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So the belt is a little too small for me. I thought it would stretch but it doesn't seem like its going to and it looks like it will only fit me on the biggest hole. Anyway I've only worn it once. $110 shipped.
These are still available for 175$ shipped in North America. I will try to get pics up in the next day or so. I'd also consider trades...let me know what you have!
Hey, I am looking for a pair of these in size 11. IF someone has a pair to sell or can proxy me a pair let me know? Or even if you know a store online that has them let me know. Thanks
I'll let these go for $175 shipped anywhere in North America...i will try to get pictures up in the next day or so
Price drop to $200 shipped
Hey, I have a pair of KMW one wash rockers for sale. These have only been worn once or twice and have no wear. They don't fit me right so I am selling them. Price: $230 shipped in North America
Hey Kiya, Any chance you will produce any small or medium shirts in extra-long? I'm 6'3 and pretty skinny so none of the shirts sold at self-edge seem to fit me!
Hey, I have a pair of nudie slim jim dry black coated for sale. Waist 32, length 34. I haven't worn them much cause the inseam is too short and I really don't like the feel of stretch denim. $100 shipped in North America
i have a tanner messenger bag...its pretty awesome...breaking in nice
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