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People outside the Perimeter Highway might not know what you're talking about.
Email sent!
And can the Canucks get if for $65 shipped, as well?
Wow! Looks like upholstery for ugly sofas.
Hey FM, Is that you organizing group buys for cloth on RFD? Mike
And top notch customer service.
[[SPOILER]] Wow! What an awesone jacket.
As a rule, I won't pay tax in someone else's jurisdiction. If they won't deduct the VAT from your purchase, tell 'em to shove it. Take your business elsewhere.
Yeah, this is the second pair I've bought through Notch. My impression has been that he's a busy guy. Very organized and reliable, nonetheless. Have faith.
Yes. I ordered a pair of shoes in February. Three weeks ago he told me they were ready and shipped. Received them and thanked him for a smooth transaction. For once, the Canadian customs people did not demand a pound of flesh in return.
New Posts  All Forums: