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You probably know already, but if you dontIn the Acceptable brands portion, shell cordovan, Hugo Boss, don't lead anywhere. Fantastic site! Very informativeThe who made this suit page is also bonkers on my phone, label names everywhere, just scattered.
 Damn this gif is sassy
#Smallwristcrew Lookin' like i'm wearing a dinner plate on my wrist
SPOO MAN, I think this thread is still waiting for your haul photos 
What a great Cobbler. A few finds Theory Loro Piana silk wool, that collar thingie means there's some handwork right, surgeon cuffs too Hickey I'm a cool pattern, lambswool Red weft selvedge naked and famous Brioni tie, smalto, Hanover Cool Paul Smith shoes, bit pricier but I think it's worth it.
Whats the difference between a good smoking jacket vs one cheaply made in asia.  Does it even matter if it looks sick ?
Lilly, recent EZ, ferragamoes, must de cartier scarf Eddie Bauer down BB lardini silk linen wool Beige with blue windowpane Damn you fake moncler. Was obviously fake but I secretly bought it in hopes it would be real
Not sure I want jizzy in my name. Plus I think it's fake, almost certain now.
Yall. I purchased a fake/real moncler jacket from the thrifts. It has half fake qualities and half real qualities so I'm pretty conflicted, and I'm just hoping it's an older model with a slightly different design. Pictures later for everyone to help me assess.
Brioni Alligator this time?
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