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      LOL Omar is Coming gif is the best I've seen!!  Jompso is probably going cray thinking someone is on his turf and how he'll (paraphrasing) "destroy them and ensure no one in the Simi Valley to Orange County vicinity will ever thrift something better than a PRL polo"
please educate us. What is this brand?
Need help finding a cognac color suede belt in 34-36. Could entertain larger and would get it shortend. Must be suede Thanks
my friend is very close friends with the owner. they are based out of nyc. i didnt know 316 was THAT sought after..
^J crew England = Alfred Sargent
   Thanks guys. Makes sense now
Is there an alternative company other than Tie Crafters to narrow a tie? $37 to narrow/ship is ridiculous
thank you re-sell doesnt look good so probably not a good sign. i'm throwing this away lol
Authenticity check please     I was told this was fake but who would fake this brand?! Isnt this brand obscure?      
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