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Beautiful shoes.  From where were they purchased?
 30% off Corporate Day is next Thursday, plus I have a $40 rewards card, and my SA is very generous when it comes to combining/stacking.  So, she's having these Rancourts transferred in for me to check out:,default,pd.html
 They look like green shell MacNeils (MTO'd during last year's trunk show).
 As did I.
 Agreed.  No one but the strictest traditionalist would have an issue with that.  Down here, I see people pair beat-up loafers with formal wear.  For my part, I wear my black shell Rutledges (MTO): 
 That is actually a pretty good BIN price.  I have them and they are awesome.  Buy your wife something at the same time you buy the boots.  
Cognac shell today:  
 I have both the black and the burgundy and am a fan.  Got them both from the Shoe Bank.  I couldn't discern any meaningful defects.
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