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I never understood what people are doing in their jeans to actually get them to smell that bad
After a promised refund was never received and three weeks of unanswered emails I had to get my bank to investigate my charge over 6 months old. Fuck this place
I was at Bleecker last week
yeah none of those measurements are accurate on my 31's
slim narrows are slightly more tapered. I have both and the measurement literally comes to a quarter of an inch smaller on the slim narrow calf opening
Ashby & East west slim narrows sz 31 x 32 (measurements: Waist: 16, thigh: 12, knee: 8 leg opening: 7.25)   Dylan slims sz 31 x 32 actually feel tighter overall than the slim narrows, but the denim is super soft
Wallet is great for the price, made of vachetta leather and pretty soft. only downside is its made in china but still pretty quality 
Time to stop buying  things...will try to have a few fit pics up later with a less shitty camera    Ashby Jacket, Heavyweight denim western, East West slim narrows, dylan slims and khaki rigid chinos
Usually like patchwork but this strikes me as very "90's" with all the colors it has going on
Just got back from bleeker with some nice pickups, the sale in store is definitely better as a lot of the "designer sale" items are already marked down with an additional 30% on top of them. Got the Dylan slims for 150 while they're still 200 online and the wallet was only 37. They will honor any markdowns from the website and I ended up ordering the ashby online to save on sales tax
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