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 You related to sinnedk? 
I should trust the numbers (assuming they're true), just don't want to accept I'm an XL in Junya unless you know a shop with XL still in stock?   Side note: kinda funny Junya doesn't make anything for people 42R suit sizes. I guess Stitchy could never rock a Junya blazer then (not assuming he'd want to).
Well jackets aren't always cut the same, what's your chest size and what size did you order? Have you received it yet?
 Just realized Union says p2p is 20.5 for L and 21 for XL, you think L wouldn't be too tight for my 40 chest?
 Please tell me you're joking and this is just a Freud fantasy of yours?
I believe I'm a Junya large.
I'd love to go to Pitti and ask designers if they could remove/edit the gimmicks off their clothes.  
Looking side by side Junya looks to have more orange in it, both are equally great rich colors.
 Excellent choices. I wanted to buy that jacket but my size was already sold out month ago, there's still a medium left anyone wants it at half off. Pretty sure my Peter Millar jacket has the same fabric too, color couldn't be any better: 
Not taking advice is what he means by doing something no one's ever done before, with the exception of every other american teenager.   Jamie, you can look however you want in your photos, but if you continue to post jumbo size pics you can be banned from the forum. You've been warned more than handful of times, it's up to you whether you'll take our advice though. 
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