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NJ is strangely warm enough tonight to wear only one light layer. RRL fowler jacket & canvas camo hunt pants
Those are some great pickups! I went on a bit of a spree this season due to a few factors being the end of RRL rumors, a large gift card after my herringbone RRL suit couldn't be tailored, and the amex offer... I'll end up posting pics of everything eventually but that will include the canvas camo pants, blanket inspired hand knit cardigan, football jersey, 2 rrl tees, roper boots and hopefully by the end of it all a vest and or winter coat of some kind. sale season...
Depends what you look for in quality. The washes that RRL does on their jeans are probably the best/most authentic out there. If you're looking for rigids, the american denim they use is a little boring to me but the east/west models they have are just as good as anything out there. Would be better if they still had the back pocket stitching though
There is issues with the site, its only taking 30% off, i spoke to a rep and they said to complete your order and submit a help form and they will reimburse the difference
Last of these knit sweaters in soho, pumped to find it on sale
RRL sale is an extra 30% off in store. Will post some goodies when I get home
Another order cancelled! So long low straights
Never thought I'd like a pair of camo pants so much but the canvas camo hunt pant from the recent season are sweeeet
Saw that the other day, awesome stuff! Jackets for this season are really on point, but you're right I'd expect to see these pop up on RL soon
the "RRL" tee in habitat green and the plain no logo habitat green crew neck tee
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