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I actually just ordered a pair for myself, but went direct through Russell and sent them tracings. Though it may cost more being overseas, I highly recommend doing it. I ordered a khaki laramie suede sporting clays chukka with a leather midsole, on a brown vibram 2060, with 4 eyelets instead of 3. Came out to about $400, which is still about $200 less than that same make up from most Japanese Stockists. The people at russells are incredibly helpful in answering questions,...
Do both pants usually come in the same set of fabrics? Been after a pair of tropical wool trousers, but this seasons Willy post fit looks more appealing than the cinch. Seeing the tropical wool cinch pants at most stockists, but no willy post.    Also, Reggishop JP has a pretty hefty selection from this season already for us to gawk over til more items arrive stateside
Really dig those 8188s but I'm worried about my narrow feet leading to some awful heel slip with those. I've been wearing a pair of 2268 engineers and through the rest of the boot fits perfect, I just can't get the heel ship to go fully away
So it is practically half of the Japanese retail price????? Certainly can't complain about that, just quite curious how that works out 
Very curious to see what fabrics the field hat come in this season, and if there will be any unique fabrics for the shoulder bag. Regret not picking one up last spring/summer 
Retail on Doc Marten collab is ¥48,000 + Tax, according to which comes in at about $425 USD... regular MiE docs are ~$200 so I was sadly mistaken wishing for a
After seeing a few scattered pics on IG over the last few weeks, I was hoping they would release soon! Glad to see they're made in England, that white pair will certainly be copped!!! I am curious about the sizing though, I have heard their MiE line shoes fit differently than normal docs. I measure a slightly narrow us 9.5 brannock and trying on the MiE 1460 I found the 9 too small and the 10 too big.. Here's hoping they use a different last on this model. If anything I'm...
Yeah I would say a large would be a solid choice. Like mentioned, they are a bit boxy and work well for layers. I'm about 5'10 with a similar build and have enough room in a size M for a sweatshirt underneath, but it also still looks fine over just a t shirt. Worst comes to it, toss the L in a hot wash and tumble dry and it should do just the trick 
Believe there is a type 6 jean in that fabric as well, though I am not sure they have turned up anywhere yet. Been holding out for a pair those myself!
Been looking for a pair of Doeks in the deck shoe (vans style) for a while, but most stockists outside of japan are long sold out of that model. I believe Oi Polloi is set to stock them in the coming months, and I fingers crossed they have that one available!
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