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$100? No way. More like at least $250  Im not even sure a box weave could fill that large hole, which would still be noticeable given the POW pattern. I particularly wouldn't have picked it up but to each its own
  Sorry man. It's def fake.  I am a CL expert because of my ex lol.  She knew some of the founders of the Real Real
 I always bring a tailors measuring tape with me when i venture out.  I'd recommend bringing one and knowing your measurements when looking for items in your size :)
 are you sure you are a 50R? those shoulders are way too big for you. 
On another note, does anyone have a wooden Tom Ford hanger for trade/sell :)   Just like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-GENUINE-TOM-FORD-GOLD-SOLID-CHERRY-WOOD-COAT-SUIT-JACKET-PANTS-HANGER-/112122862862?hash=item1a1b0b1d0e:g:wxEAAOSw9NdXqlIQ
Great find @Nataku    Happy for you bro!
 I'm going to be 100% honest with you, do not trade this nor consign.  Sell yourself. A NWT Kiton Vicuna will fetch you thousands of dollars. It would not be in your favor to trade for something of way lesser value and/or have 60-70% of the amount go to a consignor.  There are many great consignor's on here but that would be a huge amount of $ to leave on the table
      LOL Omar is Coming gif is the best I've seen!!  Jompso is probably going cray thinking someone is on his turf and how he'll (paraphrasing) "destroy them and ensure no one in the Simi Valley to Orange County vicinity will ever thrift something better than a PRL polo"
please educate us. What is this brand?
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