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That's rediculous. Ebay is buyer lenient but no returns means no returns. I've never accepted a return and have been fine
 Yeah I usually forget that I even ordered them until I come across this thread, funny thing is one of the pairs was a Christmas present for someone lol
I'm having an interesting issue with my officer chinos. I've had them about a year now and they've stretched from a 32 to a 34 and the seat/butt area looks huuuuge and just looks like it pops out when I'm standing straight up. is this an easy fix for a tailor to bring in the seat?
For the waist measurement I size down (have size 34 waist and buy size 31 to account for stretch) but my problem comes from the thighs being too tight in a lower size
Noticed this problem on my Cliftons today after only a handful of wears, should I be concerned about this?
Why is the slim straight cut so scarce? I've been wearing some cone slim straights for a while and its easily the best fit of all of them. Not to mention this is probably the nicest cone denim I've seen, lots of texture similar to the Japanese brands
For Sale:   RRL Leather Executive/Doctors briefcase featuring a partially distressed black leather and antiqued hardware    The bag is an immaculate rare find and is new with tags and will also include the RRL dust cover   Made in Italy   Measures 17 x 12 x 6.5   Any questions please feel free to ask
Yeah there was about two mendozas selling for 400 and a few Owens for about the same. I managed to pick up some nice pieces in my size including some limited edition selvedge Chinos
Someone must have cleaned out woodbury, two days ago there were racks of Owens and mendoza leather jackets and today they were all gone
Grabbed two rigid clydes today and the embroidered slim fit jeans, The clydes measure one size large while the embroidered slim fits are about 3 sizes large
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