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I have been summoned. I also found a kiton and loro jackets in my first month and never hit that high ever again.If anyone wants to thrift in Frenchie's area, good luck
Interested in some Milano suits, if you can please shoot me a pm with what you have.   Rough Sizing : 18 - 18.2" shoulders, 19.5 - 20" Chest, sleeve 24.75", waist 35-36" waist.   Pants roughly 30- 31" , 30- 31 " inseam   Thank you
I do, spoo has one in the exact size.
you know, 18 - 18.2", haha most shoulders are around there.
Hey boys,   If anyone has a navy or grey suit with these dimensions hit me up.   18.1" shoulder, 19.5 pit to pit 24.5- 24.75 sleeve 17.5 waist 30 BOC   thanks
  Leaving the thrifting to frenchy and the other torontonians
Pop from a few days ago
look fake from here sorry man. Just PM me for my shipping address. I'll dispose of them for you.
Wow, that is amazing. Would cop just for show.
Does anyone know how to get ahold of Carlo Barbera fabric?
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