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Believe there is a type 6 jean in that fabric as well, though I am not sure they have turned up anywhere yet. Been holding out for a pair those myself!
Been looking for a pair of Doeks in the deck shoe (vans style) for a while, but most stockists outside of japan are long sold out of that model. I believe Oi Polloi is set to stock them in the coming months, and I fingers crossed they have that one available!
@lawlercon Appreciate the response! Thought I recalled you owned a pair and hoped that you may weigh in! Do you launder your pair regularly or tend to go farther in-between with the washes? 
Anybody who owns a pair of the Workaday denim know anything about the denim/mill itself? I would assume it to be Cone, but the only information I could procure was this translation - "  The material is of fabric manufacturer of corn denim company to represent the United States (formerly Cone Mills Corp.) will not use American-made Serubitchidenimu"    kind of hilarious, but confusing..  I would have figured them to be sanforized, however seeing as most Bureau and most JP...
In Dublin right now actually and was planning to swing by Bureau on Monday, certainly hope they may honor that discount then/in-store 
Saw oi polloi got that one in both chambray and dungaree cloth, looks pretty clean. Curious if any other fabrics beyond that will pop up
^ How much did they run you, if you don't mind me asking? I have been contemplating purchasing a pair, however have also seen them available on many european surplus websites, for what I assume may be much cheaper, but am considering just biting bullet to get a guaranteed, reliable, dead stock pair, even if likely at a slight mark-up.    In addition to everything previously mentioned regarding footwear, I believe someone also noted a little while ago here, or in another...
Russell Moccasin also looks outstanding with EG
Hello everyone!   Just thought it would be worth dropping by here to mention that Federal Store in Washington, DC has 40% our remaining Alden models, the unlined Dover blucher in brown chromexcel (29364F), the plain toe blucher in sand suede (29332F), and the unlined chukkas in snuff suede (1493) .     phone orders are welcome!   202-518-3375 
Finally, the long awaited delivery of FW has arrived at Federal DC!    Items should be on the site shortly, but here is a list of what we have received -    Shirting:    Spread collar shirt (black/check) S-L $228 Spread collar shirt (dark navy) S-L $275 19th Century BD (navy polka dot) S-XL $240 Long bush shirt (navy) S-XL $240   Jackets:   Bedford (navy moleskin) S-L $395 Bedford (olive moleskin) S-XL $395 Baker (Charcoal wool gabardine) S-L...
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