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Hey, I have a corpus quilted bomber for sale in size large. I got it last winter. At the end of the winter it was professionally treated and put away. I'll get some pics up later hopefully. $250 shipped in North America obo
The $145 doesn't include tax but no tax is added to the $145 if you are ordering from out of state.
I had a pair of these, the waist doesn't really stretch much since they are stretch denim..but i guess they might stretch a little bit.
Here you go, more pics:
Yeah they are the one wash or rinse...they are actually stiffer than the dry version.
They were given to me. I can fit into them I just think they are a little tight. I have the 30 dry and I find these fit a bit tighter. I want to sell them and get something else size I have the same pair already. I'll try and get another pic up where the look less like a bootcut and more tapered.
$165 shipped
I'll consider offers on these! come on..someone buy them!
Yeah my other paired stretched to a comfortable size. I sized down one and now the other pair fit perfectly.
These are the 1 wash KMW rockers. They are new with tags, only worn to try on. They don't fit me and I have another pair of rockers. Selling them for $175 shipped. 30 waist, 34 inseam (though its actually about 36). Pics:
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