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 Double sole looks really nice on Gable.
Amazing! Vass really seem to have stepped their game in terms of finish - some of the recent pics in this thread have been reminiscent of G&G.
 Wow! Excellent choice. I was in the market for a suede derby recently but ended up getting a carmina split toe. Should have done something like this!
 Those Vass look like they were finished by G&G.
Superb! Much appreciated!   Similar profile but the last pic shows that the TG73 is more "sleeker" with the vamp sitting much closer to the sole.
 Thanks! MH71 would be ideal but otherwise any G&G oxford!
  Sweet! Would it be too much to ask a comparison pic with your G&G?
 Is this available as GMTO ?
 + 1. Skeen - you're posts are uncalled for. Also, if you intend to be a grammar Nazi on Styleforum, you may wish to work on your punctuation.
 I typically wear the shoes the same day they arrive  No patience
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