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EG newb here, first item I copped have been this seasons fatigue shorts in that olive ripstop fabric (the ones posted in the gentry link above) and I absolutely love them. Anyone else own the same pair, or anything else with that fabric? Just curious how it wears, whether or not it will soften up with wash and wear, or even crock like the bedford posted a few days ago. Just curious, and definitely beyond impressed with the shorts either way 
^ Personally, I would say what I think has been mentioned in this thread before, is that the brand has something for everyone, but in the sense where the the pieces are easily adaptable to a variety of wardrobes. Many single items can work for a variety of fits and styles and be worn multiple ways, and that level of versatility is something that very few other brands could ever match. 
Kidcoin is as legit as they come, definitely recommend getting your pair from him if you are in the market. Worth nothing though, the pair I received is definitely of lower quality than a previous pair that I owned.. The pleather is meh, there is a very significant amount of excess glue on the front of the shoe, and the tongues are not even the same length, with about a 1/2" difference between the right and the left. Not things that are a huge deal, especially considering...
Hi Gary, any bedford jackets this season? 
Could somebody point me towards a dayton shirt in a Medium? either the gray stripped or chambray. Have I missed my chance, or may they come back around for F/W with different materials? 
What's up SF? Up for sale here is a pair of loden green Chromexcel vibram trail oxfords from Oak Street Bootmakers in a US size 10. The shoes have been worn a handful of times and are in great condition, only starting to be broken in. Unfortunately they are just a tad big to continue wearing, so I'd be happy passing them down on to someone who will get more wear out of them. There is some minor scratching against the surface of the leather on the back on the right shoe,...
^I had noticed that, but was thinking more along the lines of the traditional ranger moc sole. Or Possibly even a crepe sole, but I'm sure that could get more and more pricey
Maaan that bison leather is super sick. Was thinking about ordering a pair of ranger mocs anyways, anyone know if they could do a pair of ranger mocs with leather like that? 
Okay Guys - Help me out.. Having a Bit of trouble in deciding between the 0205SPs, the 0805SPs, and the 0705SPs. I'm a Momotaro newb, but do have previous denim experience lol. I'm looking for something with possibly around a weird guy cut? Something baggier than Nudie Grim Tims, but not anti-fit baggy. After having difficulties with measurements from BiG, I'm not as trusting when it comes to buying denim online. My waist is somewhere between a 30-31. I was thinking a 31...
PRICE LOWERED ! NEED GONE ASAP !     Up for sale here is a pair of brand new, unsoaked, Pure Blue Japan XX-011s. The XX-011 is considered to be PBJs slimmest cut. The denim itself is a 13.5 oz Left Hand Twill. I purchased the Jeans from Blue in Greene, one of the very few retails outside of Japan to Carry PBJ. The original inseam on the Jeans is 37" and I asked to get them hemmed to a 36" (without having treid them on) and they are unfortunately too small, and now...
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