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I don't think any steeper discounts than in the past. Picked these two up recently the still water slims and I think the Kentucky wash slim narrow. The slim narrows are 32 x 32 and fit perfectly while the slims are 31 x 32 and laughably measure about a 35 in the waist, although the rest of the pant fits well enough to be a 31
That's the one, i ordered a 30 and a 32. Im expecting the 32 to fit large, so if that's the case I'll be glad to send them to you at the sale price
Anyone have any experience with RRL tailored suits? Just ordered the Herringbone suit with pants. Ended up getting two sizes of the pants since I don't trust the size 32 will actually be a 32
I went true to my RRL size with slim narrows (31 for my true size 33 waist) They fit well but I would like a little more room and wish I went up to a 32 after my first wash
welp. RRL bleecker is officially out today. Called to check their hours and she said they permenantly closed as of today and were packing up
spoke to the associate at Bleecker (I think the one who appeared in last seasons look book) the other day who would be transferring to the west broadway store after that one shut down. They're indeed closing due to the increase in rent and i think just overall feel of the area which he said used to be a destination for unique items but is now just you're standard shopping experience. He also didn't seemed too concerned about the brand itself saying that he hasn't heard of...
of the three i ordered, 1 came without the dusting that you're mentioning which had the best shape/look etc.. but that is the one with the scars or scratches all over the toe. this is the second pair i've got where the stitching on the shaft is completely torn near the heelĀ 
I've ordered 5 murdock boots in the last few years due to the fact that they fit so well and literally only one of them has arrived without a massive defect that hasn't led me to return them. I purchased 3 pairs from the latest sale (three!!!) And the first two were awful one with massive cuts through the toe and the other with a giant crease down the center. I thought I had a winner until I put them on only to find the stitches in the left boot completely torn and...
are they closing already or at a future date? was going to swing by that one after work today
i believe thats the one, it had a hair on hide inner label and was supposed to have a classic boxy fit so that sounds right.
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