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I just got a classico from kafka. That was definitely TTS, I would even say on the roomy side. 
How soft are those cashmere shirts? 5% cashmere seems a bit low percentage for a price @ 695, but I've never handled one of those so i'm sorta curious about how nice the hand is.
Maybe Hanro or Maison Marcy
I've never tried the 110 so this isn't a comparison, but I have to say I love the 2045. Really comfy and nothing off about the shape whatsoever, at least IMO
I dunno what the specs were on the Notre iteration, I just got the impression a remake was being discussed.
I like the boot, but haven't LA Guy said that approximations of boots that has been released through other vendors is a clear no-go? Unless I've misunderstood, going through Notre might be the best bet for realizing that one.
 Yes please
Thanks a lot :)
If im a 32 waist in slim fit denim, should I go 32w or 33w in slim chinos?
I got a few RRL tees. Should I expect anything in terms of shrinkage?
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