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Sartoria partenopea POP Three Piece Suit CHECK triple pleats and missing front buttons? Fuck. But still noice, and size 48 too (brown).
Legit? Bizzochi and couture tie pop
Legit? Has a japanese tag i side, like 1/4 selvedge levi x clot
 did you ever take that vacation yet?
gtf outta here with your sick finds! This is not helping for my withdrawal
Send these badboys to me!
loro? Can't even tell
I think wes / easy said been had. It was a big dick battle about who had more polo first (I can't really remember) I always thought Robert Graham was called skeet cause the patterns looked like someone skeeted on it. 
I have this emotional connection to your grill now. I don't want it to be thrown away Wes, you should make it a styleforum shrine.
Makes my life easier to remember when I have a link directly to the vote!   http://yorkadamsradio.upickem.net/engine/Details.aspx?p=V&c=174314&s=77343604&i=1&sort=VOTES_DESC#SD   VOTE PEOPLE
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