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 Oh, dear.  That is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Wait, were you talking about the shoes?
 Those look great in any light.  Thanks for the pics.
The Whole Foods near me sells this stuff. Makes me smile each time I see it.
A couple of interesting offerings are now sale-priced on Rancourt's website:   http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=766275afc64718332df0fc4d2&id=fe05a5fd4e&e=2cc2d13ba2  
 Nice.  Have they darkened over time?  I have a cutting of that leather and it pops a lot more than your shoes appear to.
 Back when these first hit the market there was a discussion in this thread about this.  IIRC the consensus is that it's the former.
 Bourbon.  I always liked the walnut until I saw the bourbon IRL.
 Beautiful.  One of my very favorite AEs.
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