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Suede Jun sidezips... Mmmm. Not committing quite yet, but definitely interested.
I just really hate them 
Dunno if they've been posted, but...  
I dont see how a combined total of 88s, totenkopfs and swastikas leaves any room for interpretation. Its obviously not about reappropriating original meanings of symbols in this case, with that collection as context. That sasquatchfabrix collection is just a nazi shitshow
Are you saying.. the queuejumper system wont be introduced?
Depends on the material.... None of my vis shirts have shrunk noticeably after washes (giza/sea island variants).
Yeah I think it's about time I got a pair of virgils. Those fits the bill! I guess these typically sell out quickly and the best way to get them is preordering with a jp proxy or so?
I dunno, looks like a good clean, casual fit to me.
 Hey, could you tell me what sweater that is?
Aha! So it wasn't the reddit-guy who bought toj-gallery.com after all!
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