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 Honestly, you need to go MTM or bespoke.  I, too, have an athletic build and tring to fin d aquality suit off the rack is tough.  Your arm width and shoulders are what is killing you.  a 42" chest typically has a 18-18.75" shoulder to shoulder width.  Yours is simply too big.  Also, if you are a 32" inseam, are you sure you need a 28" length? That seems to be super short on you unless if your torso is much shorter than your legs. Depending on how much you want to spend,...
 unf, you are screwed. That is a result of too much heat on the press/iron
Love this look, M!
Thank you.  I thought the same but was hoping I was wrong.
Hi everyone,   I posted  question earlier but I should have posted it here.     I like to have a 1.75" cuffs on all of my cuffs.  I also like to have a 28 to 28.5" inseam.  With that said, what is the total inseam length I would need in order achieve this?   28 + 3.5 (1.75" x 2) = 31.5 " ?     Thanks
  Sorry let me clarify what I meant.   I like to have a 1.75" cuff with an inseam of 28".  Does that mean I need to have AT LEAST 28" + 3.5" (1.75 X 2) = 31.5"   In order to achieve this?
Question on cuff and inseam length:     I believe i'm doing the math right but hopefully someone can clarify (a tailor possibly?)     I like to have a no break with a 28" inseam on a 10-10.5" front rise.  I like to have a 1.75" cuff.   If this is the case, what is the proper inseam length that I would need in order to achieve the above.     Thank you!
@ChetB great tribute. you are the man!
@SpooPoker This is some sad sh*t.  I looked back through my old messages and him and I were chopping it up over family stuff and I checked in on him from time to time but never got a response.  He was always on my mind but my busy work life and other things came about. I always wondered what happened to him but couldn't remember his screen name until you mentioned it.   Let me know how I can help. 
how did everyone find these great deals at nordstroms rack??? the lowest canali i found was $350, zegna was 550, and lbm was 250   :(
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