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 Three words:  caramel apple Oreos.
First shoefie in a while... MTO Leeds in natural CXL:  
  Anyone else gearing up for this?  I may do my first handsewn MTO then...
Is anyone else having trouble getting on to shoebank.com?  I think we're blowing it up...
 These are the specs I sent to my SA: Bradley9.5ECherry cordovanShiny brass eyeletsTone-on-tone upper stitchingIndependence lining and outsoleNatural flat welt with wheeling and fudgingKhaki (natural) welt stitchingNatural edge
I'm curious about this shoe:     http://www.carminashoemaker.com/monk-strap-shoes/buckle-loafers-80180   Has anyone seen it in person?  Is it just a loafer that has a decorative buckle, or an actual monk?  (if that question makes sense)
 I would take a second in a New York minute if I could find one, but I've been checking the Shoebank for many months with no luck.  I also have an eBay alert set up to ping me every time a Bradley is posted there.  They just don't seem to come around very often in my size. My plan now is to wait for the next AmEx $50 off deal, then bite the bullet and send them off to B. Nelson or whoever for the modifications.  Perhaps a better MTO program will come along in the meantime.
 Oh, I didn't realize that - thanks for clarifying. The shoe I'm coveting is the burgundy shell Bradley, but with modifications (shiny brass eyelets, natural edge, etc.).  If cherry was somehow different than burgundy, I was prepared to pull the trigger now to take advantage of the unusual color, and just have a third party do the modifications I want.  As things stand now, however, this MTO doesn't benefit me at all - I would just end up getting the stock model for the...
New Posts  All Forums: