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Best way to find out is to go through atleast 3k Pages 
You'd freak me the fuck out if I saw you in person. Robots/Cyborg futuristic stuff makes me uncomfortable. But I do love me some DragonballZ. (No offence - nice fit)
Just read a small guide that talked about how sometimes Ittiere stuff can be faked easily, just looking for a double/triple check. Thanks though!   Although its tagged large, instead of the usual 4x-5x numbers
Shit did I just Kop a fake D&g jacket Got to Damn excited.
Not even going to fix it.
Some decent finds today! Ralph Lauren ma1 jacket Not sure if this is a thing in the USA, but mackage jacket in large D&g leather jacket, removable hoodie Sweaters, 4 play cable knit Brooks cashmere, J crew fair isle Some Versace tie, and women's linen aspesi blazer
Does it start with B?
Yah pretty much. Pretty good beginner haul, but the dior you should be looking for is made in Italy, is a silver tag that says "Dior" only. CD label was liscenced in the 90's, and the quality dropped like crazy. That's what I think I remember feel free to correct me anyone
Christian dior le connoisseur isn't on the thread for a reason
Few things Rg, Rtboc x 2, cashmere Drakes, 2x etros Recent EZ su misura multiseason, didn't find the pants hopefully next week, funky etro SC, allegri long coat
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