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Dear futuremyth, that post was heavenly, would definitely like to see better pictures of those zegna's, those look poppppppin' son
Noice You'll probably get a message from gmmcl soon.
Alright here we go.Paul and shark Navy sweater L, Canali micro gingham 17FerragamosBig e Levi Indigo m-LAnd the good stuffPaul and shark, funky ass EZ x2, Luciano, ezLong time tie cherry pop for me [[SPOILER]] Beautiful brioniHelmut lang raw Denim, nwot unbranded UB201 tapered 34, A. P. C new cure HPOP EZ 15mil15, has two small puncture holes in the back but whatever3x Cantarelli suits, brown is 100% wool, blue and Beige are both 50%linen 50% wool all size 40Gorgeous...
Don't think he's into that kind of thing
Futuremyth stole my thunder. Pics up after LOL
Is Canada the new Texas?
I think my glasses are going bad.. Did you say half dozen
I'm going fucking ham.
Real question is : Is one enough?
I liked your post because it was funny, not because I thought it was a marsupial as well.. 
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