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Now to figure out how to get it home...
Furniture guys (@330ck), worth the kop at $40? eBay prices seem to say yes, but how much value does that missing handle take away? It's not in any if the drawers.
SF group trip?
This is almost everything that was left in my inventory. There are a couple things in here that I'm keeping but almost everything is available.  [[SPOILER]]
Found a tie for barrel:
Need some quick cash so I'm trying to unload this stuff. offers away!! Selvedge Levi's tagged 33x34 but measure 36 waist I believe. Look/feel unwashed.    Unvented and single pleat but size 38S [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]   available for $15 shipped due to the pulling on the back seam. It's not torn and could probably be fixed by a tailor for really cheap.  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Someone here mentioned that "Ittierre" makes for a lot of italian brands (example: off the top of my head, I believe Armani is made by them as well).  I'd vote real, but I'm no expert. 
+1. Hooked me up with a staple I had been after (navy gren) for dirt cheap.
Hit it yesterday right when they opened. I walked out with a PRL blackwatch umbrella, but that was it. I saw those santonis and wasn't feelin' it, also saw a unvented and orphaned Karl Lagerfield Paris (by HF) blazer . I'll probably keep checking back just incase, but it seems to have passed through there now. It wasn't even one of those stores where you see some decent stuff, and think to yourself "Hey, there's a chance."  
Very mediocre day thrifting.  First time I've found something from the "live" line [[SPOILER]]    If any MN guys find the matching pants to this I'd be very grateful for a proxy and would toss you some extra $$. (Chan GW) [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]] Was hoping this would fit me, but it's just a little too big. So, it's available for cost + shipping + a $1 or 2. if there are no bites, back to GW it goes.  NWOT, still has the plastic thingy in the collar Authentic?? Seems...
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