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I bought a 33 in my 1954 STF 501z with a natural waist size of 34. I wore them in the tub and they got considerably tighter but eventually stretched back out to about a size 34. Kinda confusing but thought I'd add my 2 cents
I actually loved the olive slims but RRL slim fits are too tight on me. They had additional details like camo herringbone pocket bags, but nothing other than the color and pockets that set them apart 
a few good items in the sale right now, picked up the buckland messenger for $120
 Looks like the coat I tried on about a week ago but I wasn't sure of the name. It was substantial and heavy although I'm not sure if I would trust it in brutal weather or snow. The large also felt more like an XL in my experience
For sale:   "Early 1900s-inspired aviator coat crafted from heavily bonded and water-resistant cotton twill. Unlined and unfinished for a deadstock feel. Color: Charcoal"   Brand new with tags RRL Sanders Aviator inspire jacket made of a rigid cotton twill   The coat features taped seams for water proofing, interior pockets with RRL Manhattan snap closures and a full belt and is a very rare piece completely sold out in stores   Approx Measurements laid flat: Pit...
I had the Navy hunt boots for about a year. Loved them at first as they fit very nice and just looked great, however over time they stretched to the point where they were unwearable and would hurt my Achilles if i spend a reasonable amount of time in them. That and the shaft stretched to the point where each end was touching when they were laced up. Boots still looked great but they just became extremely roomy. If anything I'd say go a half size down from your trench boot...
has anyone been to woodbury lately? I know they haven't been getting much if any RRL stock but wanted to check it out
Thats funny I asked the store and they said true to the tagged size but then I got my pair from the webstore and they started at a size bigger and have got to two sizes bigger with wear
buckle back jean would make me on board for my first purchase 
does anyone know if you can return RRL merchandise to a Polo Ralph Lauren store? I don't really want to travel back into the city to make a return if I have a polo store near by. The black sulfur dyed low straights I bought are really digging into my nether region 
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