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As requested - the double monk is U and the S is oxford. I dont have a U last oxford but understand that the instep of the U is similar to the K. My K last oxford has certainly higher instep than the S last. I would say that the S last has similar instep as the F and certainly not as low as the MH71      
The Gold museum punch cap.
Not the best pics but what I had handy. Will try to post better pics vs U and MH71. Sorry don't have the TG73.   My sense is that its more squared off than the U but not as much as the TG73.
If someone can go through all the 1049 pages of this thread and find an answer to the question - which shoe condititioner to use and how often, and get at least two other members to agree with that answer, he will be a better man than I.
The other one is on the U last - with the dark cognac leather. Its made differently than the norweger which is the traditional Vass split toe. I think Vass did a very good job given its not one of their standard models.   What is not evident from these pics is how large the Dover is compared to the U last. The length and width are more or less the same but the Dover is significantly taller.
The new doak in a split toe battle. Cross post from the Vass thread.      
Battle of the split toes !            
 Very nice - is it dark brown museum ? My latest Vass DM also had some leather blemishes. Ill try and post pics. 
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