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The black tar washed jeans are much less contrasting in person. Don't know if I'll hang on to these
I had them for a while and never came around to liking them. The green with the herringbone just made me feel like the joker whenever i wore them. They're pretty stiff, but not as much as the selvedge 
Just ordered the black tar slim fits and a pair of Denim & Supply repaired jeans. Haven't had much luck with slims in the past as they squeeze the hell out of my thighs, hoping the wash on the black tars makes them feel a little looser 
LOL thanks for featuring my RRL Army chinos!
does anyone know if they have sale items available in store? I was thinking of heading to the west broadway location tomorrow if they have decent stock
what did it look like before? it looks pretty badass now
both, didn't have a chance to make it last week but I never think I'll find something decent in a size 10. anyone have any info on the stock?
Have been wanting to pick this up for a while, but at $700...mehhhh
the slims are very slim and low in my opinion. I think it would be smarter to go with straights and have them adjusted if need be for tapering 
  Were these the pair from eBay? 
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