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Good interview that. Particularly the comments on the cost of manufacturing.
Anyone else find that the Moc toe fits slightly slimmer than the chukka? I know they are both D width. maybe is the shape of the boot...
I can't see any green. Looks a standard beige tan in all the photos I've seen.
Waxed cotton generally doesn't breathe well. Both jackets are seriously heavy weight. I highly doubt they are breathable, but that's not what they are designed for. I have a Freeman Sporting Club 8.5oz waxed cotton, wool lined parka which is very substantial - I personally wouldn't want heavier than that, even for deep winter. 16oz + 18oz wool must feel like body armour. Both versions will feel very heavy. stiff, and take a long time to break in properly.
Exactly. That's why I didn't get the relevance of the post. Virtually the same weight and neither are breathable.
 Waxed cotton isn't breathable either.
Search online. Bennos buttons sell a nice white corozo fisheye. You can buy vegetable ivory buttons on ebay too.
'I really like EG flannels' is hardly bashing. I usually buy an EG flannel every winter, but not this season as none of the colours appeal.   My EG navy/tan/white flannel is still one of my favourite shirts, but I do wish they would use natural buttons. I sew on my own corozo buttons because I don't like plastic, it's a personal preference.
It was a response to posts regarding the flannels a few pages back. Not that I need to justify myself to you, you do not own this forum. I don't need to be 'solicited' to reply to a post. What a ridiculous statement. I must have offended you because you sell EG. Jesus wept. 
 MOP isn't suitable for thick flannel. Makers in Japan use white corozo, buffalo horn, brass etc. I agree, cheap plastic buttons are not what you expect at that price point.EG have always used plastic buttons for their work shirts.
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