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Love that copper windowpane. 
I certainly agree with that, I was just nitpicking over a technicality
I also guess if preorders are priced a tiny bit lower than ordinary retail, the reduced price % vs the individual consumers return rate % will turn out nice for some, but not for others
I was mostly referring to the risk of not getting what you want because of a discrepancy between demand and supply
 Preordering is just a great way to buy shit. Reduces risk for both sides.
First on the agenda upon arrival to the comfort of my home:   #1 Take off pants, walk around pantless (or switch to sweatpants, when more appropriate)
I bought that for under $100 at "danskebåten" a few years ago.
That's exactly the way I make it, except I like to switch out ricotta with a nutty, aged cheese like gruyere or something. Thumbs up
Oh wow, I had no idea. Good tip! I've looked at Fabric brand before, unaware of this, and they definitively have cool stuff. A bit of a step up in price though, from 3-400 ish to 7-800 ish
Simon Miller stuff in general is cool too. He had a denim cut called M003, which is the best cut for me i've ever had basically, unfortunately it seems to have been discontinued or something :( Will someone tell him to relaunch it?
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