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 Carmina's "burdeos" is comparable to AE's burgundy or Alden's Color 8 . . . redder than chili, and there won't be any burnishing as there is on the Bob's. Size-wise, for my part, I'm 9.5E on most AE lasts, 9.5D on the Alden Barrie, and 9 UK on the Carmina Rain.
Well, there's one fewer pair of the saddle shell split toe bluchers available from SkoAB.  
 For sure, I have the luxury of living in a snow-free climate.  If I wanted a bad-weather boot, I'd go outside of AE (to an Alden Indy or tanker most likely).  It's really hard to go down to six or seven pairs.  You're basically eliminating all the fun/convenient ones.  And, I'm not a loafer guy.  The closest I have to loafers are monks.  I have suede but TBH I seldom reach for it.  The AE shoe I'd want to swap the burgundy MacNeil out for doesn't exist yet.  If it did, it...
  In thinking about these issues, it occurs to me that one way to get at them would be to try to boil my 100-pair shoe collection down to seven pairs that would cover the gamut of outfits, from T-shirt and denim to full-on suit, and otherwise be as versatile as possible.  An impossible task, to be sure, but if I limit myself to my AEs, here's what I come up with: (1) Rutledge, black shell(2) Leeds, burgundy shell(3) MacNeil, brown shell(4) MacNeil, burgundy shell(5)...
 $3K per pair, right?
 +2.  Hopefully AE will start making milkshake suede a regular thing.
   Lol x2.  AE's SF MTO program has gone by the wayside, but Rancourt perseveres.  Two of my Blake boots were off the rack but the rest of my Rancourts have been MTOs.  I probably wouldn't have as many pairs if that were not the case.
 Holy crap.  How long ago did you order those?  I didn't know they had exotic skins still laying around.
 We're very close to doing the lizard chelsea as a GMTO through Gentlemen's Footwear.  Check that affiliate thread for details. And, +1 on the green shell brogues.
 Boy, they really went easy on the burnishing wheel in those days.  Those basically look like straight-up walnut to me.  Could some of that effect be patina?
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