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 Actual Kudu, as in antelope?  THAT would be cool.
Both AE and Carmina have a place in my rotation.  AEs are pleasantly (to me) blobby and rugged and I don't mind if they get beat up a little when I wear them with denim and chinos.  Carminas are sleek and sophisticated and look great with suits and sportcoats.  There's nothing that says you can only have one brand or the other.
 Then it's possible the problem might be localized.  I'm referring to this kind of spoiler:   [[SPOILER]]
 If you're the kind of person who doesn't like linen because of the way it creases/wrinkles, then you should probably stay away from unlined CXL.  Otherwise, embrace the crinkliness!  
 Paul Grangaard's favorite song: 
Could I make a general request for people to use spoiler tags a little more often?  This thread is starting to take a long time to load... Thanks for your consideration.
 Pics or it didn't happen 
 Thanks.  There's no burnishing or anything, but there's definitely a contrast between the rolls and the toe (caused mostly by the pull-up).  The perforations probably add to the effect too. My goal with this makeup was something like an Alden cigar shell boot with an antique edge.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
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