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In all the times I've even Peking duck (Toronto, HK, Peking (at some of the original places)) I've always gotten the duck soup first, with tofu and watercress, then the peking duck, and then meat stir fried with lettuce wraps. Let's be honest, they have a giant vat of duck soup sitting around, your soup isn't cooked to order. If I had to rank my experiences, I would say HK>Peking (marginally)>> Toronto >>>>>> everything else.
I sometimes use Maggi seasoning instead of soy. I find it's a bit earthier.
Make sure you get some tri-tips or some cowboy steaks or some or the harder to find cuts. I would also get the briskets. Bones for soup.
Upon first glance I thought you were talking about:
His own money? Or his parents?
His restaurant is very very good. Completely casual, becomes a bar at night... expect dancing on the tables etc, very crazy. It's incredibly small, maybe 30 seats total... so you need a reservation. Ever since Chuck won on Iron Chef 'Murica, it's almost impossible to get a seat.
Is the coffee in the rub and the cabernet the braising liquid?
Can't you just finish it with a knob of butter at the very end to get the the shine back?
Does not compute... wouldn't that make it Holland Sole?
Just steamed? And what is the garnish around the fish?
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