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Notch, What price range do you expect for a cordovan belt?
Notch, Please ask the good people at Vass if they anticipate any cordovan shell in colors other than what you have already listed.
Wow, those are spectacular. I may just have to get a pair.
Can't wait for the pics!
I'd be in for a few ties if this came around again. Any problems shipping to Winnipeg?
Best of luck Tom in your new endeavor.
You can cut your costs with Fedex by setting up an account with them. It costs nothing to do, and their charges are diminished. No brainer really.
Being marked "gift" doesn't mean a free ride, so to speak. Your Canadian customer should familiarize himself with the rules. Don't feel obligated to cough up any more dough. A friend of mine is a trucker who crosses the Canada/US border a dozen times a month put it this way: US Customs: it's about protecting the nation. Canada Customs: it's about extracting their pound of flesh from the poor soul going north.
Tower ATC here, so that's my excuse for buying GMT watches. At least that's what I tell myself.
Someone who actually sets his GMT-Master to GMT(besides me). Bravo!
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