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 Might be easier to contact FedEx... Edit:  They also provide a phone number on their website.
Carnival time here in New Orleans:
 AE oxblood calf is a good comparison:  
I need another pair of shoes right now like I need a hole in the head, but damn these look nice...     http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/the-court-classic/heritage-court-classic-low.html   Impressions?
 In my experience, heel slippage is more of a break-in issue.  The Blake wingtips definitely take longer to break in than their AE and Alden counterparts. Regarding no broguing, ask them... I've found them to be pretty accommodating (within limits). And, size-wise, on their advice I went with my same size as Alden Barrie - and with respect to the AE 1 last I went down a width (i.e., 9.5E to 9.5D).  They were a little tight at first, but after said break-in they were fine....
 Thanks.  These were a limited run by ToBox in Philadelphia.
Navy shell medallion wholecuts today:  
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