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Guys   I NEED suits (preferably NWOT OR NWT) in 36 R.  Staple colors, will entertain patterns (that aren't stripe)   Brands: Zegna Milano, Burberry, RLBL ... and anything that is a quality and has a modern silhouette that is dual vented   Please let me know. Trade and Cash could be an option
HOW are these not purchased? Great price! If I didn't purchase a pair last week and known about this then these would be mine
I hate divots and that is just me. I believe it's caused when your shoulders are too wide and or too wide combined with your arm width is too tight (does that make sense)? It's a great looking jacket but up to you to keep. Personally, i would return  Just taper the arms and you'll be fine
^ too big.  It's too big in the shoulders and makes it look "slouchy". Just my opinion
Thanks, CD.  Unfortunately, my deductible is $500 so I have to pay out of pocket. 
Gents,   I've a quick question. I've fallen in love with a new with tag sportcoat on Ebay that I want to purchase but the p2p measurement is 20.08" inches.  It is an unstructured cashmere blazer. The issue is I just measured an unstructured chambray sportcoat that I wear and the p2p measures to 21.5" inches and it fits almost perfectly.   With that said, is the sport coat that I want to purchase too small for me? Is a tailor able to widen a sportcoat although it's...
Soooooooooooooooo my car got broken AGAIN within the last 1.5 years ...   The dumb f* took a bag full of sweaty gym clothes and some Toms .... but forgot to take the Cleverly loafers under the seat.  #WhatADumbass #RepairStillGoingToCost$275 
if my typical shirt is a 21.5" p2p, then should i size down on the sweater?   Sorry for all of these questions but there's no way for me to try on SNS items here :(
you wear a XL in SNS? Wow.  I guess I might have to size up to a XL now....
Hey all   I'm 5'10 with a 43" chest and 18.75-19 shoulders.  Athletic build compared to my 33 waist.  Would I get a Large? I heard SNS runs slim.   Cheers
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