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      Thanks everyone for the replies. Yes, this is a PRL fully canvassed sc.  very nice but not a 3 button fan.  I was hoping a "well-known" tailor made this but I guess not.
Can anyone let me know who makes this PRL made on USA jacket?
  GREAT JOB! I texted bandit, tubs and nataku and said, "WTF!!" as I was watching  hahah
Question about invoices     If I have an item that I listed last month or even the month prior and it doesn't sell (BINOBO), am I going to pay the listing fee and other fees (int'l UK listing, Gallery Plus, etc) every month ?   I ask this because I AM getting billed every month.  =/
Sending a mid-weight Zegna sportcoat overseas to UK   Does anyone know how much the weight will possibly be?
I would like to trade someone some of my stuff (I have items in all sizes from 36 to 48 US) and they range from BB 1818 to Chester to Brioni to Kiton to Isaia and etc. I've GOOD stuff.   In need of some 38 R's and maybe 38 S.  This is for a friend who is in need of a great quality suit.  Mainline Zegna and up.  Will consider Z zegna and RLBL.   Looking for flat front, modern fit, non-working cuffs, and colors/patterns are open.   Would like to get him something in...
Anyone having a down month   I sold 6500 in April and only 1500 in may .... 
@ridethecliche  i actually like that! much better than when you wore that tux with the cords :P I believe that building is at MIT....looks very familiar
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