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Everyone stop posting for today. The vicuna scarf wins
Thanks! Yeah, I think it would look bad to go empty for a bit. So get a basic store front, change handling to 5 days ( this allows for auctions to continue too right), and post a note as well? There's no way I could get tagged by angry customers or anything right?
Hey guys, quick question. i'm going on a small vacation on august . I'll be gone monday - thursday. How would I go about keeping my listings without incurring any penalties. Do I  change my handling fees, do I purchase a store ( I should probably do that), or is there any other options? Thanks
That winner gif was very appropriate.
*Cough @SpooPoker@Brianpore Cough*
Lol that's hilarious
Looks at Location. Curry is awesome man!
lol i dun fucked that one up  
Disregard cartier Acquire polo bear
Can anyone tell me if this is real?
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