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 Do it.  This is the first customs sale I've seen (although my experience isn't as long as others). For my part, I was already planning to drop $1.5K on two pairs of shell boots, so 10% of that is not at all insignificant.
 Beauty, especially the Cambridges - one of the nicest pairs of those I've ever seen.
PSA . . . 10% off everything on Rancourt's website, including customs, through Monday.  Code is BLACKFRIDAY.
 Wow, that BIN is a great deal.  Someone ought to jump on them.  Crazy-ass size, though.
 I really don't need another pair of grain LWBs (have two from AE already), but those are soo nice.
 Mine are just fine, although admittedly I haven't had them that long . . .  It's a fantastic shoe IMO.  Highly recommended.
 PM sent
For those who are interested in navy shell, I thought it might be helpful for me to take a couple of shots of what I have from other makers:       Rancourt Blake boot, Carmina wholecut   I know I'm a crappy photographer . . . but hopefully these are useful anyway.
 The Brooks Brothers version goes on sale fairly frequently: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Medallion-Perforated-Captoes/MH00025,default,pd.html
 (1) Having only one speed hook seems odd to me.  I would go with either none or two (or three). (2) If you do a split-reverse welt, you're changing what is ordinarily a dressy boot into something that's more casual, in which case you might want to get AE's equivalent of the "commando" sole (the name that AE gives it escapes me at the moment) instead of the V-tread.  You might also want to lose the Indy lining and wheeling in that event. (3) When you say "transparent...
New Posts  All Forums: