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 Me too.  AE better get its act together! One more fun comparison - left is Carmina navy shell, right is Rancourt navy shell:  And now, back to AE . . . ?
 It's possible that Carmina, like Rancourt, dyes shell itself.  Rancourt gets only natural and Color 8 from Horween, and dyes the former green, navy, etc.  It may also be true that what Carmina calls "cognac" is what Rancourt calls natural. I'm sure there are other shell-hounds in this thread (are your ears burning, mdubs?) who know more about this than I do . . . .
 Lol.  When I first figured that out, I was quite surprised.  To me, though, AE and Carmina are different animals - each has their place.  Just for fun, here are some comparisons:  l:  Carmina medallion wholecut, navy shell, Rain last, 9 UKr:  AE Hanover, bourbon calf, 3 last, 9.5 E  l:  AE Cambridge, burgundy shell, 5 last, 9.5 Em:  Alden shortwing bal, whiskey shell, Tremont last, 9.5 Dr:  Carmina shortwing blucher, green shell, Rain last, 9 UK
 I just bought a pair of shells off this website and my total out-of-pocket (after VAT refund and including shipping) was the equivalent of $650 US - in other words, exactly the same as AE's base shell prices.  Here are my equivalents: AE 1, 5 - 9.5 EAE 7 - 9 EAlden Grant - 10 DAlden Tremont, Barrie, Trubalance - 9.5 DCarmina Rain - 9 UK
 Actually, most of my bals are AE and almost all of them have six rows, so they're all bar-laced.    IIRC I don't bar-lace any of my bluchers, regardless of number of rows.
BTW, for those (like me) who never got the 40% off coupon in the mail, I was talking to my SA about it today and he told me he would give me that discount on a full-priced summer suit I was eyeing.  YMMV, of course, but if you have a good relationship with an SA and didn't get the coupon it probably wouldn't hurt to ask.
 If you don't mind going outside AE, Carmina has some absolutely gorgeous shell wholecuts . . . http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3857025
 Call the Shoe Bank . . . (262) 284-7158.  They'll be able to tell you if a store somewhere has a pair in your size laying around.
 Those look pretty slick!  Do you have one for each color - black, brown, burgundy?  I just use old t-shirts now but I'd love to try something that doesn't slide around on my hand the way a t-shirt does.
99% sure they can be recrafted.
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