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That roll! Magnificent stuff!
I've made two orders over the last year for shoe products, and have recently ordered a pair of Vass from GTA Shoeshine. Jok is a legitimate businessman. Have no fear, you will get your money back.
I was thinking the same thing. This cloth has Eddie McZee perfection written all over it though, which is why I ordered it!
You're a class act, Fortunato. Thanks for the montage, that is a great looking suit.
If they're 41's then consider me interested.
Let me know when these are up, I think I'll get one of each.
For the knife people, after some years of free-hand sharpening on stones to devices that set the angle for stone sharpening, I finally settled on a Chef's Choice 15/20 degree electric sharpener. I'll admit I was somewhat trepidatious putting my Misonos through this thing, but the results are fantastic. No regrets whatsoever.
I know. The pic was so you'd have an idea what the chukka looks like with goyser stitching.
Whiskey shell, not mine.
Try contacting the customs people of the country you are importing to and tell them exactly what you want to do i.e. import your own property. See what they say. If they want to tax you, then cheat.
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