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I'm not used to critiquing movies so forgive me if my explanations is not of a high qualitative level. But I would first reiterate Fuumas issue with Taboo, it felt like a masturbation video by and for Tom Hardy. It plays out entirely inside a car, "but because of Tom Hardys marvellous acting it's exciting despite that!", strikes me as very gimmicky. The storyline and how it unfolded was too 'constructed' and felt unnatural. Ultimately it just did not engage me.   However...
I thought I was the only one who didn't love anything Tom Hardy. Seems to be doing the same character every time. Did you see that horrid one that takes place entirely inside a car? (If you didn't, don't)
I just got a classico from kafka. That was definitely TTS, I would even say on the roomy side. 
How soft are those cashmere shirts? 5% cashmere seems a bit low percentage for a price @ 695, but I've never handled one of those so i'm sorta curious about how nice the hand is.
Maybe Hanro or Maison Marcy
I've never tried the 110 so this isn't a comparison, but I have to say I love the 2045. Really comfy and nothing off about the shape whatsoever, at least IMO
I dunno what the specs were on the Notre iteration, I just got the impression a remake was being discussed.
I like the boot, but haven't LA Guy said that approximations of boots that has been released through other vendors is a clear no-go? Unless I've misunderstood, going through Notre might be the best bet for realizing that one.
 Yes please
Thanks a lot :)
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