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[[SPOILER]]  Beautiful shoes, and a perfect illustration of how useful the MTO program was. 
 I know where I've seen you before . . .  
 Backpage is for streetwalkers - and you get what you pay for.  
 Are you sure F&F stacks with this?  I just bought the exact same suit and my SA (who normally cuts me every possible break) told me F&F wouldn't stack with it. I did have a $25 coupon plus a $60 credit card reward, so I'm not too unhappy with the price I paid.
 Wow, those look terrific.  Despite the slip-ups I personally would be loath to return them.  Maybe you can get Allison to give you a seconds discount?
Gettin' a little color-crazy on a sunny Friday . . .  
 I wish it weren't a bal.  Oh, well.
 "The Allen Edmonds MTO Unboxing Thread" - let's make it happen.
New Posts  All Forums: