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 Nice.  Have they darkened over time?  I have a cutting of that leather and it pops a lot more than your shoes appear to.
 Back when these first hit the market there was a discussion in this thread about this.  IIRC the consensus is that it's the former.
 Bourbon.  I always liked the walnut until I saw the bourbon IRL.
 Beautiful.  One of my very favorite AEs.
 Also Moulded Shoe.
The wearing o' the green (shell):  
On the #2 LWBs, someone in this thread or perhaps another recently asked Nick Horween if Alden's Color 2 and Carmina's ruby are the same color, and the answer he got back is that they are.  Alden does finish its shell differently and I have never seen Color 2 in person, but I have Carmina ruby shell and consider it to be a beautiful color and a prized member of my rotation.   Having said that, I can see why people would be put off by those LWBs.  IMHO the problem is with...
Thanks for the feedback, gents.  I was on the fence with this combo, and judging from the comments it was with good reason.  I'm having trouble coming up with outfits I like and I hope I don't end up selling the boots because of that.  They're my first exotics and in the abstract they're amazing.   As for the denim, I am indeed not wearing them in the photo.  They're J. Crew 770 selvedge and definitely not baggy.   
Yea, or nay?  
New Posts  All Forums: