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Brand new s24m in Horween Shell- sz 11.5-12 guys don't sleep. True Unicorn [URL]https://www.g@@@@ed.com/listings/634424-Carpe-Diem-Carpe-Diem-shoes[/URL]
nope- just wearing mmoria, carpe and layer 0 these days.
The A1923 Anthracite color dark grey with some silver and blue mixed in.
latest batch of photos from Hide [M] I have the m_moriabc exhibition photos and will post as soon as get confirmation I can- standby
It's actually grey reverse with slightly buffed out horween stamps. Black calf lining. AA_Dve.
PLEASE CONTACT ME AT ECKBLK (AT) ME (DOT) COM FOR A FASTER RESPONSE LM/2498 CORS-PTC/ 010 Size 48 Hi SF- Time for me to send this beauty to home where it can get some wear- probably worn 20 times in the last 4 years or so. Condition is like new- no broken stitches, broken rusted hardware or issues. Includes bags, tags and hanger. This is one is white tanned- originally purchased from Lazzari. All smooth, zero grain. Sz 48 fits TTS. SHOULDERS 45.5 CM (RAGLAN) PIT TO...
I'll txt you tomorrow. I can probably get you one for Sept/Oct delivery.
Nails from Willie's are cosmetic.
enjoy it my man. Not sure why those came out so much sleeker/flatter. My light grey ones from INK are more lifted for sure.
From Hide [M] A1923 023B SS16 one piece low boot in horse from Paris showroom From Shelter
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