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Hi all. Im gonna get married this year and it will be on the beach. I'd like to give my tailor the best linen fabric for a suiting bespoke.  Could you guys tell me the best one and if possible, where to find it in NYC. Thank you guys so much.   Regards Ricardo
Hi all. Do you guys know where I can find quality shirting fabric as TM,Albini,Alumo, Zegna or other good ones in NYC or any website or person who sell them?   Thanks   Ricardo
Hi all. Do you guys know a good place to buy suiting and shirting fabric in Miami? I've heard about Rex already. Is it the only option I have in Mia or there is another good store with better prices?   Regards Ricardo
 Thanks Fred! I think Carmina website got the best price around. Do you have a Carmina Double Monk? I'd like to know how it fits. I got a little high arch so sometimes the shoes got a little tight on the top of my feet. Not sure if this Carmina is too narrow or wide. My size is 12US normally . I also see the size chart on Carmina website and it says 11.5K = 12US but other websites say 11K= 12US. Not sure which one is correct. RegardsRicardo
Hi all. I'd like to buy a Carmina Double Monk shoes if possible, online. Is there any website you do recommend? Any other brand which has a nice double monk as well?    Regards Ricardo
Thanks GBR. Thats why I asked here. As you said, there are millions of stores but I'd like to know from someone, the best ones in quality,price,shipping worldwide,etc.
Hi all. Im a new member here. I'm looking for good shirting and suiting fabrics to buy for my personal tailored clothes. Let me know if there is any website or member who carry them and ship worldwide. I do live in Brazil   Regards Ricardo
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