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Is it buffalo or bison?...it looks a little like bison
Neutral won't hurt anything...for the most part the only difference between neutral polish and coloured polish is the presence of some sort of dye. If you don't need to cover or darken, why not?
The test gasoline would give me pause.That said, unless you're going to go with all natural products...such as GlenKaren...there's always going to be some sort of volatile solvent, generally petro-chemical in origin.
I've read numerous accounts but they all seem to be so nebulous or far-fetched, all I can do is speculate...I wasn't around then.Rawhide that is air dried will be brittle...we used to call them "flint hides." I suspect the ashes are used to slip the hair. When the rawhide is wet it may be stretched over handles, drum heads, saddle trees, etc. and as it dries it will shrink and become very stiff...and extremely strong.It's hard to tell how leather tanning was discovered....
Like the diminution of quality in leather because of feed lots and growth hormones; like the labour intensive nature of the processing; like the delay in turn-around in your investment due to the time it takes the wax to "set." And the fact that it is dirty--the carbon black rubbing off during construction.On the other hand it was an all-natural process and didn't require the environmentally destructive chemicals, such as aniline dye, that modern leathers...
No, it's nitro cellulose--waterproof.
Small tube of Duco cement, toothpick for application. Apply one surface or very thin coat both surfaces. Press, while wet, and hold 60 seconds or so. Beware of excess leaking out from under flap...can remove finish. Set aside for 24 hours. Polish as usual.
BTW, I am particularly gratified that you would think I have offered some valuable insights now and again. I am not insensible to the fact that as a student of podiatry, you probably know more about the foot than I ever will. What I know about the foot, I have learned by observation and trial and error. Not ideal but not entirely quixotic or illusory either. [And I have actually...successfully...made footwear for podiatrists, FWIW]Thinking about it makes me wonder what...
I think quality has to be its own reward. Again, that's something we don't...can't...understand until we stop pursuing rewards or awards or recognition; until we spend a lifetime pursuing quality and excellence.
Probably also has something to do with the way the back of the tops are shaped. That said all lace-up boots will crease there. And sometimes over six months or so, you'll actually lose as much as an inch in height...just because of those creases.--
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