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Whatever reinforcement a toe cap brings to a shoe pales by comparison to the toe stiffener. Creases...despite urban myths to the contrary...are inevitable and occur as a direct result of wearing the shoe.And, despite everything, creases still often form in the toe cap itself...a lot of this depends on the foot and even more importantly the fit.That's an entirely subjective observation and one to which you're entitled. But It flies in the face of the fact that unless...
Only answer.
See post #2708 if you want more knowledge.
^ See this link if you want a more detailed and more authoritative perspective.(from one of the world's foremost shoe historians and a certified Master Shoemaker)edited for punctuation and clarity
I may be wrong but I believe "split and lift" is the older, more Traditional, term for "pie crust" stitching.
No problem... but as it turns out I was wrong--both leathers are "unstruck." As it turns out one maker just went to a bit of extra effort to dye the perfs, the other didn't. But, "it's an ill wind..." and all that, and perhaps just the notion that you can get a better look at photos is helpful (although, photos never tell the whole story).
The Japanese maker seems to be doing a true "split and lift" stitch on the apron and true "round closing" on a true split toe. Both techniques require considerable skill, specialized tools and a better grade of leather than more common techniques.As for the "produced in a similar way" meme...I've been railing against deceptive advertising and pretense since I came on SF. It's not new...in a very real sense, it's actually the default in the Industry. And in all honesty,...
Yr. Hmb. Svt.
Interesting. I used a yellow calf for many years. I think it was very similar if not identical to what Crack is offering (although I got it from a source here in the States). I thought it was a good lining leather although I felt it was a little too thin for some applications.It's not immune to cracking however, even if it doesn't happen immediately. Depends a lot on the chemistry of the individual foot.I have used dyed or finished leather in the quarters of shoes, and it...
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