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@Xorand- if you post an image of the label on the box, I might be able to give you more info.
I originally messaged @smallgarlic about this but I figure it could of some value here, I'll add some images later. My size 41 storm welt is .7 cm longer than my other A_Dve, AA_Dve, and A_Tre models. It fits wider and a slightly larger but I would not consider it a full sz larger. The difference in length due to the welt extending out beyond the the the end of the toebox.
@Xorand Are those shell? Can you post more pics?
model on the Guidi boot is 795Z
PLEASE EMAIL ME AT ECKBLK (AT) ME (DOT) COM FOR A FASTER RESPONSE Hey SF- looking to clear some footwear.... Worn off and on for about a 9 month period, tons of life left. Vibram added by Willie's shoe service. Sz 41 and fits like any other M.A+ boot, about .5 big. I'm closer to a US 8 and require an insole. Bison is nice alternative to the the more commonly used Vachetta. The leather has graining but it is very subtle. Includes box, tags, spare heels and canvas bag,...
DL, Ink and Doshaburi
986 unlined
Check Maxfield's or AB. They both had the short blazer. I got mine from Roma. I special ordered the long blazer in the needle punched wool fabric a few mos ago- just arrived to Florence.
Tanned with hold it's color the hand painted will fade and lighten faster.
it's an older guidi 995 in reverse horse. It's not tanned but handpainted. Col code: blk- h ( it might be p not h)
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