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What are you thinking of? I'm tossing around ideas for a pair of chukkas. Don't know whether to go with suede or cordovan.
Nice! Which leather is that?
News from a couple days ago is that Vass has black, deep cognac, cigar and Oxblood colors for shell. If that is the case, then the second from right is deep cognac, and the middle one is cigar. At least that's what I figure.
Thanks. Be sure to post some daytime pics. I'm curious to see how the dark brown compares to cognac pebble.
These are gorgeous! More info please...last, leather, etc
Would this also include chukkas?
I'm sorry too. I guess I'll have to wait for the next round. Anyone have a pair of 41's or 41.5's they're willing to sell?
Will there be a restock of the Vass scotch grain Norweger?
Thanks Roger. I meant in simple day to day wear.
So, does the thinner museum calf mean that it is more delicate than the regular calf?
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