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 For me, Barrie = 9.5D, Aberdeen = 10E.
 I finally got a chance to check these out in person.  Quality-wise, I don't think they're even worth the $100.  I have the J. Crew Kenton suede bucks and kind of like them (especially at a discount), but the Pacers are a far far cry from Indys.
 Really nice.  I can see why you chose them for your avatar!
 You made me think of this guy: 
 Atlanta is a seven-hour drive each way for me, but I would strongly consider making that round trip just to be able to see new AE lighter shell in the (horse) flesh.  I'd also probably bring my walnut Daltons, cappuccino Dundees, Alden whiskey shortwing bals, and Alden ravello chukkas just so I could do side-by-side comparisons and take pictures for y'all.  They'll think I'm such a geek . . . and they'll be right.    P.S.  Oh, and a Carmina or two.
 Under-promise and over-deliver . . . that's the AE way!  
 I have no dog in the fight here but this is a great reply and I wanted to give it more than a "mere" thumbs-up.  Well done.
[[SPOILER]]   Is our GMTO done yet?
 You should show the listing in your signature.
 Welcome to the forum. If I had to give up every single pair of AEs I own except one, the one I would keep would be my burgundy shell Leeds.  It can be worn with everything from denim to a suit.  If you're lucky enough to find one at the Shoebank right now in your size, spend the extra money and get it.  $325 may sound like a lot, but for shell it's a serious bargain, and the shoe will last you a decade or longer (and look better and better with each passing year) with...
New Posts  All Forums: