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I would offer there is a difference between being materialistic and enjoying quality. I like quality - but would not buy a Rolex. A beautiful watch that keeps excellent time is fine under any other name. Will spend $$$ for quality, but don't need the Rolex name announced to those around me. I like the quality of a Mercedes, but don't really care for how large the Mercedes logo has become on its cars. When it becomes more about the logo than the quality - that is when...
I haven't seen that message just below you here in West Virginia. My favorite, however, is the message on the back of some 18-wheelers that says something like, "To report bad driving, call ........" Of course, the phone number is always blacked out with spray paint. Is it just me, or should that be grounds for an automatic ticket?
Is it necessary to mention Caddyshack and Animal House, or are those a given?
Favorite line from Pulp Fiction: "Check out the big brain on Brad!" For a sleeper with great lines, My Name is Nobody with Henry Fonda and Terrance Hill.
Excellent photos for those who confuse made-to-measure with bespoke. With made-to-measure, the only thing you'll see before your first completed suit is a tape measurer.
Your post makes sense. Colognes need oily skin to hold and last. Right after a shower there is nothing for the cologne to grab onto.
Suspenders work on heavier men, but on thin guys it strikes me as a bit odd looking.
Whether you get a replacement or buy a new one, make sure it is identical to your old phone. Sprint replaced my Palm Treo phone when it broke. I got home and realized that while the phones looked identical, the replacement phone I was given had no camera on the back like my original phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Pull him aside in private and talk to him about it. Or let HR do it for you. HR...ugh. I'd rather hear bad news from a friend. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about all the luggage that comes with HR.
Hey, I'd rather see a younger guy wearing this stuff instead of the usual basketball shorts and "Skate or die" t-shirts. Kudos on having the guts to put your photos up.
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