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Need a Medium size patagonia or northface vest   Please help
I have these Quoddy's up for sale or trade. Construction is awesome and I put these on pars with Florsheim Imperial's V cleats.   10.5D TTS   Looking for: 40-42R, 33/32 trousers FF only, 9D shoes, 16.5 slim fit shirts. I also have TONS of other stuff to trade.        
Which one of you guys is dap_luxury on that site? :) PM  me please
Oops.  I need a 40-42R. A Long will be too long for my short torso haha
NEED:   Size: 40-42R (depending on shoulder and pit to pit) - 18.5-18.75" shoulder with a 43"ish chest   Navy blue peak or notch lapel suit.  3:2 roll or 2 button only. Dual vents. FF pants.  I need at least a 32" inseam with a 32-34" waist.  I want solid navy but open to stripe/patterns   Solid gray (prefer lighter) suit. 3:2 roll or 2 button only. Dual vents. FF pants. same as above but solid.   Please let me know soon. I have tons to trade and very good...
    Thanks Frenchy and Wes
Is this croc or embossed?      
@Kent Wang  I want to buy the watch and was wondering if we could replace the strap with nato straps or other non-kent wang straps? thank you!
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