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 Thanks for the photos! For crossreferential purposes, could you say what size you got in the S&C? Also, would you mind disclosing how tall you are? :)
Clicked "buy" on my UM sale-cart but turns out they dont ship to my country anymore.. I ordered from there just a year ago?! I guess I will have a couple of nice dinners instead...
They've always done it automatically for me
I ordered the navy/cotton unstructured blazer... Hope it works out :-)
HI! I go the jaquard blazer a bit back in a sz 40 which fit me perfectly. Wondering whether to get an unstructured blazer from this season now. Any sizing differences from my last purchase i should beware of, or item-specific things i might wanna be aware of before purchasing? Thanks lots for any answer
The weather here just keeps indicating a rainshell 8 months a year, so im sort of inclined towards a nomad. Haven't seen one since that olive one a couple years back. Why did they stop making those again?
My ears are freezing. Looking to get a Inis knit hat but sorta worried about fit, due to continuos bad luck with hats. I cant seem to find any pics of them worn. Anyone able to give their two cents on fit?
Just wanted to say that my experience with this proxy was very positive   10 out of 10   Thanks
Anyone seen dat sheep suede b.d. shirt?
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