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 I might be in on this.  There was a saddle shell Norwegian preorder through SkoAB that I got in on about a month ago, but I don't remember the last.  My preference would be for the same one.
 Wow, beautiful.  Thanks so much for the link.
 Hah.  An espresso shell belt is on my list of next purchases.
So I've been wondering for a while how Rancourt espresso shell compares to Alden cigar.  Cigar was a major hole in my collection until recently, when I was able to obtain some from another member.  The comparison shot:     Pretty darn close.
Does anyone know of anyone besides BB that is currently offering a shell cordovan briefcase?  Off-the-rack preferred, but would love to hear about custom makers too.  I know Mitchell Leather will make you one that has shell trim, but they say on their website they won't do all-shell.
 Thanks for sharing this.  Some really cool makeups here (I'd love to see the natty CXL/loden green combo!) and those prices seem almost suspiciously low at the current exchange rate.
Burgundy shell Dundees today.  My first shell, and 20+ pairs later still my favorite:  
 Those are sweet.  9.5 Simpson, eh?  Ever thought about selling them?  
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