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 I really like the look of the Rogue.  I'll have to get fitted in that last, and I wish they'd added another row of eyelets (holdover from the Sanford I guess), but there may be an MTO in my future.
 The exchange rate is so favorable right now, it's taking a lot of willpower for me to not order a bunch of shoes I'm really only half-interested in.
 I'll be in the Krewe du Vieux parade - look for me when Float 16 goes by.  
 Carmina ships via FedEx and unfortunately they are pretty on top of the customs stuff.  I somehow doubt it would matter where in the U.S. the package was delivered to.  Be prepared for a bill to come from FedEx a week or two after the shoes arrive.
 Thanks.  A little striping, but the pants cover it up.  My SA at the Shoebank was nice enough to give them the once-over before shipping them to me.
 So you can't tell us what it is? (nyuk nyuk)
Breaking in the bourbon Daltons today:  
 Welcome back, RTP.   Those are beautiful.  Although I love my ravello shell Alden chukkas  I prefer the fit of the Dundees as well.
 OK . . . in your opinion this SA is unprofessional, and you're wondering if other people agree with you.  Is that where you were going?
[[SPOILER]]  Once you find an SA that you like, use that person for ALL your business.  The more volume, the more love you will get in return.
New Posts  All Forums: