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Close enough.  Still dry around your area? Yah, its not bad  
wondering what you guys think of this jacket   kop? Reminds me of this ma-1 rick owens jacket I saw on grailed. Sorry if its the wrong thread
H&m. Love me that collab Wang. Gonna cop a Wang hat when it releases
Thoughts? Too girly? Reminded my of a Rick jacket
Found a blue penfield 60/40 vest today. Pretty cool fabric. and Maiden Noir is a thing right, found a red chambray shirt  
Chucks made in usa Brioni shurt Cucinelli brown cotton pants in 54 Been slow lately
Found a crazy epic Polo double breasted down fill parka. Been had
Just bad a dream i found an ultra rare Jean Paul Gautier sweater, got home and realize the sweater is from Paul bamg What..
Can anyone suggest brands of suits/jackets that have more narrow shoulders? Roughly a 16.9' I always hover in between 36-38r and can never find some to fit me
New Posts  All Forums: