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I've seen someone sell something like this for 300+ noice
Well. Theres this   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9TrvJ3hh2M   YSL movie? watching datt   Now for a hedi movie
its made of some shitty material, not even any skin at all Lool, but it was pennies, so hopefully I can get something out of it
Randomness from the last couple of weeks Tom Ford gucci, those lapels Vintage nwt Celine paris Canadian brahs know these, mackage men's windbreaker, and women's puffer large(not the vaginal fur one that's worth $$)
I used to say the same shit, but it gets repetitive when you don't find gold every week
LOL guys I'm so burnt out. It's only been a year too
Where do you guys rank tom ford era gucci vs guccis mainline etc?
^ $$$$
So sick. I figured only the guys on this thread would appreciate this Community's Jeff winger is on that regis steez
Heyoo. I'm still thriftin but nothing brag worthy. I'm lurking this thread all day long though
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