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Its the G&G St James II. I was too lazy to find a generic tree before taking the pic.
Mine as well with some friendly punchcap adelaides.     Which one has the tighter waist?  
 My Gold museum is different than these two as well! Closer to the lighter shade. I am digging the darker shade.
 Glad to hear it. Perhaps, I am a difficult fit or have sensitive skin.No bleeding for me as well but have had blisters on my heels / big toe. Will be interesting to hear others perspective as well.
 Interested to hear others perspective as well. I have averaged a new shoe a month for the last 2 years. Some of them have been easy to break in - G&G, C&J and EG. G&G are initially painful on the heels but get better after a few wears. Others such as carmina, loake, AE have left blisters on my heel and on the sides of my big toe. I had mixed experiences with Vass - F, U and S were very comfortable to break in (probably the most comfortable owing to their handwelted...
In addition to wallet hurt, so many new shoes must be a pain for the feet as well. Unless you're buying shoes 1 size bigger, the breaking in process for all these new shoes must be leave some battle scars.
Anyone game for a GMTO for gable in deco last in racing green or navy ? I am not fussed about pattern - would also be open to Hanly, Warwick or Connaught.   This modified gable below would be sweet.  
  Sweet. For me, the Laughton is the equivalent of the St James for G&G, elegant yet stylish. Any fit pics ?
Apparently spring next year. I was fortunate - there was a return in my size due to a sizing issue and I promptly ordered. I probably would have ordered the burgundy wholecut instead if I had to wait till next year, but had my heart set on the maverick! I will report back when I receive the shoes but on paper its a sweet deal - you get handwelted shoes with a fiddle back waist, lasted trees, crust leather finish and also the uniqueness of the bestetti lasts. Sounds from...
 I have a 1 year old Simpson austerity brogue which still hasnt broken in!! The problem is not the instep but the heels which are uncomfortably tight. I am surprised that not many people complain about the heel on the Simpson - imo its poorly designed.
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