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https://soundcloud.com/e-510-072-000/giegling-mix-07-dj-metatron-this-is-not   Just a sweet electronic mix.
      Minotaur navy waxed cotton jacket, Robert Geller court crewneck sweatshirt, Big John handmade jeans, Heschung Gingko split-toe boot      
Question:   I've ordered something from a webstore, but now after the order was shipped, I've received a communication from the shipping company asking for a proof of value - for example a bank or Paypal receipt for the order. If I don't provide this, the package will be returned within a set number of days.   I believe the webstore who sent the package have marked down the value. Im not sure, but I've read that they tend to do that. Personally I don't really mind...
I seem to vaguely remember some people (other than myself) having some quality problems with the 22L that they don't have with the 20L... This is all rather fuzzy and my memory could be wrong but perhaps someone could elaborate   It could also have been just on a specific release
I seem to remember you were a 9.5 in the in the Viberg 2045s - just like I was. Based on that I would get sz 10 in the virgils :) At least this was the case for me.
I can't compare with previous seasons, but I followed the advice of 0.5 down from your normal size and it rang true for me. On the other side, my feet aren't wide though.   That's nice to know about Norse, they haven't done that for me before, but I haven't asked either. :)
Whatever the legal technicalities may be, you'd think a store would go out of their way to repair that situation. 
 Awesome. Is it Canadian sweater company?
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