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 Carrying on.
 Look, I suspect we agree more than disagree about this.  As I've said, I respect the desire to purchase "virgin" shoes.  And, I don't really want to have a debate about this either. But, I don't think it's reasonable to say that if you try a pair of shoes on and walk around in them, they're somehow ruined and therefore it's wrong to do that.  You have to try a pair of shoes on to figure out if they'll work for you - even if you know your size in a particular last.  Trying...
 What I did is no different than what I've done in high-end stores, including Alden SF.  Do you only buy cars that have never been test-driven too - not even by yourself?  
 Well, I'm the kind of person who picks a newspaper out of the middle of the stack rather than buying the one on top, so I respect preferring to buy shoes that have never been tried on.  But, if you're suggesting that it's somehow "wrong" for someone to wear a pair of shoes for 30 seconds and walk across five feet of carpet when considering them, I respectfully disagree - regardless of how serious that person might be about actually buying the shoes.
 If anyone finds themselves with a pair of these in 9.5D that they might be willing to flip, PM me please . . . .
 Actually, that photo was taken after 30 seconds of wear and a walk of five feet across carpet.  I can't account for why they would look broken in at all . . . 
Daltons have sold
I also have a number of other pairs of gently used size 9.5E Allen Edmonds firsts and seconds for sale.  PM me and I'll reply with the current list.  Prices vary depending on the shoe.  Thanks for your consideration!
 I feared the worst when I read this, but then I looked at the photos . . . 
I ordered these from J. Crew just to check them out, without really thinking I'd want to keep them:     https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/AldenForJCrew/PRDOVR~A5017/A5017.jsp   Now that I have them in hand, though, I like them.  I'm having trouble getting past the cap toe, so that will probably be enough of a deal-breaker for me to return them - but all in all this is a pretty good shoe.
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