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I've been wanting a french cuff shirt for awhile now, so two weeks ago I ordered one. Just got it in the mail today but not sure if the cuff fits right on my wrist. I went with an off the rack to see if I like the look and feel of a french cuff, before having one made. So for now can someone tell me if it looks too big. With it on and closed I can slide two fingers between my wrist and the cuff link. If they are too big can they be made smaller.
Gotcha will call and cancel the tailoring on the vest. Did do a search for Connery in a suit, seen one where I could clearly make out the waist band and a glimpse of his shirt.
Yesterday I took my navy 3 piece suit in to have it tailored, hoping I didn't make a mistake. Correct me if I'm wrong and I hope I'm not. For the vest it's ok to have it show a little of the waist band when the bottom button is undone. The vest was a tad long so I had them bring it up just a little bit. Right below the bottom button will hit right where this vest hit maybe a tad lower or higher.   Also went with a 1/4 break with the back of the pants slightly longer than...
Top one is buttermilk-brined fried chicken, bacon garlic brussels sprouts and deep friend potatoes Bottom one is slow cooked ribs. I used a blue ribbon winning spice rub and let the ribs sit for 16 hours in saran wrap . Now they are not burnt that's from the amount of brown sugar in the rub  and me placing it right above the flame for 5 minutes.
Need help repicking second suit color. I say repicking because I had  a black pinstripe suit but had to return the jacket due to a defect. They no longer have the size I need. So as of right now I have a glen plaid charcoal suit that I love. I'm looking in to either a navy or grey suit, as well as black. I know you really can't go wrong with a navy one, but do I go with a medium or dark color navy. The suits will be worn for special occasions. If it helps at all the shoes...
Small (8.5d) or medium (8.5E) at Allen Edmonds or Jos A Banks
Thanks for the reply. One of the reason I went with a black pinstripe suit is I've always liked them, my wife likes them. The shirt I have is a light powder blue.
With a white pocket square, is it ok to have a colored edge on it? Also is a very light or light blue shirt ok for a black pinstripe suit.
Last week I ordered a new pair of she and I got them today. Now the question is, are they chisel toe or square toe? Not looking for opinions on the shoes, as to whether you like them or not.    
Was also wondering about what color shirts go with a black pinstripe suit. Should I stick with a plain white shirt and solid color tie or can I add a splash of color. Also need something to go with the true blue shirt as I showed the wife the shirt and she loved it.
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