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Price drop: $100 shipped
Hey, I have a pair of APC NS in sz 30 for sale. They are unhemmed so the inseam is about 36. They have minimal wear...I don't really like the fit so I have never really worn them...I bought them too big. $115 shipped in Canada or US or I can do 100$ for drop off in toronto.
Hey all, I just registered on styleforum, I usually spend most of my time on superfuture, anyway after ordering from Brigade 2 months ago and still not receiving my order I felt I had to post here. Around November 7th I ordered the Corpus Quilted Leather Bomber jacket. I wasn't told at the time that it wasn't in stock but that was fine. Anyway I have been contacting Justin numerous times over email and the phone. He rarely replies to emails and when he does he has some...
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