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Regarding all the spectator talk, doing a one-off and paying the extra $125 is still an option, right?  $324 is obviously not as good a deal as $199, but in the grand scheme of things it's not at all bad for something that is EXACTLY what you want.
 My personal opinion is that some people get a little obsessive over sizing and fit.  I won't wear shoes that hurt, but otherwise not all of my shoes fit me the same way and I don't mind that a bit.  I'll wear thicker or thinner socks depending; I'll also avoid certain shoes if I know I'll have to do a lot of walking that day.  I also don't obsess over whether my shoes are creasing or rolling in the "right" places.  It may be easier for me to have this attitude when my...
 True on all counts.  We PWNED them for the first three quarters.  And, getting to watch a future Hall of Famer grow up right before your eyes is an amazing privilege.
 Nice kop.  The red Dainite on those really makes them work.
 Thanks.  I was at the game . . . it was fucking brutal.  Easily the worst feeling I've ever had at a live sporting event.
 Oh, interesting idea.  I wouldn't have thought they could do that.  Doesn't hurt to ask, I guess.
Caramel shell Blake chukkas on an overcast day:     (not pictured:  caramel shell belt)
 Really cool.  I'm intrigued by the possibilities of this unlined kudu.  Do you have an opinion as to whether it would be possible to use it in a boot or wingtip?  (Of course, I can pose this question directly to Rancourt as well.)
 Not weird at all.  
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