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does anyone know if you can return RRL merchandise to a Polo Ralph Lauren store? I don't really want to travel back into the city to make a return if I have a polo store near by. The black sulfur dyed low straights I bought are really digging into my nether region 
I wish they didn't ruin this beautiful jacket with that hair on hide crap  
Yeah I'm about 33-34 waist and I tried a 32 on in store and still probably had an inch to spare
I went previously to pick up the Ranch jean and as usual the sizing was way off, decided the denim wasn't heavy enough for my liking (usually prefer 16 oz and up)  but with the sale going on I might try to stop by to pick up this weekend. 
God dammit one of these sizes better fit when they arrive. speaking of RRL tops, Medium button ups fit me perfectly with a little tightness in the chest, however the cavalry sweatshirt and waffle knit hoodie I own are size large and fit nicely
I wear a size 32 in the rigid officer chinos and could easily size down to a 31 with a true waist size of about 33. I just spoke to the SA from broadway and he measured a size 31 as a 31 exactly. I ordered a 32 and a 33 just to be safe
aka two sizes bigger than tagged? I'm wondering the same as I'd like to get those
what happened to most of the sale items from the website? Theres only about 30 items on sale now. did they finally sell out or are they actually going to send them to outlets?
yeah, it was defintely a foreign person running the account. I offered to buy two jackets and she/he just kept says, "ok i send invoice you pay" followed by "yes pay now"
  Measurement wise, yes they're the same, so yes i know how it fits.
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