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For Sale:   RRL Leather Executive/Doctors briefcase featuring a partially distressed black leather and antiqued hardware    The bag is an immaculate rare find and is new with tags and will also include the RRL dust cover   Made in Italy   Measures 17 x 12 x 6.5   Any questions please feel free to ask
Yeah there was about two mendozas selling for 400 and a few Owens for about the same. I managed to pick up some nice pieces in my size including some limited edition selvedge Chinos
Someone must have cleaned out woodbury, two days ago there were racks of Owens and mendoza leather jackets and today they were all gone
Grabbed two rigid clydes today and the embroidered slim fit jeans, The clydes measure one size large while the embroidered slim fits are about 3 sizes large
But seriously does anyone know what this is
my 33's remained a 33 after soaking and have now stretched to about a 34. They are easily my best fitting jeans I just wish the denim didn't feel so cheap and flimsy after 1 year of wear
  My feeling has been to get TTS and then hot soak while wearing them in the tub. Doing this allowed my 1954 501z's to become more form fitting around the thighs and calves while keeping the waist at a pretty constant size. I made sure to sit in a way that prevented the waist from shrinking too much
Hey Everyone,   I live in NJ and recently received a job offer to work in Manhattan near Grand Central. Having never commuted to NYC before and being relatively new to the workforce (1.5 years out of school) I was wondering if anyone could provide their insight on living in NJ and working in NY. I realize I'll be extending my commute as well as the cost of commuting however are there any other trade offs you have found? adding in a significant pay bump, would you say it...
Does anyone have any info on this vest? It doesn't quite fit me but I don't know the name/ when it came out. The only info I have is that its tagged fall 2 and is a limited edition quilted vest  
 Any update on the order number status? My order was in the 1100's. Also to get a pair of jeans tapered, how does that work? Do we just mail in our pair with the measurement specifics we want? how long does that usually take? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: