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 Survey taken.  I thought it was best for me to just click every single box w/r/t the brown shell Townleys, because I'm really pretty flexible as to what I'd be interested in and I'm happy to rely on others to help narrow the options down.  I hope that doesn't subvert the process too much. @watchidiot, you are putting a tremendous amount of work into this - and I for one am very grateful!
 39. @halfnhalfnhalf Brown shell Townley. 
Can we add the medallion too? Otherwise, perfect.
 Just a thought . . . ever tried loafer socks?
 THIS, in brown shell.  Might have to play with the welt and edge color a little, but otherwise it's perfect. (Burgundy won't work for me, as I've already preordered Alden Alt Wiens in Color 8 shell.)
 TOWNLEY TOWNLEY TOWNLEY TOWNLEY Edit:  Maybe with a medallion too.  Like a Sanford, but on the 1 last.
 PM sent
 Subscribed.  Now it's time for heart vs. wallet: 
 I really need to start buying clothes from Epaulet.
 No matter what you do, I hope they stay gorgeous!  Great makeup.
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