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 Seconded re: the closeup pics.  
I put these on this morning and realized I've never posted an "in the wild" photo of them . . . Color 8 CXL Blake chukkas:  
 For me: 1 last = 9.5EAberdeen = 10D
 I own seven pairs of MacNeils so I guess you could say they get love from me.  
 I personally don't have to deal with salt, but I would think preventing salt damage is not as much a function of the leather you choose as it is the protectant you put on it.  Over in the shoe care thread, you'll learn about every such product under the sun.  Each one seems to have its adherents.
Loden green CXL Blake boots on a beautiful spring day:  
 I have the BB chili grain MacNeils and love them.  Not long ago I was psyched to see a walnut grain show up at the Shoebank, as I am mildly OCD and like matched sets.    When they arrived I was ecstatic at first, but they sat on my rack unworn for weeks.  Ultimately, I decided that the walnut and chili colors were too close to each other.  So, back to the Bank the walnuts went.
 Beautiful shoes. Query:  How difficult would it be for a cobbler to swap out a buckle on a monk?
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