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Thanks Roger. I meant in simple day to day wear.
So, does the thinner museum calf mean that it is more delicate than the regular calf?
That makes perfect sense, Charlie. High quality products at a reasonable price. Let`s not forget, folks, that Charlie and company aren`t spending tons on advertising like LVMH and others. This represents a savings to us, the consumer.
grunberg, When I'm deciding on a makeup, I'll scroll through all the pics that have been posted in the thread to see what others have done. If you go to the top of the page, there's a window entitled "Recent Images in this thread", from there, click on "see all" and enjoy the show.
Hey ojaw, Glad to hear that. When did you drop off the cloth? I've got two in the works from Giovanni and I'm eager to get them.
Derek, Your sizes are similar to mine. Based on your Brannock, Barrie, Quoddy and Yuketen, I'd say 41.5 Vass F last, but I have a low instep. Others may chime in with 42 on the F last.
Cleav, that is outstanding!
If your instep isn't too high, then I'd say 41.5. Your stated sizes are the same as mine. Confused yet?
I've twice done business with this outfit. I was happy with both transactions as well as with the quality of the cloth.
Same here. BTW, is this becoming a canadian thread?
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