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As a newbie, I have found the "SF Uniform" quite helpful. The only item as such I've purchased is some slim selvage jeans, but that is part of something I the "uniform" is useful for; teaching the importance of fit, decent quality materials and matching everything up. Admittedly this sounds a little basic, but it is amazing the difference following those basic rules makes. The important part though as mentioned above is making sure you can keep your personal style and...
Adding to the Gilt McQ sale... this is stunning, would buy that and the trousers.
Pm Sent RE Shirts
Look in the FS section here. There are some beautiful ties at large discounts.
Buffalo Special 6 shirts are incredible. Windproof, lightweight and keeps you very warm. http://www.jackson-sports.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=222 Infact Buffalo products in general are very very good.
PM sent about shirt.
Furthest I've run so far, 12k so about 7.5 miles. Was knackered by the end but could have ground out maybe another mile or so.
Revisiting Styleforum is going to end up costing me a lot of money.
What is the waist on the Broken Twill Slim Jims?
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