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 Aaaaand they have arrived.  Neither words no photos do them justice - they are BEAUTIFUL.  I'm in the middle of a move and at the moment I don't have the wherewithal to post anything more about them than a couple of very amateurish snaps, so here they are:  
 Rancourt does natural Horween shell (which they call "caramel").  They also dye it to make other colors (such as espresso (a dark brown), navy, and green).  You can see how their shell looks here: http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/custom-made-shoes
@ryansto   Thank you so much for getting the word out about the new shell colors.  Even though the trunk shows aren't happening for another few weeks, it appears that at least one person (@mdubs) has already placed an order via email.  I assume that means email and phone orders are being taken even as we speak.  Consequently, I'm concerned that certain colors may run out pretty quickly.  Do you have any idea how much of each color will be available (for example, how many...
 No surprise there!    That would probably be my first choice as well.
 They are indeed.  If you PM me your email address I will generate a PayPal request.  Thanks for your interest!
   The one in the middle is the GB CXL.  These were my last MTOs:  Other specs: Tone on tone stitchingBrown leather insoleSplit reverse brown weltBrown transparent edge dressingBrown outsole threadDouble leather outsole
 Looking good!  Why does AE insist on shipping Long Branches with those red laces?  I felt a LOT better about mine as soon as I swapped the laces out.
 Great score . . . and always a good sartorial choice!  
[[SPOILER]]  Beauty . . . and I felt the same: 
 Like.  It gets worse . . . 
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