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 For a while, I toyed with the idea of getting an MTO Portland as a (sort of) poor man's Alden NST boot.  If they decide to bring it back, I might have to follow through on that.
 Beautiful summer ensemble, and the perfect shoe for it.  Thanks for sharing.
PSA . . . email just received from Leffot:  Two new Alden pre-orders will be available tomorrow, August 1, at 12:00 PM EDT: a two-eyelet chukka in natural CXL and our PT Boot in brown CXL.Pre-orders for the chukka may be placed online at this link. Pre-orders for the PT boot may be placed here. We will also accept requests for non-stock sizes via email and phone at the same time. The deadline* for non-stock size requests is Monday, August 4, 2014. [[SPOILER]]
PSA . . . for anyone contemplating placing a custom order, the current turnaround times I've just been quoted are four weeks for CXL (and presumably other casual leathers) and seven weeks for shell (due to the fact that they'll be waiting another month or so for a re-up from Horween).
 Wait, there's a world outside SF?
As long as we can continue to do MTOs without upcharge, AE represents tremendous value as far as I am concerned.
 PSA . . . to those of you (like me) who were truly inspired by this MTO and were thinking about using the same leather in an MTO of your own, I just placed my order and Allison told me that mine will be the last one to use that leather (as they are saving the rest of it for the Wolverines).  So, sorry to be the bearer of this bad news for y'all . . . but hooray for me! And, thanks again to @bl@ster for the inspiration.
  Methinks this is a joke, and/or a tribute to a troll who used to post here making fun of people who expected low-priced perfection from shell seconds.
 Cincinnati chili?
Katie tells me that they can put a third eyelet on a custom Blake chukka.  What do people think?  Would it look better with three?
New Posts  All Forums: