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[[SPOILER]] Band of outsiders women's. Size 1Black label big EMade in USA, thick cotton, brown, no stomach area pockets, is this thing a Repro?The big find of the day.Can anyone help me identify a year for these too? Not Japanese, but made in USA, sickkkkk fades(I know people want straight Indigo, but I couldn't pass up on these)
One store. Band of brothers, helmut, 2x BIG E (yes one is selvedge ), other crap.
Samuelsohn brown blue window, 42R Canali black travel 44 Brown label canali suit size 44, navy pinstripe(more recent I believe) 4 Eton, Paul and shark white polo, arcteryx snap shirt. One store, not bad
Ah, that makes more sense. And also makes me quite sad. Thanks
Sponge Bob squarebody making an appearance. Versace single breasted Beige velvet 50r Tiger of Sweden 39, rlpl white black Stripe 17, rlbl 17, fucker punched through the middle of the shirt instead of the size tag 2 inches away. Usually don't pick up bags, but this thing is pretty nice quality.
From my Saks Blazer. Wtf, did he want them to be silver or is he protecting the buttons. Buttons say Waterbury Co USA, any info?
Exactly what I'm saying. Pretty dumb move on my part.
Well I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE.   I was trying to step up my lighting game, and I bought a vivitar 285 flash. I don't know why, I didn't really do my research and I have no idea how to use it. I don't know why I thought it would be a consistent light, but its just a flash. I should have just bought a lamp with a 5k bulb or something.   Any flash guys in here to chime in on how I could use this properly?   I shoot with just my phone, not sure why I need a flash. what...
 Uh BrioniAttoliniAlfredSargentHermes (if you're french) All jokes aside, you're probably going to get like 3 real answers
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