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 Beautiful shoes. Query:  How difficult would it be for a cobbler to swap out a buckle on a monk?
 Whose idea was it to name them after airport codes?  Kind of off-putting. As for the shoes themselves, I'll reserve judgment until I've seen them in person.  The LGA may have MTO possibilities.  It's on the 1 last, which is promising.
  They did it in tartan too: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Leather-and-Wool-Brogues-with-Signature-Tartan/MH00377,default,pd.html I like the others, but the "Fudd" . . . not so much.
 Skoaktiebolaget did a GMTO for a Norwegian split toe blucher in saddle a couple of months ago.  Keep following this thread to see if others show up in the future.
 Holy crap.  You made a silk purse from a sow's ear.  Mighty impressed.
 Yes, definitely.  Especially if you are a 9.5D and have lots of whiskey, ravello, and cigar shell.  And if you PM me before you list anything.
     Thanks, gents.   The tankers and Indys are indeed TB.  The king tanker is the same size as my Indys, but the black one is a half-size bigger.  I use it primarily as a motorcycle boot and always wear thick socks with it, so that works fine.  Otherwise, the Indys are definitely getting looser over time, although not enough for me to think I should have sized down. I agree that it's a little strange the George boot doesn't get more love around here.  It's very...
 Sorry, I thought you meant call the bank after the fact.
My Alden collection is now pretty stable so I thought it was time for a family portrait:     (top row, l to r) black shell tanker (SF), black trapper calf PT boot (TSM), king shell tanker (SF), Innsbruck (Epaulet), Taunton (Epaulet), natty CXL (North River Outfitter)   (bottom row, l to r) black shell monk (TSM), king shell George (TSM), king shell medallion CTB (SF), ravello chukka (DC?), cigar LWB (DC?), whiskey SW bal (DC)   (ravello and cigar were...
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