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How does one contact Mina? I wrote her a few days ago at the email on her web site and I have had no reply.
This is a non-specific list, so I can imagine a lawyer might be dissatisfied, but these are models I own and I think every one who loves shoes should own: 1) Edward Green Newbury (wholecut) 2) Tricker's derby full-brogue (under several names depending on leather, I prefer the Ilkley) 3) John Lobb William 4) Edward Green Dover 5) Alfred Sargent Caldbeck Note I am not so enthusiastic about every pair of shoes I own and so ythis just isn't a "I own t and you should...
Are there any other sources of Italian-style tailoring in London besides Rubinacci? And what is the most current price of a jacket and trousers chez Rubinacci?
The most resistant sole treatment is a steel cleat at the point of impact. That will for all intents and purposes stop wear. The downside is that depending on the shoe, they can become slippery on stone floors. Most of my shoes have this cleat and it has stopped heel wear entirely, which was very annoying to me.
"known as a traditional camiceria, they are now expanding into the suit tailoring business with a strong focus on unstructured 'shirt jackets'" Can you show pictures of these garments?
Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
Can anyone tell me which pinstripe fabric that is?
For the first time I looked at those photos of a Centofanti bespoke suit. I have no idea how this occurred, the photos do make the suit look awful. I have had numerous garments made since this thread was started and my jackets are always perfect. You may not like Centofanti's sense of style, but he alters the style based on the physique of his client and the fabric and model, not generally to the taste of the customer. Every time there was a "problem" with my clothing,...
Like everyone else, struggling to stay cool despite layers of blubber, etc. Can anyone comment on Smith's Antigua book, Super 120's & (5%) Cashmere 7/8 oz? By the way, I am waiting for a MTM St Crispins Norwegian Derby.
I think asking the REASON that one pair of shoes from one manufacturer costs different from a pair of shoes from a different manufacturer is kind of a pointless question. You can ask whether the difference is worth it to you, but each manufacturer has his own business model and costs. Someone, for example, might charge twice as much because his labor costs are so high, for precisely the same shoe. I doubt Carr looked at EG, said his shoes are twice as good, and priced them...
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