there. We have to stop at the BMW Welt too.
From a few mos back.
The reverse shell cordovan from the current season is one of my favorite leathers ever (all brands). Super comfy w/ zero break in time; I have the low boot.
@asaa1000 I'd suggest Layer 0 or Guidi. (new)
I made several purchases last year. CS is top notch; Michèle and Ken are great. They will not mark down. I got killed on DHL brokerage fees with the Layer-0 blazer. Almost 300usd iirc. 2 day shipping worldwide.
Vachetta is cow. It's m.a+'s standard leather. Sometimes people will call thier M.A+ Vachetta stuff Calf but it's tagged Cow on the magnetic tag. It will age really nice. @chomeo has a beat up pair of derbies that look really great.
That Holger guy can't ship M.A+. It's in-store only.
Has anybody tried the m.a+ spiral zips on? Not worried about the sizing but if the spiral zip will actually secure your foot properly.
Who's gonna pull the trigger? http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w118097482
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