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Sall good son. Love my exhange policy
Can you guys help me authenticate. Condition is meh, missing a few spikes, a bit dirty needs new laces. Smells like real leather inside, stitching is pretty uniform.
Big SHOUTOUT to @txwoodworker I lost my phone battery a couple weeks ago and I a add sked the forum if hey had one to sell. TX messaged and offered it free of charge, and even paid for the shipping too! Crazy generous guy, thanks again man!
As I think mine may be fake. More deets later
they're smashing into my hip as I walk :/hope the spikes don't break
Pretty sure these are real
Mens? For some reason I could never distinguish the difference
mind blown you practically got the material and size correct. Do you think the neck latch, and buttons on the waist pockets changes the style of the jacket?
Can someone help me out with a title. I don't know which keywords would be best It's Prl Italy, but not by corn
Very cool art find! I know nothing about it, but is that for you? What would you estimate it sold for?
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