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I have the Fastballs.  Went from 9.5 E (in the 1 and 5 lasts) to 9 EEE.
Looks like my cognac MacNeil 5s with the red dainite will arrive Monday!  Will throw some pics up then.
 Get 'em.  I obtained a pair of seconds not long ago and would have kept and treasured them but for a defect that was significant enough for even me to be unable to ignore.  The walnut grain makes what would ordinarily be a pretty narrowly focused shoe (captoe bal) much more versatile IMO - plus they are very attractive in their own right.  Good luck!
 Do strippers count? 
 Fuuuuuu©k . . . I want.
 Word.  Had I not done my brown shell MTO MacNeil, I would have been all over it.
 Indeed!  Thanks for the heads-up.
 If you haven't checked out Carmina yet, be sure to do so.  E.g., their shell is Horween and the same price as AE's when you buy direct off their website, and it achieves a level of fit and finish that AE just can't match.  (That said, I have many more pairs of AE than I do of Carmina - different shoes for different occasions.)
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