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I like jackets with a lot of detail on them and I think bodaskins just did it right.
You're welcome and thanks!
 If I lost my Zara ones I would probably just wear the ones I have from diesel. It doesn't fade much but i've been alternating between the two brands. If you don't think you will be wearing them much then I would go for them. You could also try these from Marc Jacobs: but you might have to get them tapered. 
I own the zara coated skinny jeans. The fit is great and the waxed coating is not deep. The material is thin compared to my black waxed denim from diesel which is better quality. 
I partitioned my hard drive for Ubuntu 
 Looks good to me.
 Love this look, really like the contrast with the different shades of gray and black.
Yeah, that's something to consider.
Thanks! I think you are right on the shirt. It could have been more fitted and shorter. It's sometimes hard for me to find shirts because I have an athletic body type with broad shoulders and a small waist.
  Thank you.  The undershirt could have just been an oversized white T shirt instead. I rewatched the video and agree that the cuff could have been smaller as well.
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