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[[SPOILER]] I'm expecting a pair of those, size 41.5 narrow F-last in antique cognac cordovan any day now. Notch, are you reading this?
Speaking of chukkas, does anyone here have any that are made by Vass? I'd love to see some pics.
I appreciate your input Rikod. Thanks for posting that.
You're probably preaching to the choir on that point.
Tricky, Have you thought of using Alden's Leather Defender? I've applied some to some of my cordovan boots, but have yet to test it against the elements. Anyone else care to comment on the stuff?
Mike and Company I, too, am interested in getting in on the Loden/ Burnt Orange jacket should it come to fruition.
Has anybody here bought cloth from http://www.huddersfieldcloth.com ? Any comments on the quality? Currently, they've got some 23oz herringbone cloths on deal for twenty-five pounds/metre, double width. Ojaw, this might be a reasonably-priced source for some cloth for you. Also, sent you a PM re: Winnipeg tailors. If anybody has any comments about local tailors, please let me know.
You guys keep talking about wide-fitting lasts. Do you know if the F or P2 lasts are available in a narrow-fitting?
I had a great experience dealing with Mears. Don't hesitate to contact them with your request.
Congrats Mike and Adele!
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