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Excellent thread, thanks.
Thanks for the tip, I shall repay you with advocating a viewing of "The Knick".
Looks awkward indeed. Looking better here though: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/blog/category/crescent-down-works/   For the most part cool pieces, the woolrich wool down shirt is tempting. I think I'll be holding out for a non-woolen classico down parka though. Perhaps burgundy... 
Just got a slanega yesterday. Defo more on the cardigan side than the blazer side to me - I really do love it though. Considering getting another one in another color...
I just got my shawl collar knit, and while it is definitely not delicately soft it is not too itchy imo - that is coming from someone with a bit of sensitive skin. Most importantly, I really like the piece. As someone else mentioned here, I can't think of anything to layer over it though - only lots of things under it.
Edit: sorry, I found out
Another spontaneous purchase... Barena:       First time with this brand, let's see how the sizing works 
That Rota-mocha brown color pant is EXACTLY what I need. Same goes for sand beige - unfortunately my size is sold out. No possibility of these colors/fabrics being made possible as a MTO choice?
A couple iterations up @ cultizm.com now
 They just upped those two on havenshop.
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