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Depends on the material.... None of my vis shirts have shrunk noticeably after washes (giza/sea island variants).
Yeah I think it's about time I got a pair of virgils. Those fits the bill! I guess these typically sell out quickly and the best way to get them is preordering with a jp proxy or so?
I dunno, looks like a good clean, casual fit to me.
 Hey, could you tell me what sweater that is?
Aha! So it wasn't the reddit-guy who bought toj-gallery.com after all!
http://www.inventorymagazine.com/updates/inventory-store-closures.html   Pretty sad to see this, absolutely one of the better stores
^ International buyers can't use the site, they have to order by e-mail
Backlength of Gray Anthony in M or L anyone?
 Thanks for the photos! For crossreferential purposes, could you say what size you got in the S&C? Also, would you mind disclosing how tall you are? :)
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