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Thinking about getting a side part pompadour type of look.    Anyone else out there currently rocking this style? Any recommendations on styling techniques or products?
How long would you say you wore your jeans until you feel you got the max amount of stretch?
Got my Zimbabwe's in yesterday (I backed the first offering). My second purchase from Gustin (first didn't fit) and finally found the perfect fit I think. Just barely got the top button done so with stretching should be an awesome fit. Excited to break in my first pair of raw denim.
+1 to this. I have basically the same exact situation. Jeans measured at a 38 and went with the 36 straight. Hoping it turns out well!
   That's what I was thinking...going for the 36. Just want other people with more experience to back that up so thank you.
Still looking for opinions.  I wear 34 in Banana Republic, 35 in Levis.
So got a sizing question...   I backed a 34 straight a while back and it was too small. It did come in a little smaller than the fit guide.(0.5-1.0" in the waist) Was able to pull them up but couldn't get any buttons. Tried a second time and was able to just get the bottom button, but none of the others were close.   How much should I size up? 35 or 36? Don't want to have to go through another return. So disappointing.   Thanks for any help.
Nice!  No such luck for me though. Apparently I effed up the fit guide or something cause I can't even get the bottom button...  So.. what's the exchange process like? And how much sizing up should I do?
I've only had to message them once, but I got a return email the same day.
Any update on the Black Friday shipments?
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