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 I've been looking for something like this for ages...but in brown lol
 If Z Zegna, Small will be TTS. Most likely between a XS/S b/c Z Zegna is very slim
Help please     Brooks Brothers peacoat MADE IN ENGLAND = Chester Barrie?     Paul Stauart Wool Parka MADE IN ENGLAND = ????       Thanks!
youre. nice find
^be very very careful with those polo items with the bear.  TONS AND TONS of shady ppl who scam ebay in 1. getting the item and 2. not paying 
^^^^ That CH is gonna be $$$$$$
Can anyone help ID'ing this? It's all metal and some sort of chest. Looked on the bottom and no indication of type of metal or origin. Pretty sure it's handmade because the designs are slightly diff from another. Thoughts ?
are the REAL leather or pleather?
Sorry, I might have misread. If you are trying to take in the sides then it will be costly. 
tailoring a top coat is very expensive
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