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This guy is killing it. I think the both of us haven't crossed path yet (I hope to God this doesn't happen)
Haha you'd be surprised. I had a scuba sweater in bright yellow, some people messaged me through eBay telling me it's fake, and that there's multiple sites with evidence that the colour was never created.
Finds from today and yesterday. A bit slow [[SPOILER]] Ralph Lauren low cut Chelsea. These are sickSkeet, Steven Alan coop, just Cavalli pure silk shirtPal zileri Loro Piana wool cashmere triple patch@NatakuIs this lululemon real?Gratitude wrap?For spoo
Also conflicted about these. Fabric + no name brand doesn't mean that much right.
Found a pair of low cut black Chelsea shoes, Ralph Lauren made in Italy non script writing. Any info? I suck hard at shoes.
Thanks, great to get a second opinion
Maybe... I should have picked up? I'm always conflicted about these peices. They don't exactly resonate the same as mainline, but hard to move a no name brand. Advice?
Didn't pick up, orphaned staple Grey Blazer. Is that Caruso?
A Crap, again I didn't realize nau was a thing.
Oh baby Jesus. I miss Sf so much.
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