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 Yet another win.  You really should do a sh!tty MTO sometime, just for variety's sake.   
FWIW . . .    (1) The one time I ordered online from North River Outfitter (about six months ago) it was a painless experience and the shoes arrived on time and as advertised.   (2) I was in Boston a month or so ago and stopped in the store.  A (very) young man who was pretty clueless about Aldens nevertheless helped me try on a few pairs and was generally pleasant and customer-service-oriented.  And, an older woman (owner? manager?) made a point of telling me that...
 WTF is that?!?
 Beauty!  Best of luck.  I'm hoping that you're moving from Big Law to small-firm practice . . . best decision I ever made, personally.  Hah.  I didn't know people still used that.  Law school was 20 years ago and I haven't touched a bluebook since.
 Those look really good.  A few more photos like that and I might have to break down and finally enter the world of loafers.
 Lol.  I was referring to FedEx but Carmina's not too shabby either.
 Awww yeah.  Beautiful combo. I have those too  and I finally got my green shell belt from Rancourt for the match.  Now I'm just waiting for the perfect occasion to send them on their maiden voyage . . . Oh, and you should definitely buy a few more pairs!
 (1) Price was 488 euros ($660 at the current exchange rate) and shipping was another 20 euros. (2) Yes, they took it off at checkout.  Had they charged me for VAT, the total would have been 590 euros before shipping. (3) In the past I've gotten hit with the customs charges, which I believe are 6%.  But, even taking this into account, all told Carmina shell is basically the same price as Alden shell and only slightly more than AE shell - and worth every penny IMO.
So, just for funsies, I recently ordered the burgundy shell monks off Carmina's website, and here they are:     Yeah, I don't think these are going back.  What REALLY blows me away, though, is that when I said I placed the order "recently", I meant "Friday" - and they were delivered to me in New Orleans (not exactly a transportation hub) today.  Just the regular FedEx International Economy service.  Man, what a company.
 I like those, but the cap toe is throwing me off a little.
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