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Just started riding a Brompton to work, and my BB shell cordovan case fits perfectly in the front basket:    
I have 10+ pairs each of AE, Alden, Carmina, and Rancourt (Blake-stitched, not handsewn).  All of them have their own places in my collection.  If I'm wearing a suit, I'm probably wearing Carminas . . . chinos and a button-down or polo, probably AE . . . sportcoat and slacks, probably Alden.  As for the Rancourts, I just like them.     (God forbid I ever develop a taste for EG and its like.)
 I can see why Rancourt would enjoy working with them, though.
  (minus the 30% of course)
 I do . . . but I throw him a LOT of business.
 Nice.  Like a Filson bag, only in shoe form.
 OK, I'm kopping some cashmere vests . . . a very nice selection that are already half off and the 30% will stack.  Also, some cotton dress trousers.
Natty CXL Leeds today, with a little bonus sock action:  
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