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Looks like hippo and some indeterminate kind of grain textured calf/cow. They're striking.
To paraphrase your own words..."You will never find a quote of me saying or writing that I have...seen it 15x's bc I never said or wrote that." Similarly and in fact, I've never, ever said that gemming failure would result in a loss of a pair of shoes. I've never, ever said that it was necessarily inevitable or even that it was commonplace. I have seen it (maybe because I actually do the work myownself with my own hands) and I know from experience and knowledge of the...
Probably like moths--if you're using the sweater, Pendleton shirt, etc., regularly, you usually won't have much problem with moths. But if if they're in the dark and undisturbed they can do serious damage...and will definitely lay eggs. .Same same with roaches, I suspect. We don't have roaches n the high desert, but I've heard horror stories.
This is so bull-headed. Here you have someone who finds a shoe that has clear evidence of slipped gemming. And you have the blog of the EG repair that has been cited in this thread several times (posted by someone other than myself). You have photos of it in several pairs of footwear, forbye, which I myself posted here. I spent decades observing and dealing with these kinds of issues. I never thought anyone could be so thickheaded that i would need to take photos. Those...
Well, one of the reasons--paste is usually potato starch, wheat or rice flour, something like that. Lots of different recipes. It's an all you can eat roach buffet.Of course, cockroaches may have other reasons for wanting to be in your shoes...they might just want to your friend, patrickBooth.
Paste is not occlusive. But it is vulnerable to moisture. And cockroaches. I can't speak to what St.C does, but many makers use All Purpose cement to affix sock liners. All purpose is neoprene and toluene based...it is occlusive.
Probably easier...albeit hugely time consuming...to hit all the holes by hand. Still, it can be done by machine--just takes a bit more time and effort.
Talk more about that...who was/is he? Maybe he's the most interesting person in the world...and stays thirsty.
I'm not disappointed...I'm just curious--I have an analytical mind (I suspected foul play or something untoward when I saw the bottoms of your shoes.)Do you ever let slip your real name...or the dogs of war, whichever comes first?
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