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Found a crazy epic Polo double breasted down fill parka. Been had
Just bad a dream i found an ultra rare Jean Paul Gautier sweater, got home and realize the sweater is from Paul bamg What..
Can anyone suggest brands of suits/jackets that have more narrow shoulders? Roughly a 16.9' I always hover in between 36-38r and can never find some to fit me
up while spoo sleeps crue.
whats your weight / shoe size / etc. I'm having trouble deciding. My shoe has a 9.5 footprint, I ran a 154 last year at around 155ish lbs. Do you suggest a M/L Binding. Also, any suggestions on a board for all mountain / groomers?
oh nah, giving my old setup away to my brother and i'm buying a new setup tomorrow. Did you go to the park alot?
Off topic. But any snowboarders in here?
Well doesn't it depends. LP Fabric or LP mainline?
Please let me get someone that finds vicuna.
Nice! Looks a bit like your head is cozied into the warm confines of a women's vagina. Wot
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