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That burberry tie
paypal was having trouble trasnferring 180k, so I messaged my nigerian prince friend to work out a dealyeah for sure, i know what you mean. Its a womens jacket anyways Drizzy is from toronto isnt he?
Hey guys, just wanted to give a few shoutouts to a few people, @thrift vaderfor a sick book a year back that I never thanked. @Nataku for that mmm sweatshirt ,@marc roberto for some sick shearling.
Bulk ordering those shipping labels.I might need to look up that proxy service. I do have a post office near me so thats awesome.
Do you take paypal? PM sent
Shouldnt have taken that money order purchase. Took 4 days to get to canada, 15 days to clear, still hasnt. Im scared ill get a neg feedback
Maybe spoo can turn this into $$$
Awesome, appreciate the feedback guys
Heres what the length looka like in a regular photo
haha thanks! Thom Browne it is Man this seasons shows are killing it
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