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Yes, the antique cognac DMs are U! The black ones are K.      
  I completed the quartet!   Pick the odd one out.
 LOL! But seriously, the S last is not a bad looking last. It looks better when worn somehow, compared to when unworn and sitting next to the other lasts. The pic seems to mess up its proportions. I still find the U the most perfect of the Vass lasts (others would say F I think). I just received a gorgeous split toe on the U last in dark cognac - a replica of the shoe another gentleman posted a few pages back. My next Vass will be on the F, so I can complete the set of the...
I agree - I have 3 more pair of Vass which I have no issues with. But, I think the leather on that one pair is indeed sub par. I wear the same size on all 4 pairs (2 oxford, 1 derby and 1 double monk) but get this issue on only that one pair. Understand that after Ilcea went bankrupt, Vass sourced their museum calf from different suppliers. They may have got a bad skin at some point - the more recent museum I ordered from them seems very good.
 I get the same on a pair of VASS museum. I think its just a sign of low quality leather. Interestingly enough, I dont get it in a more recent pair that I ordered from Vass, and its likely that they switched suppliers (the new museum feels more supple as well). I doubt that any shoe care product will fix this although open to suggestions.
Question - is the recrafting of a pair of shoes always carried out by the same method by which it is constructed ? So a pair of handwelted vass can only be resoled via hand welting and not by GW or blake stiching?
Yes, its the one on the far right. The order from the left is Vass K (42), Carmina Simpson (8 UK), Vass U (42), G&G MH71 (8.5) and Vass S (42). It's the longest of the lot albeit just slightly longer than the other Vass but noticeably longer than the G&G. Slightly lower instep than the other Vass so a get a small V which I didnt get on the U. It has a less wider vamp vs the U which I actually like as I have thin feet and overall I find the fit better than the U. The room...
  S Last with some chiseled friends. My initially reaction when I saw its pics was that it was similar to TG73 / MH71. Now that I have it in person, it seems pretty different. It reminds me of a very specific last from another maker which I dont own - does anyone think it looks like the C&J 348?
For those who have knowledge of the Enzo lasts, is any of them "elongated" similar to G&G or Vass (U / K) ? Particularly interested in the 062 but have little way of judging based on pictures alone.   I have a slight distaste for "compact" lasts.
Mine as well - the courtenay on the 363 with some friends        
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