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Are you cutting the laces on the A_Tre too?
@alexandertg- just for you.
Did you have sz up? I might grab one from the crew in Firenze next week (maybe) . I have to size up on all my L0 tops. Possibility size up 2 on the tees.
strongest seasons to date
There are some cleaner looking workboots coming from A1923 soon:
Tobacco FG Cordovan/L0
ST9 Plomb x Willie's/ Culatta Oil ST3 Nero/ Kudu
I got your 41, pm me. I can finance if necessary
I'm not trying to convince anyone. The product isn't for everyone. The value just isn't going to be there of most people. Here's the C_QvaTTRo:
I really hope no one following this thread is paying over 1800usd for new A1923 or CCP Tornado zips.
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