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   The one in the middle is the GB CXL.  These were my last MTOs:  Other specs: Tone on tone stitchingBrown leather insoleSplit reverse brown weltBrown transparent edge dressingBrown outsole threadDouble leather outsole
 Looking good!  Why does AE insist on shipping Long Branches with those red laces?  I felt a LOT better about mine as soon as I swapped the laces out.
 Great score . . . and always a good sartorial choice!  
[[SPOILER]]  Beauty . . . and I felt the same: 
 Like.  It gets worse . . . 
[[SPOILER]]  That's a pretty color - reminds me of some of the Aldens I've been seeing lately.  I'd wear it in the fall.  Would that really be a faux pas?
 Yep.  Recently I sold a pair of shell boots to someone.  FedEx dropped them off on his front doorstep and he claimed they then disappeared.  PayPal had my back, and ultimately (about a week later) FedEx somehow tracked them down and redelivered them, but it's not an experience I care to repeat.  Signature and insurance ever since.
 Indeed.  I believed there was the real possibility that I would be out $1,400.  At least FedEx ultimately did the right thing.
 Custom.  Three Blake chukkas - one in green shell, the others in Color 8 and navy CXL. I haven't posted pics because FedEx misdelivered the package.  It took many weeks for them (FedEx) to finally fork over the reimbursement, after which the replacements were put into production.  Hopefully they'll arrive in the next week or so. As always, Rancourt CS was exemplary during the ordeal.
[[SPOILER]]  I concur.  Here are my "brown" McTavishes:  At the time, Julie, the Shoe Bank SA who sold them to me (and is a long-time AE'er), opined that they are something of a unicorn, but I feel like I've seen them quite a bit lately, so maybe they're not as rare as all that. 
New Posts  All Forums: