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Damn iwant that sofa. Howd you get that thing home?
True true, thanks for the knowledge guys. I love learning about this stuff. P.s for the guys out there that have dealt with cashmere blend / cashmere charvet ties. Those pill like nothing else
Last week find. Its such a nice colour too.
Yes corn, nice find
I thought the sartoriale line was full canvas, there was so much hand work id be surprised if they only went with half
What g said, lbm1911 is the diffusion they created to market to the trendier group. Quite ironic because im pretty sure lbm1911 ended up doing much better than expected, as I dont think the mainline or the higher end line sells as well (resale too)
Yeah, diffusion focusing on younger trendier pieces. Pretty sure atleast
Shoulder buttons, wot.   Thanks borbor, but i'm good!
When do those need to be out by again?
dibs on size 11 , size 36-38 - small
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