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If you're referring to Customs, yea, they've really been dragging their butts this week. I've got a pair of Vass that have been sitting there since Sunday.
Dat a GMT Master?
Would somebody here post a side by side picture of some mid brown suede and red brown?
Oh! I thought it was the opposite, having the highest of the three. Thanks for the info.
Thanks guys. I'm afraid the P2 instep is probably too high for me, hence the F or U.
Gentlemen, a little input please. Regarding suede chukkas- U-last or F-last? Is one more casual than the other? Also, which sole? I was thinking dainite.
Patience guys. Notch is a busy guy, but he will get back to you. I've bought two pairs of Vass through him and have been quite satisfied with the shoes and his service.
If it is shoes you're ordering, remember that duty is stupidly high. I can't remember the number off hand, though. Twenty or thirty percent I believe.
What are you thinking of? I'm tossing around ideas for a pair of chukkas. Don't know whether to go with suede or cordovan.
Nice! Which leather is that?
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