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Maybe post soak the sexi08's taper more, but from the measurements on self-edge and the pics I've seen the sexi04's are the slimmer model especially in the thighs.
The sexi04 are a clone of dior 19cms....the sexi08 are a new design. The sexi04 is slimmer in the thigh and throughout than the sexi08. The inseam on the sexi08 is quite a bit shorter as well. Other than that they have different denim.
They fit about the same as my mij indigos in 29 so I assume they fit pretty similar to the black dior mij 29s (I've never tried them on). The only reason I'd trade for the black diors is I like the denim better on the diors. I'm pretty sure the actual denim used for the imperials is better than the dior denim, I just prefer the way diors are soft and not as rigid.
Measurements: waist: About 16 inches inseam: 40 inches thigh: 9.5 inches hem: 6.5 inches I'm selling them because I don't wear them.
These have minimum wear, maybe worn for a total a month. I bought them off someone else on sufu a while back but I've really worn them. Anyway they are $230 shipped conus or I'd also trade for a pair of black dior mij in size 29.
bud light golden wheat..I was inspired by that other thread to give it a try.
Yeah its really just the bottom left corner of the right pocket. I guess its cause I leave my wallet in my pocket when I'm sitting at my desk. They fade fairly fast if you wear them all the time.
Sorry, I haven't really been following the thread for those looking for measurements. Measurements BiG: waist: a bit more than 15.5 thigh: 10 hem: 7 inseam: 36
Quote: Originally Posted by Kittypunk how about 175$ + shipping to San Frncisco? You are a joke.
Try and buy something used and in good shape, your money will go farther. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a new guitar.
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