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They would rather find their vintage pieces in thrift shops rather than pay 3000x more for a new "vintage" 
anyone hear of a RRL store coming to Williamsburg? edit: Pictured below    
The front of the vest should just cover the belt but the sides and back of the best will most likely be above the belt
anyone know where RRL gets there Congress boots sourced from? Awesome boots but nowhere near worth the asking price
While I love the plain t shirts (only because I've been getting them for $15 bucks) I would pay no more for them. Super thin, colors are washed out if you like that kind of thing
They taper from the inseam to keep the Selvedge line clean and color match every thread they change. Sounds great but still not sure if that warrants the price point
denim surgeon is in NYC near grand central but is a little pricey. Was going to get a taper but ended up being like 85 bucks or something like that 
Any chance thats a womens model? I have a pair of the new slim narrows on right now and it doesn't just say "narrow" it has the complete "Slim narrow" tagging 
yep, same im out 100 bucks. They've answered probably 2 of my 50 emails and just keep saying "you should have been refunded" only to never respond again and their phone constantly goes to voicemail
Haven't seen this online but picked up this herringbone work shirt in store god dammit this phone camera sucks
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