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Also selling these :    http://www.styleforum.net/t/523634/nwb-skoaktiebolaget-albert-thurston-braces-navy-burgundy-green/0_30   http://www.styleforum.net/t/523635/carmina-suede-captoe-9-5uk-meermin-blue-suede-loafers-9-5uk/0_30   No Shipping charge if pickup obviously.
Hey Guys,   Looking to sell these two shoes.   CARMINA Forest Brown Suede Cap Toe Oxford Dress Shoes Bags Box - UK 9.5   Looking to sell at cost + shipping . Bought second hand, worn twice after purchase. Very great condition.   220 USD + shipping       Meermin Blue Suede Loafers 9.5UK - Factory Seconds - Worn Once   Looking to sell at cheaper since there is that one wear, but there are no obvious flaws anywhere except for light superficial scuffs from the...
Hey Folks,   Selling these three braces that I bought off Skoak a month ago.   Only the navy was opened, and tried on, but never worn for more than 1 minute.   The other two ( green and red), are unopened in the box.   Looking for 225 CAD + shipping.   200 CAD for all 3   Just looking to let these go for cost. Please PM me if you have any questions.
10.5 UK Hiro Last.   Just tried on, never worn outside.   Local pickup for 440 CAD for both. 220 cad each.   or 170 USD each   Willing to ship for cost. No Returns   Will post more photos if you want, but they are just stock.   PM if you have any questions.
Bump - dropped price
Yeah, saphir, I feel its a bit strong and im getting whiffs when I wear them. Is that typical?
hey guys, do your shoes usually smell for a bit after you polish? Does anyone have a trick to minimalize it?
Frenchy will teach you how to ride a bike (inserts frenchy photo)
This you?
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