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 Wow, those look terrific.  Despite the slip-ups I personally would be loath to return them.  Maybe you can get Allison to give you a seconds discount?
Gettin' a little color-crazy on a sunny Friday . . .  
 I wish it weren't a bal.  Oh, well.
 "The Allen Edmonds MTO Unboxing Thread" - let's make it happen.
 Epaulet has a few pairs (http://epauletnewyork.com/).  I don't own any Epaulet clothes but a number of posters in this thread seem to wear nothing else nowadays!  There's an Epaulet thread too if you want reviews, size suggestions, etc.
 Special makeup from ToBox Shoes in Philadelphia (https://www.facebook.com/Toboxshoes).  Tong, the owner, is a terrific guy, and he's gotten some very nice Carmina shell in over the past few months.  Give him a call if you want to know more . . . 
 I like bar lacing too, but on these I found I wasn't able to tie them tight enough for my preference without resorting to the cross-over.
Another good Carmina day . . .  
   My split-toe JABs work fine in my Carminas (at least Rain and Simpson lasts - can't speak for others).
New Posts  All Forums: