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great stuff, glad to see they're making some of the newer sweaters in the USA
Could be. These were also definitely from an outlet I'm guessing in Texas since the price markdown tag was on the box. If it was an RL outlet running their good sales at 50-75% off, this guy could have easily picked these up for around $150
Got the Murdocks in from the eBay seller and I have to say no engineer boot has fit like a glove like these do. Unfortunately there's a defect on the stitching of the shaft. Seller was good enough to give a slight refund so I can get them repaired
scored a pair of the carhartt clydes on the site for $100 in my size. They popped back up this morning with the additional 25% sale 
dude must have hit a RRL firesale, I bought a pair of murdocks from him for the same price, should be here in two days
What size?
Cold "soaked" once as I worn them in the shower to try to remove some starch since they started to break the skin behind my knee
Quick shot of the frye engineer and laced engineer artisanal boots I bought from the sale as well as my east west slim narrows from a few months of wear
its not a problem, its the indigo and these are soaked in it. Mine left markings all over my legs and the bottom of my shirt 
Awesome shots! what cut are the jeans? my slim narrows and slim straights didn't fit too well over the shaft of the engineers 
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