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Whoa. Looks fantastic.
Hello!:)   I was just wondering if NMWA is expecting any FW14 Inis Meain to be incoming in the short future?   Also I would like to ascertain any info about the knits in the following teaser pics (from inismeain.ie):       (left one (is it a pub jacket?))   Are you getting these? If so, when will I be getting mine?!?
And again, im also 5'11, and about 170lbs - the commander in medium fits me nicely, except in the armholes where it's fucking tight.
Second that
Thanks for your reply! Yeah sure, Dries/Prada/Raf sounds good to me. Any links though? All i've been able to find is a nice one from Dries, but it's short sleeve :/ 
Some upscale quality longsleeve floral shirts anyone? Been looking at EG, Needles, Niche and Gitman and they all have shirts that are close but no cigar. Anyone else?
A little late to the party I guess, but I got mine today. Im very happy with them, most of all the fact that I got an absolutely perfect fit! What luck! Very happy with how they look as well.
Fuck... No really, I don't think I can. Or can I?
I am going with the leather laces initially. After a while, when they're worn in and as distressing appears, I think I'll switch to olive waxed laces as shown in O.G post 
Heh! Order horse next time you're eating out!
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