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Looking for a Patagonia (or north face) light weight puffer vest in m. Color dark grey or black. Okay with blue. My firiend just took mine lol
No, that would be me. Pics of my LA trip to come on Monday
Hi I know not SF approved but is this leather jacket real? Never seen this label before. Rn checks out but I'm not sure if that should be a reason to believe. Thanks.
^yes, gren. grossa
Care to educate on what to look for between a real vs knockoff please?
i said the same thing to myself!
For the Trump's!? -___- anyone but Mr Orange
Sorry I disagree. GW of San Francisco quickly learned all of our tricks and I know they even look at the Ebay thread. I went to pick up a package I bought from them and I overheard this young 30 yo girl talking about How to get their listings up to par with other sellers. She talked about a website she was learning from. Could've been here, could've been aaac, could've been anywhere. That was 3 years ago and their Ebay site has vastly improved
New Posts  All Forums: