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Quick question - is 3 1/4 yards of cloth (solid colour, no checks) sufficient for a DB suit for 5' 6" height, 125lbs
When I was a boy someone I consider wise once told me, "If you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut."   I look forward to the Drafting part of the video series and pictures of Mr. Rory Duffy's suits. I myself am commissioning an old master tailor, twisting an arm (or two) to get him out of retirement, lost in the sands of time, forgotten in the age of modern industry, to make me a bespoke garment.    These videos would fit in very nicely with my plans......  
 Minnis Fresco 0500 which runs cooler than a 0511.  Anybody has experience with Dugdales New Fine Worsted's? (you can get them from their online shop) How hot or cool they wear, drape, touch etc.
Dugdale Bros' New Fine Worsted vs Minnis Fresco vs Smith's Finmeresco, which one of these would you choose to make your summer/tropical suit?
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