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And again, im also 5'11, and about 170lbs - the commander in medium fits me nicely, except in the armholes where it's fucking tight.
Second that
Thanks for your reply! Yeah sure, Dries/Prada/Raf sounds good to me. Any links though? All i've been able to find is a nice one from Dries, but it's short sleeve :/ 
Some upscale quality longsleeve floral shirts anyone? Been looking at EG, Needles, Niche and Gitman and they all have shirts that are close but no cigar. Anyone else?
A little late to the party I guess, but I got mine today. Im very happy with them, most of all the fact that I got an absolutely perfect fit! What luck! Very happy with how they look as well.
Fuck... No really, I don't think I can. Or can I?
I am going with the leather laces initially. After a while, when they're worn in and as distressing appears, I think I'll switch to olive waxed laces as shown in O.G post 
Heh! Order horse next time you're eating out!
 I'll keep that in mind upon receival. Im quite optimistic it will work out though  
I got it too. Thanks, LA Guy!
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