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my friend is very close friends with the owner. they are based out of nyc. i didnt know 316 was THAT sought after..
^J crew England = Alfred Sargent
   Thanks guys. Makes sense now
Is there an alternative company other than Tie Crafters to narrow a tie? $37 to narrow/ship is ridiculous
thank you re-sell doesnt look good so probably not a good sign. i'm throwing this away lol
Authenticity check please     I was told this was fake but who would fake this brand?! Isnt this brand obscure?      
thats why you are a good dude
 Honestly, you need to go MTM or bespoke.  I, too, have an athletic build and tring to fin d aquality suit off the rack is tough.  Your arm width and shoulders are what is killing you.  a 42" chest typically has a 18-18.75" shoulder to shoulder width.  Yours is simply too big.  Also, if you are a 32" inseam, are you sure you need a 28" length? That seems to be super short on you unless if your torso is much shorter than your legs. Depending on how much you want to spend,...
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