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Nvm, did my two second research, makers of rlpl suits. Thanks
Hey guys, just picked up a saint Andrews Sportcoat. Can anyone tell me where this lies in the suiting hierarchy?
I sort of want that theory track suit, but I'd look retarded
Here's the whole thing, crazy detail on this.
Hermes guys. Can you authenticate?
Summer weight corneliani (44),lorenzini fall autumn (m),Cerruti cotton cashmere, rrl small, rlbl women's crop top?
Oh Noooo, the drought is happening! Only a corneliani, lorenzini(pop), black label women's sweater and another rrl shirt in the last two days.
Found some anonymous blazers, working cuffs, dual vented, two buttons. Worth the time to pick up? Fabric feels decent, but I don't think it's wool. Most likely linen.
Hard to tell, but it looks like a shoe
Is the belvest an overcoat?
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