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Don't remember the name of the pants but they were the canvas hunting pant from the recent season and yep murdocks
The maiden voyage
One of my grails came in today. Absolutely gorgeous lightly used murdocks
Wish I could tell you! I've been on the lookout for a mendoza since I purchased a size too large when it was released. from what I remember it was still short in the body but not as awkward of a fit everywhere else
sadly that is the fit. I had it in a medium and got rid of it because the back was above my belt line, the chest was wide and the sleeves were short (with those useless buttons on the cuff, whats up with that)
I'd go half to a full size. I went up half size and can wear thinner socks comfortably, a full size up and boot socks would have done well
Those of you that ordered the camp shoes just FYI they run small. Had to go up a full size to an 11 for them to fit me while barefoot
speaking of, would you mind forwarding the email of your promo? I know it won't work for me but I haven't been getting a single newsletter or email from them for anything. With the amount of money I spend there I think they could do me the favor of sending me my own 30% off code
Also...cant wait to wear these once the NJ/NY snow melts  
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