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They shipped to me via DHL, so it was the full hit: GST, PST, 18% duty plus fees. What hurt even worse was the fact that she (the woman at Carmina) screwed up my order. Back went the boots to go through it all again. I never did recoup all my costs on the initial purchase. Furthermore, she tried to say that it was I that messed up the order. When I showed it wasn't me, she tried charging me for return shipping. Not a pleasant experience. I've since noticed that others have...
Hi Charlie,Any news on this strap? I'd love to get my hands on one.
Got my first order of RTW's coming. I'm planning on some MTM's so I'm curious to know if the build quality will be the same or better. Anyone care to comment?
The folks at Epaulet are truly awesome. Great work everyone at Epaulet!
A girlfriend based in the US? Why didn't I think of that?
Gorgeous belt, Charlie.
If you're referring to Customs, yea, they've really been dragging their butts this week. I've got a pair of Vass that have been sitting there since Sunday.
Dat a GMT Master?
Would somebody here post a side by side picture of some mid brown suede and red brown?
Oh! I thought it was the opposite, having the highest of the three. Thanks for the info.
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