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They're for shirts, why iron a Blazer, you'd Fuck that up hard. Everyone and their mothers suggest steamers, easy and efficient
Slow day EZ tie, cashmere EZ car coat xxxl, pink women's roshe run 7.5
I wonder where this is leading
Oye vay. Sorry @SpooPoker
LOOOL, just imagined you guys running around screaming BEEN HAD VICUNA
You're really bringing in some quality stuff! Good job
Is there an age of consent in france? I think i'm on some list after that comment
I've been thinking folks. If I were a billionaire, I'd probably have a 3 piece vicuna, not sure a blazer would be sufficient for me... I think someone needs to recheck the racks
If you ask me, that head is too clean, I like them sloppy
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