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Divide the cost by 5 and you get close to the true value. Even more for Cabourn as his mark up is higher.
Any idea who makes the surface and aircraft jackets?
Do the canyon boots fit TTS?
Good interview that. Particularly the comments on the cost of manufacturing.
Anyone else find that the Moc toe fits slightly slimmer than the chukka? I know they are both D width. maybe is the shape of the boot...
I can't see any green. Looks a standard beige tan in all the photos I've seen.
Waxed cotton generally doesn't breathe well. Both jackets are seriously heavy weight. I highly doubt they are breathable, but that's not what they are designed for. I have a Freeman Sporting Club 8.5oz waxed cotton, wool lined parka which is very substantial - I personally wouldn't want heavier than that, even for deep winter. 16oz + 18oz wool must feel like body armour. Both versions will feel very heavy. stiff, and take a long time to break in properly.
Exactly. That's why I didn't get the relevance of the post. Virtually the same weight and neither are breathable.
 Waxed cotton isn't breathable either.
Search online. Bennos buttons sell a nice white corozo fisheye. You can buy vegetable ivory buttons on ebay too.
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