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For all of you who are fans of robes ... Wool robesūüėú (Available and fits a S to M)
For once, I agree with jompso In terms of legality, if the seller accepts a kick back then it would be deemed illegal (essentially favoritism or discrimination - depending on how you look at it). But there are ALWAYS ways to get around this as it happens in almost all aspects of business.  
dark brown or a tan/brown? I may have one but I'll have to check into my inventory
Looking for an American Giant hoodie XL   Thanks
 Sorry, this may be a TLDR post This is not a poke at you but more of just a general observation/opinion  It boggles my mind when "new" people aka noobies come onto this thread asking for information to be answered and/or asking for places that have the best places to find goodies.  NOTHING is free in life.  Provide value and value will be provided back to you.  I used to be one of those noobies who would open EVERY SINGLE jacket and look at the inner label tag to...
Hey   I'm pretty sure I know that answer but would like confirmation   If i like 1.75" cuffs on trousers, does that mean I need an additional 3.5" in order to achieve this depending on my inseam?    Ex: if I like my inseam at 30", then I'd need 33.5" in total trouser inseam length?
wait... weren't you guys frenemies before?? LOL 
@ejay1  there is a big misconception among this thread about functional/surgeon/working cuffs.  Whatever you want to call them, they are used for a purpose.  Yes, most tailors will shy away from shortening and/or lengthening functional cuffs.  The proper way is to shorten via arm hole, however, fitting an 8" circle (arm hole) with a a 6" circle (sleeve hole/head) will never work (not sure if that analogy was the best).  Our arms naturally "taper", hence, why it is very...
buy from uniqlo. they are cheap
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