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BK you gotta get it quick. Frenchy is everywhere.
Yes, King and bay.   Starts around $850. Fused. They will drop the word bespoke around a lot, but they are 100% fused, made in India.   Stitching and design is sloppy (from what I've seen), but they have fabric options.
I've heard some conflicting stories with sox from a few friends of mine (have bought suits from him before). Had to go back a few times to get fixed up.   They have changed systems lately, and there have been a few issues in terms of getting styling correct and fit. I'm not hating on sox, just what I've heard from personal experience. I've kept this fairly vague to protect the identity of the friend,.   His VBC starting around $1500 from what I remember.
Hey LS - Do you know who made these? 
Does it feel like.. Vicuna?
Hey guys, if anyone here has an isaia pin, can you shoot me a pm. I have a question. Thanks
Why must all mr bigs stuff be size 40 and not 38.
Thought you stole my photo setup, nice find
Can anyone help me with this?
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