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Was that the distressed mechanic coat? I tried it on in the west Broadway store today but found it too boxy. Yes they definitely had more items on sale in store and some of the prices were actually cheaper than online
Lol I added about 11 items to my cart to see which would be on sale and only about 3 of them were 
When does it start?
Was told my order would finally ship on the 15th which came and went without any notifications. I emailed them again and they responded that several machines broke down so it would take longer....
I kept my order when they returned my email saying its currently in production and expected to ship the 15th. The order status on the website still says awaiting fulfillment. Did anyone else not get a status update on their account before it shipped?
brought my rigid officer chinos in for a tailoring after they stretched too much from a year of wear. While struggling to put pins into the fabric the tailor commented "I'm going to need some nails" followed by "this is worse than denim". Thought it was pretty funny as I doubt too many rigid chinos pass through there 
wow didn't realize thats the same design of the mendoza leather jacket
any word on the spring sale for RRL items? 
My wait just hit over 4 months and I haven't received one update. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt and just waiting for my jeans and a gift for my dad however anyone who handles a business this way shouldn't really get a dollar from me so I just sent them the cancellation. now lets see how long this takes
id say about an inch
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