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Quote: Originally Posted by Theory another pair of these for sale on this site for $100 less than your asking price. What's your point? If you want to make an offer make an offer...if not, stop being a dick.
$475....make me an offer...I'm open to them.
Pics...make me an offer!
Hey, I bought these off a sufu forum member but they are a tad too small. I paid $500 for them so I am looking to get that back. They are in great shape, 9/10. They were bought in August and haven't been worn too much and haven't been worn at all by me since they don't fit right. Anyway, I'll ship in NA for $500 obo.
Bump...imperials for $230 + fees April 77s $80 + fees
I think the PS sale is friends and family both days...
The PS sale is a friends and family sale, and it seems as though you do need to be on the list if you wanna get in....
Bump...I''ll let the April 77s go for $100 obo. The imperial's are still available.
So I have two pairs of jeans up for sale: I've posted the SExI04 blacks before but couldn't let myself sell them figuring I would eventually be able to wear them. That hasn't happened so I'm selling them for real this time. They haven't been worn much and are basically like new, no fades. $250 US shipped conus. The april 77's joey overdrives are pretty much like new as well..I bought these in England in the summer but they fit a bit too slim for me...the fit...
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