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Haven't seen this online but picked up this herringbone work shirt in store god dammit this phone camera sucks
Sad news about the RL outlet at woodbury, they renovated the stores and won't be carrying random items at steep discounts anymore. Instead they'll be getting relatively new items at a decent markdown without any promos on top of it. For example the east west slim narrows were marked down to 200 with no additional discounts while you can easily get them for 150 in stores now
is the collar removable? 
I actually really like it, super heavyweight and its darkened up significantly, fits nice although the waist is slightly loose but that goes with most things due to my shoulder to waist ratio. I've been using it in the warmer months primarily as my moto jacket. below is the fit pic from last year when I first got it, excuse the old shitty room and wife beater 
That is the knowles, I ended up getting it last season
What's with none of the new styles having the western stitching on the back pocket, that was my favorite part and a signature for rrl jeans
 twelve bucks? sold!
My general rule is to measure my actual waist and size down by 2
didn't catch that! also noticed there was a RRL flannel workshirt in the avengers that Jeremy Renner is wearing at his farm
Mehh so many other shoes to choose from and idk what you would wear these with other than jeans. Ps if you have a lot of quick questions there's a thread for new members with questions like these you can post in
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