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 Tough luck, but maybe you'll find another unexpected pickup down the line. For my part, I've never bought AE suede, but those do look awfully nice.  The contrast stitching is a downer, though... and I'd prefer Dainite or even commando over the butyl.
 Ditto.  It used to really bug me but I don't really notice anymore.  It helps that it's not just an AE thing - e.g., I have some Aldens with the same issue. As an aside, tying them artfully helps.
 A little over a year ago.  Still no further word.
Laszlo Vass says to put shoe trees in and keep 'em in.  Speaking for myself, that's all I need to know.
Since the sunlight photo of my green shell went over so well, I thought I'd snap one of the navy too:     Rancourt, AE, Carmina
 Now the question is, flip them as is, or recraft them first and then sell them for more?
 Perhaps surprisingly, the Rancourts.  I love chukkas and the fact that they're unlined makes them even more comfortable.
 Lol.  I do remember promising a sunlight shot but I don't think I ever delivered:  Carmina, AE, Rancourt
 I don't know if they're still in production, but you can still find the Krause 1K boot at a few retailers.  Past models include the 721LTD and 744LTD 1K boots.  All are mighty fine.
 Yup.  Whichever direction you go, just keep it subtle and make sure you don't wear anything else that would compete with the shoes.
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