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More like Luxeswap's Blackcock for Drakes
Opinions on the roshes? Seems a slight hypebeastish, but very minimalistic. Whats something more versatile?
Where is jp Tilford Samuelsohn ranked? Mid range?
What size are you?
Opinions on the altea Milano jacket I just found? Sort of a weird styling, but also kind of cool. Than again would probably never zip it up
Is the gucci real?Fillipa k, is this Schott shirt the good stuff, real thick Workwear type shirt [[SPOILER]] This thing is sweet, fits like it was made for me, not sure if it's girls though ()
God damn, spoo is spitting some dope lyrics
I like big butts and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in your face  
Concensus on Journal standard?
Unless he was having a piss fight with his buddies, I don't think so. why does everyone eat spaghetti with their fancy clothes on
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