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thank you re-sell doesnt look good so probably not a good sign. i'm throwing this away lol
Authenticity check please     I was told this was fake but who would fake this brand?! Isnt this brand obscure?      
thats why you are a good dude
 Honestly, you need to go MTM or bespoke.  I, too, have an athletic build and tring to fin d aquality suit off the rack is tough.  Your arm width and shoulders are what is killing you.  a 42" chest typically has a 18-18.75" shoulder to shoulder width.  Yours is simply too big.  Also, if you are a 32" inseam, are you sure you need a 28" length? That seems to be super short on you unless if your torso is much shorter than your legs. Depending on how much you want to spend,...
 unf, you are screwed. That is a result of too much heat on the press/iron
Love this look, M!
Thank you.  I thought the same but was hoping I was wrong.
Hi everyone,   I posted  question earlier but I should have posted it here.     I like to have a 1.75" cuffs on all of my cuffs.  I also like to have a 28 to 28.5" inseam.  With that said, what is the total inseam length I would need in order achieve this?   28 + 3.5 (1.75" x 2) = 31.5 " ?     Thanks
  Sorry let me clarify what I meant.   I like to have a 1.75" cuff with an inseam of 28".  Does that mean I need to have AT LEAST 28" + 3.5" (1.75 X 2) = 31.5"   In order to achieve this?
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