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Hmm this doesn't look good. Insoles on my trenches started peeling up and there's a foamy insert underneath. Shouldn't there be cork under these insoles?
Picked up this wool peacoat as my first kapital piece. Fits more like a sweater than a coat but I'm in love with this thing, definitely more kapital to come in the future. Sorry for shitty low light bathroom pic
saw sale prices on my phone, but when added to cart they went back to full price
I think he's saying he will be getting those when the sale starts which is tomorrow on RRL
yes it will, in store and online the 24th
Would appreciate some input on this aero fit jacket (sz 42). I thought it fit pretty well, maybe bring it in slightly around the waist and I had a hard time lifting my arms to a riding position. This would primarily be a casual jacket but will double as my moto jacket for short rides    
are those the button downs or are they crew neck sweatshirts? 
most likely not, i'd try to go for an exchange
I've owned one of each cut over the past year or so and I have to say the slim narrow rigids are my favorite by far. I found all the newer styles to be sized consistently always being 2 sizes up from the tagged size. The slim narrow east west jeans ended up breaking the skin behind my knees while breaking them in but after several months of wear they fit/look the best
I feel like I recently came across this picture being posted by Eastman leather jackets. Not entirely sure but its worth a look
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