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Quick question, do they still do that pride parade festival where they shut down the streets for a week or two, and widen all the patios?
Haha, I figured I had nothing better do, plus I had to fill some boxes up for spoo.
Hey florian, where are you located in quebec?
Used to go so often, it was a nice change to actually find stuff this time
Happened to be in the area. Cdg patch shirt, 2x wings and horn, recent prada pants, 2x cdg shirt canvas shoes.
No way man. So sick! You even got my loro piana hem cotton blazer coverage too. Im gonna make it big guys LOL
Are you... a real person?
Maybe i'll start thrifting once a week/month again. Yo frenchy, leave me some scraps. 
2 months out of the game. Anything new boys? (aka crazy hauls)
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