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Carmen has asked me to post something about her planned return to NYC. I consider her a friend but otherwise I have no connection to her firm. Details: her shirts are in the "$300" range give or take depending on fabric. So she is not "a steal" but definitely on the lower end. She generally offered less expensive "Spanish" fabrics and Alumo. But the Spanish company has folded so I think she will now be offering Italian fabrics instead. She does have the full range of...
I have to respond to this pile of crap. You can put this in the same bin as the urban legends about the Amish guy who will make you an entire kitchen for $5000. The AVERAGE price for a MID-LEVEL (not high end) kitchen re-do in the Philadelphia metropolitan area was $60,000. No averages are collected for "low-end" just "partial re-do". That's what our kitchen cost. The Ikea thing is also an urban legend. My designer bragged he had saved money by using Ikea cabinets in...
I am going to try the Spanish tailor Larrainzar, who visited New York the other day. I have a choice between Scabal 11.5 ounce fabric 701775 from the Classics bunch, a navy twill in wool, or 752181, a 9.5 ounce navy twill with 1 percent cashmere from the Triple A bunch. These will be used for a DB blazer and ideally it will be three season (not summer). I already have a light weight SB blazer. Any thoughts?
What about a DB?
What is a treasure trove of pictures on the net? When we are thinking of having a garment made and we want to see ensembles, where do we look? So many disqualifications! Homoerotic pictures of Adonises wearing nothing but a pair of trousers, not so useful. Nor hobo-ish ensembles on the Sartorialist. "Look what I'm having made" not so helpful, plus widely dispersed.
Thanks for the snark, but I was referring to the split in the toe, a feature distinctive to the EG Dover, and I believe this has to be hand-sewn the way EG does it. I was not referring to the rest o fthe shoe. In any event, basic knowledge does not help since there is widespread disagreeement on what part of which shoe is handsewn.
Carmina shoes are fine and the back-and-forth about them is ridiculous. For one, as wonderful as EG shoes are (for example), I am not sure that every model they make is a winner. Overall, I don't think Carmina leather shoes are the equal of EG's, but they cost half as much. One can compare, for example, EG's Dover with Carmina's split toe, and Carmina does the split in the most banal fashion, similar to AS, rather than the more expensive hand sewn method (I think this is...
You know, that might be true, but I obviously don't have access to their culture like I do the English.
True, but only you can know what your true feelings are.
In terms of effort and recentness, I expended the greatest effort on acquiring leather accessories that were precisely what I wanted and needed. I guess globally bespoke leather manufacture is a dying craft, so there are fewer and fewer firms one can commission to do things. Mafoofan's fight with Hermes for his wallet shows the general state of affairs, and there really was nothing special about his wallet amongst leather goods. But while I understand the suggestion that...
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