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ended up keeping the 32 since they actually fit true to size
totally normal, I have that on all of my GY welted boots
Red Wing japan posted these congress boots dropping this fall. Any idea if these are coming to the usa?  
yeah, been dead for a while. most things are current season and usually no further discounted than the normal stores 
Looking for an RRL mendoza jacket in a size medium. Will pay good $$$
Ive Been going through Stumptown blended trio box recently with hollar mountain, house blend and hair bender brewing them in a chemex. Using the chemex has definitely paid off with flavor and the morning prep makes it a zen like experience
I just wonder where all that old stock goes. I remember finding items several years old at the outlets and now nothing is more than a season old
Not sure if it's the case everywhere but i know they've changed the outlet stores from an "outlet" to a "luxury store" at outlet malls. they usually have current season merch for small markdowns 
Dude awesome R! I'm stilling bopping around on my 2013 thruxton and usually wear my black RRL murdocks which do the trick 
Went to the 260 sample sale clearance (everything under $50) and not much to pick from. If you're into john varvatos shirts and pants they have a good amount and some left over jcrew items. I think i found the only items worth mentioning which are Wallace & Barnes selvedge and HW carter & sons selvedge for $20 each
New Posts  All Forums: