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Rider has the 490 last on suede boots and double monks, but they say they run a bit short. I ordered true to size (11), think all should be fine? They will likely stretch out anyways being leather correct?
What brand double monks do you guys wear ( which lasts too?)
I actually bought the suede boots, seems like a good deal for that price point. Thanks for the headsup
Does anyone have experience with rider? Hows the quality, blake construction and all
hey guys, so who is in the under $500 price range for shoes that has a sleek profile, something similar to meermin/carmina? Does anyone carry meermin ?
Looking to purchase some shoes - Black Captoe, Medium Brown Captoe, Suede Captoe, Suede Loafers, Double Monks, Single monks. Pretty much looking for all types of shoes.   If you have any available in those shoes in nice lasts, feel free to pm me to discuss prices!    Thanks
thanks for the shoes/boots recommendation guys! Will check them all out
Ah forgot to amswer that important question. Mainly jeans and khakis for now, possibly wool trousers but not suiting. More likely jeans, so I figured a brown might be more versatile. Any brand suggestions for pebble with dainite?
Crap not sure if this is the right place to ask.   But i'm looking for nice brown boots for the winter. Any recommendations? Preferably under 700. ( not sure if I should offer any specifics, but just curious what everyone wears during the winter time)
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