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Try contacting the customs people of the country you are importing to and tell them exactly what you want to do i.e. import your own property. See what they say. If they want to tax you, then cheat.
On the contrary, you've garnered my respect for speaking up.
I've ordered from Sultan's. Never been. What was it like then, if you couldn't browse?
Who's the shipping company? I would tell them to use the documents that were included with the parcel, that's what they're there for.
I like those, alot!
@FrankCowperwood Great jacket! Thx for the pic
I'd love to have a better look at that jacket.
Thanks Nik,Which model of theirs most resembles the Heirloom, or do you just call them up and order over the phone asking for "that EP cardigan"?
Gorgeous fabric. What's the footwear?
Interesting that you should mention this. I had a watch from Japan sail through last month, and all parcels of bike gear from the UK (about six of them) values up to $200 got through as well.
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