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Are these real and croc? Thank you.
Tag looks off from what I've seen. Id still rock a quilted jacket tho even if fake lol
Yep c and j
That is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the advice. So you're saying you were able to find the 116500For $15k? That is my budget too. I just want to see and touch the watch but nowhere in San Francisco has the watch =\
 Oh, sorry I should've clarified. I am definitely not okay with paying a 5k markup.  I understand that it can be perceived as an investment and that the appreciation would eventually "catch up" to the marked up amount but ... I might either wait to buy in a year or two (ugh) or find a different watch I'm also afraid to purchase online
Quick update:   Went to the ROlex dealership and .... NO 116500 Daytona's anywhere or available within a 2 year frame.  Well, he did say if I decided to buy over $100K worth of items then they could "possibly" accommodate.  He said I'll be paying at least a 5-7K mark up.   He also said 116520's are flying off the shelf and that I would also pay 1-3k mark up as well.  I'm not sure what to do now. 
For sneakers, don't use oxy. Chemicals are bad for the shoe Buy Jason mark. It's about $20 and is the best I've seen on the market
^he likely hedged unless if he was a big time baller that didn't care about $1M
Can someone explain to me why people feel this Linda person isn't the real Linda ebay seller? How did they conclude that? #Just Curious
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