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Is it available yet?
Hi. How do they fit? True to size? How long have been worn?
Thanks Murlsquirl. However these Aldens are too brute comparing to the others on the pics. I'd like to buy a more refined chukka. 
Hi all. I'd like to have some help to buy a suede chukka boot.  I got 3 pics from chukkas I liked.  Actually I like more the first one pic last.  ( Carmina, isn't it? Model? ) I would prefer this last but 2 eyes . Is there anything like that?  What are the others brand/ model? Where to buy them from ?   Thank you all!    
Do you have this color in 12USA or only the dark brown ?
Hi. How do they fit ? I've heard C&J runs small. Is it true?
 Thanks. The suit color will be like that.
Thanks! I've read some people saying suede is more for winter and leather should be more appropriate . Now im confused.  These are the ones I saw and liked:  ( this one I would prefer with tassel like that...
Anyone for helping me? 
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