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Also is RL having any markdowns for labor day? Need some damn accessories
Also purchased a triumph jacket for my bike recently. Got the Mcqueen desert racer thing weighs like ten lbs 
Good timing, the summer collection went to 15% off on their website today
Honestly my Oak streets are my favorite boot that I've ever owned. Things slowed down once people (actually I think one guy) starting ripping on them for "Fake welts" on some of their Moc toe shoes and trying to bash the construction quality. After two years I'm coming up on my first resole and yes you can have them redone, great boots for the price
why the quotations for oak street welts? 
Woof, liked the concept but those were ugggly
They would rather find their vintage pieces in thrift shops rather than pay 3000x more for a new "vintage" 
anyone hear of a RRL store coming to Williamsburg? edit: Pictured below    
The front of the vest should just cover the belt but the sides and back of the best will most likely be above the belt
anyone know where RRL gets there Congress boots sourced from? Awesome boots but nowhere near worth the asking price
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