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Being marked "gift" doesn't mean a free ride, so to speak. Your Canadian customer should familiarize himself with the rules. Don't feel obligated to cough up any more dough. A friend of mine is a trucker who crosses the Canada/US border a dozen times a month put it this way: US Customs: it's about protecting the nation. Canada Customs: it's about extracting their pound of flesh from the poor soul going north.
Tower ATC here, so that's my excuse for buying GMT watches. At least that's what I tell myself.
Someone who actually sets his GMT-Master to GMT(besides me). Bravo!
That roll! Magnificent stuff!
I've made two orders over the last year for shoe products, and have recently ordered a pair of Vass from GTA Shoeshine. Jok is a legitimate businessman. Have no fear, you will get your money back.
I was thinking the same thing. This cloth has Eddie McZee perfection written all over it though, which is why I ordered it!
You're a class act, Fortunato. Thanks for the montage, that is a great looking suit.
If they're 41's then consider me interested.
Let me know when these are up, I think I'll get one of each.
For the knife people, after some years of free-hand sharpening on stones to devices that set the angle for stone sharpening, I finally settled on a Chef's Choice 15/20 degree electric sharpener. I'll admit I was somewhat trepidatious putting my Misonos through this thing, but the results are fantastic. No regrets whatsoever.
New Posts  All Forums: