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I'll throw in some SWD   Issey Miyake around a Large-ish?   $165 firm. Could possibly trade but it would have to wow me and my closet is already overflowing so...
 hahah dollar signs popped up in my eyes when I saw that bad boy on the rack.   was visiting my grandparents in a small hill country town outside of San Antonio, my brother found an even cooler shearling jacket in his size at the same store, I'll have to snap a picture of it it's unbelievable. 
can't compete with what's been posted here recently. Some thrift, some consignment store. Haven't had much time to get out recently, but got out a few times.                           Pretty sure this is reversible astrakhan/leather, so soft. Found in a small town in Texas of all places hah!                    
Dark gray is always the answer
It can be really frustrating, but I've found that if I just plug in a mic and get people to group up to make coordinated attacks it's usually overcome-able. Teamwork tends to trump all in Overwatch.
Hit up a local stores warehouse sale last week on a tip from @My Main Man. and found these beauties (all keepers)         and then some thrift/consignment finds. All fit me so N/A              
The Boglioli was a great pickup. Good work
Bringing the heat @vexco
All I was trying to say was that guy could have made a cool video but instead he went around and shot people point blank in the head. There were a couple cool parts. For example when the semi was barreling towards him, he blew it up, and then a soaring fireball of metal went right over him. Those were the types clips I (and many others) enjoyed. I love GTA and games like it, because I have no issue with video game violence (usually), but watching that guy turn something...
Man that video could have been so cool too, instead he used it as a murder simulator.
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