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And by "another pair" are you saying that you have more than one pair of Norwegers? I'm up to three pairs myself.
Can you take note of any size 41 odd stock and let me know what they have?
Anyone having trouble adding stuff to their cart? I am unable on two different computers.
Notch, What price range do you expect for a cordovan belt?
Notch, Please ask the good people at Vass if they anticipate any cordovan shell in colors other than what you have already listed.
Wow, those are spectacular. I may just have to get a pair.
Can't wait for the pics!
I'd be in for a few ties if this came around again. Any problems shipping to Winnipeg?
Best of luck Tom in your new endeavor.
You can cut your costs with Fedex by setting up an account with them. It costs nothing to do, and their charges are diminished. No brainer really.
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