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In Grey/Green.
Ton of L0 AW16/17 just dropped at pnp- http://pnp-firenze.blogspot.com
Not so much a derby guy, I do have a a pair of the L0 GY derby that I adore. I missed out on a pair on new S45M in tan/silver recently- I've been wanting some bone colored derbies for some strange reason- getting bored with black colored footwear I guess I love these roo derbies.A Last, but AAA profile.BB_tre could work too, if you wanted something slightly more pointed.
I still have some carpe too- IMO i don't think there is better rounded boot. The flatter shapes are timeless & easy to wear with anything
all mine are 41's- left to right: AA_Dve, A_Dve, A_Tre, BBB_Sei & AA_V *if there is a particular pair you guys want to see pm me AA_Dve, AA_V & BBB_Sei top to bottom AA_Dve, A_Tre, & A_Dve (@dji0) BBB_Sei- from Hide [M]
@dji0 Still have these available: http://www.styleforum.net/t/519062/fs-moria-a-tre-boot-size-41-in-fvmo-smoke-color/0_10
*Liberte (dark green/navy) / Layers London
Been a awhile boot thread-@docdocgs It looks like RvGGiNe (Rust).@jpc9 selling some killier l0 gear on here:https://www.grilled.com/users/4684-jpc9/wardrobe- old style fat tornado is (IMO). Comfy right out of the bag. Shape is less severe and easier to work with.-incoming tomorrow [[SPOILER]]
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