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 Thats the sad truth. They're no longer "outlets" but "luxury stores" at an outlet location. They have a good selection of current sale items that would be on the website without any further reductions. When I asked why they exclude RRL from their sales they said it was too high in demand
Todays mostly RRL fit RRL Knowles jacket RRL washed crew neck tee RRL East/West slim narrows Allen edmonds walnut strand
I had to size up when I tried them on, my normal 10 fit super tight
 Ah yes the regiment cargos, RRL sizing is usually off but I had to go 4 sizes down from my actual waist size!
was this from a shop in brooklyn? saw the same one last weekend
The most uncomfortable boots I've ever worn. The sole is basically a brick and the leather is as hard as any brand new pair of redwings. That being said, they look damn good
all I know is my straight legs from a year ago were marked a 31 waist and stretched to just over a 34 
Does anyone have an idea as to whats going on with old season merchandise? I went to the former factory story in woodbury which is now called a "luxury store" and the SA said all items are from current seasons and just marked down slightly. When I asked what happened to all the old inventory she said it was either sold or moved to another location. Anyone have any ideas where all of the old season items end up now? Really a bummer not being able to get RRL at 90% off anymore
hope you ordered two sizes down, they tend to run huge 
By heavily distressed I mean patchwork, repairs etc
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