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I had these but I sold them since they were slightly small for me. I wear 10.5 to 11 in chucks, depends on what pair and my CoN boots were sized they run quite big, or at least they did last season, not sure if they adjusted them this season.
I'm looking for a pair of wings + horns service boots in black in size 10.5...let me know if you have em.
Fit pics. No homo
Do have pit-to-pit measurements and the vertical length of the shirt? The sleeves are pretty much guaranteed to be to short but if the rest fits I could just roll them up.
Still available.
$235 shipped
I'm open to offers and trades (perferably a slim fitting indigo jean)
I have a pair of SEXI04BK in size 29..they are unhemmed so they have about a 41 inch inseam. They have only been worn about 7 or 8 times total. I bought them from someone on sufu but they don't really fit me right. $250US shipped in North America
Sorry, I actually mis-measured this, its 32.5 inches to the middle hole.
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