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Quote: Originally Posted by Sherlockian Photo isn't the best quality, but here are the four I currently play the most: I would kill to have a set up with these 4 guitars...so amazing.
Bump...$230 shipped
Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom Black w/silver hardware Fender 72 Telecaster Deluxe Reissue Takamine acoustic Amp: Vox AC 30 w/ celestion speakers (I traded an Orange AD30TC for it a few years back)
+1 on the Tiny Terror and Vox AC 30. I play an AC 30 but its loud. If you are looking for something you can crank up to hear the gain and not worry about it being loud I'd recommend this: http://www.g-spot-music.com/spirit.htm Its only 4 watts and has a built in attenuator. I tried it out a couple of weeks back, it sounds pretty awesome.
Bump $250 shipped + fees
sneaky pete - dark rum, kahlua and milk.
Hey, There is something I want to pick up at Jonathan + Olivia's closing sale either tonight or tomorrow. I called the store and they don't seem to be doing phone order because they say its chaotic. Anyway if anyone is heading over and would be willing to pick something up and send it to me let me know and we can work something out...
I have a pair of iron heart 301s in waist size 30. Worn about 3 weeks, with fairly minimum fading. I don't wear them as much as I should so I don't know why I've been keeping them around...anyway, I'd let them for $275 shipped in NA plus 4% for paypal fees unless you send as a gift. They haven't been soaked or hemmed. Pics:
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