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looks like I got the pair you returned as they measure a 34" exactly. Any idea if this shrink after a wash? If I could get these down an inch they'd be perfect. I know they're rigids but it does not have care instructions like most of the jeans do
That should actually work out perfectly, thanks!
They sent me a "variety" pack and it was filled with shit without tags, crappy white tee's and nothing of value. I told them that it was bait and switch because they assured a high end item or jeans and I didn't get anything. I fought it through paypal and won, they followed up by telling me never to shop there again 
Does anyone know how the size runs on the limited edition olive slim jeans? Grabbed a 32 today but feel like they might be tight
  Im guessing the New Jersey location will be at the short hills mall 
I don't get it, were the patches and artwork commissioned by RRL or was it just some guy who brought it somewhere to customize it
What are the odds of a buckleback jean getting produced? 
Lol it's not done yet okay
was there last week when the labor day sale started, only one rack of RRL most of which were items I never saw online (cardigans, sweaters, some tobacco wash slim fit jeans made in china) most of which were XL and XXL. the prices weren't even that great either, I got the last medium button down for $60 
that was the original plan but everytime i look at the mendoza I feel like I need to keep it
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