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What are the rise measurements on the PNS cut? I've seen it described as the top block of the NS and tapered lower leg of the PS which would be a good fit for me but the measurements e.g. on Context Clothing don't seem to align with this. I have minor lordosis which means trousers with less than 10" rise are a non starter. I take a 29 or 30 in A.P.C.s by the way.
Thanks for the reply, Charlie. I ordered the Oak Brown Bakers Bridle with a stainless steel buckle as I like the look of the "character" in that leather.
I'm on the hunt for a belt that goes well with less dressy generic brown shoes/boots, mainly with dark jeans but also going as formal as an odd sports jacket/trousers combo. So mainly on the casual/durable side of things, but can also be dressed up a little.   Which belt(s) in the Equus range do you recommend for this criteria? Ok, this is a bit of a "whatever suits you, dude" case, but reading through these pages has made me aware of some intricacies I didn't know...
I'd really appreciate some pointers on a pair of brown dress boots to wear with a grey sport jacket and dark navy jeans. I'm keen to spend under £100 but am willing to look at other options.   I just found these Wolverine 1000s on eBay, but I'm a bit skeptical it's returns not accepted. Do they look slightly scuffed to anyone else?
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