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 Thanks.  Sadly, no gumbo for me today.  And, the Pelicans just got the poo beaten out of them by the Blazers.  Oh well.   
On a cold and blustery New Orleans day, I thought I'd take the opportunity to give the burgundy shell Daltons a little love:     And just for fun, here's a comparison shot with some brand-new Alden Color 8:  
Offered for your consideration is a BNIB pair of Alden Color 8 shell cordovan Indy boots in size 9.5D, obtained from Moulded Shoe in New York.  These boots have a double leather sole and are made on the Trubalance last.  PLEASE KNOW YOUR SIZE ON THIS LAST, AS I WILL NOT ACCEPT A RETURN DUE TO AN INCORRECT FIT.  They are in pristine condition, unworn and uncreased.  Thank you for reading!
 Boot is espresso and chukka is natural.  There will be pics - trust me.  
Rancourt's turnaround times for customs continue to amaze me . . . ordered two more pairs of shell (Blake boot and Blake chukka) on 12/4 and they shipped yesterday.  Yet another reason I'll keep coming back.
 Unfortunately, no.  I've been fitted in the Aberdeen, which is how I know I need a wide in it, but I don't own any such Aldens, precisely because once I went up to the wide the shoe didn't look right to me. FWIW, I don't think this is one of those "right or wrong" deals.
 Not long ago, out of curiosity I ordered a burgundy shell Bradley (just to check it out; I intended to return it and did) and was pleasantly surprised.  Shape-wise, if you have a wide foot, I think it compares very well to the Alden NST.  The latter are generally on Alden's Aberdeen last, which is their sleekest, but once you go up to a wide in it (as I must), for better or worse the sleekness is greatly reduced and the Bradley then compares much better. On a related...
 If you love them, set them free.  
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