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I ordered from them a few years back without problems. I don't think stocklist is updated though. You should email them and ask if they have or can get what you want before placing order.If they dont answer I think it probably means the answer is "no we dont have it"
  Is that.... Buffalo shoes?
Sportin' Jaeger Deep sea chrono
Try double layer socks to reduce friction. For example wrightsock.
As someone whose weight can fluctuate a bit there are times I thoroughly appreciate elasticity in the waist. :)On that note, I've really been loving the SDC trackpants.
Hmmm... Suede pants... Really shouldn't. They're cool though.
Me too, one size up
Love that copper windowpane. 
I certainly agree with that, I was just nitpicking over a technicality
I also guess if preorders are priced a tiny bit lower than ordinary retail, the reduced price % vs the individual consumers return rate % will turn out nice for some, but not for others
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