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Thats a beautiful pair of shoes!
 Yup - I don't care if EG charge $1 million for a pair of dovers as this is a high end shoe forum. Sound logic there mate. I am off to the G&G thread to contemplate some GMTO's. Peace.
 Expect these to be out of stock for a year! Alex gets a second-run.
 I am on a low carb diet - never good for my anger mgmt issues.
  I don't think I am extremely price sensitive but I am not buying EG at these prices. I can spend more money on a G&G because I think its a better product. I struggle to see why I should pay a premium to EG over G&G. Only time will tell who looses out here - EG or their retailers or the "extremely" price sensitive customer who will simply switch to other brands. I apologize to EG for lowering their brand value as I bought a pair of Dover for only USD1K.
The Gable in  ooof - some exquisite shoes here. I would love to see that Holden in Navy - will hit the sweet spot. That Oakham is sweet as well - would love to see that one in vintage cherry. BTW - Gable on deco last in midnight blue may be the most aggressive shoe ever made!
 I just did a quick google for this new round deco last and I agree with you - the classic chiseled one is better.
 Sounds good. I will certainly play for a deco GMTO. A Gable in racing green or navy would be perfect but open to other ideas. Would you have any pics of this new Round deco last?
  Ooo the finish also seems STC like!
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