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Hope to try this again.   I need the following please:   1. Navy blue spread collar (cutaway preferred) 16/16.5 with at least a 33/34 sleeve dress shirt. 2. Staple QUALITY solid navy suit with dual vents, flat fronts, and the extras.  40-42R with at least a 32" inseam. 3. Black dress shoes in 9D (i like sleek lasts) 4. Tom Ford stuff     What do I have? Everything from quality SWD to quality MC. Trust me
 Alex's reweaving in LA.  I send stuff to the ladies there all of the time. Hands down phenomenal work. A moth hole is about $60 for a french weave but I assure you I cannot tell where the blemish was at.  Turnaround is about 2 weeks depending. Highly recommend
Cool looking shirt. what's so great about the brand?
 Could you educate us on what you know about Moncler? I have about 6 different pieces that all "feel" quality, which is why I picked them up although I knew they were faked more than women's breasts in beverly hills.  True story...I used to live there.  If you REALLY want to know how Nordstrom survives on their return policy then PM me but I'm not going to open a can of worms here.  I only know b/c I befriended a manager there and we would talk about policies, strategies,...
Anyways ...     I have a NWOT Brioni suit (unhemmed and everything) in a navy with gray striped pattern. Feel so nice and soft. I'm also starting a new role this week that is visible with both management and clients.  To keep or to sell is the big question! Haha. Do I really need a $5K suit?! Hmm
 Starter jackets are the best out of those vintage brands but they're sort of hit and miss nowadays.  I believe you can get from 80-150 (or even more depending on the buyer) I would not market it now though. I would do it when the season starts (april). btw, depending on the size, I'll trade for my buddy but in reality, I'd love to burn it. GO GIANTS
GMMcl > all of you lol    Anyway, I know where you got that jacket at Moo .... you are in my territory ... I need to go there more often now ... Challenge Accepted! :)
Add this person to banned list amaltheatrading       Excuse my language, but this ____ f*n screwed me out of a deal we agreed upon but b/c of her stupidity, she created another listing (why? why not just create the BIN option on current OR tell me you are creating another listing), string me along, f* me again, then blame me for not knowing she was going to create another listing ...   I'm so livid right now.  It AMAZES ME the lack of simple "good" business practices...
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