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:fist bump:
congrats RTC Where;d you match at? And do you want to specialize?
Sneakerheads Are these anything worth grabbing? Nike's
@txwoodworker lol!!
Advice please:   I have a really nice overcoat with raglan shoulders and a potential buyer has asked numerous times of what the shoulder measurement is ...   1. there aren't any shoulder seams due to the raglan shoulders AND 2. he wants the measurements of the shoulders at its WIDEST.  How does one pick where to measure of where the WIDEST is? Can someone provide some instructions to do so?   Thanks!
  Thanks fellas. Never knew BB outsourced to so many diff factories for their pieces.  
Does anyone know who makes for BB when it's made in England?? Chester Barrie??
Looking for a down puffer (think Patagonia nano puff) in Medium. Orange and Hooded. :)
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