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I seem to remember you were a 9.5 in the in the Viberg 2045s - just like I was. Based on that I would get sz 10 in the virgils :) At least this was the case for me.
I can't compare with previous seasons, but I followed the advice of 0.5 down from your normal size and it rang true for me. On the other side, my feet aren't wide though.   That's nice to know about Norse, they haven't done that for me before, but I haven't asked either. :)
Whatever the legal technicalities may be, you'd think a store would go out of their way to repair that situation. 
 Awesome. Is it Canadian sweater company?
^ Thanks
^ Yes it is. I think HumanBehaviour still has some stock.   Anyways, I just received mine and I just wanted to ask what should I treat my kngr virgils with, if anything? We have a lot of rainy days where im at...
Just got my first NMWA order, which was a thoroughly nice experience. Supernice packaging and also handwritten note! Took a bit of a sizing chance on a couple of tops but it all turned out perfectly! PF shirt in size M might be the best fitting from-the-rack shirt I've ever gotten somehow, if theres size-consistency throughout this brand I'll get lots more of those. Anyways, thanks NMWA, BBIAB!
Heh, well yeah I venture a bit between 46 and 48 really, so 46 would probably have worked, but was just really looking for that relaxed fit in this one. Oh well, Im sure another chance will appear somewhere down along the road 
 No personal experience, but according to the description @ Acrimony these run large: "Please note that this style runs large. For a true fit as shown, we recommend sizing down one. For a relaxed and oversized fit, take your true size."
Thank you kindly for your help but im not that into that colorway. Need the grey one, or secondarily the beige one. But still, thanks. :)   Edit: Do these hoodies often return seasonally like the sweatshirts? If that's the case I guess im sort of fine with waiting a bit  :)
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