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I really like it, originally wanted a sz 40 (this is a 42) but was told the sleeves would be too tight to move in a 40. Just wish the torso was slightly slimmer
Reaching out to my RRL friends for guidance on my Eastman star sportswear a2 i just got and was wondering what everyone thinks on the fit of this
don't have one myself but from what I remember it was meant to be sort of an overshoot so it runs slightly large, likely boxy
Yes looks like the Montgomery
Could you post fit pics? looking into an aero premier myself but am not completely sold yet
I had a bad experience with aero (or more-so thurston bros) with my first custom purchase. Essentially ended up having to sell the jacket at a $500 loss because it didn't fit correctly but they said their specs were within the acceptable range. I'm looking at a ready made used Aero half belt that looks to be perfect for my size, but then again I've also been eyeballing an eastman jacket too
I'd say 3 washes and one initial soak, they were so rigid at the beginning they broke the skin behind my knee. These were very stubborn to fade, some areas are beginning to rip where the indigo is still going strong
The original east west slim narrows after about 2 years
It's Thursday my dudes. Rrl Ross jacket Hillside selvedge chambray shirt Rrl east west slim narrows Rrl new cliftons
Don't remember the name of the pants but they were the canvas hunting pant from the recent season and yep murdocks
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