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Those Alden's look to be shell as well?
I would go back for them, not Grails but people are always looking for nice dress pants, and Incotex has great brand recognition. Plus linen 😍
Hahah you even got the size right, I had a very similar title prepared but will add in "brushed"Thanks man!
Talbott repp, PRL neat, banana republic patchwork vest (tweed, corduroy, and leather) And these two from an exchange store in the area. dropped off about 8 jcrew shirts (thrifted for $2-5/ea) and got these plus $25 cash in exchange. Keeping both unless someone wants to trade me a Medium hoodie and loafers in a 9D. Those are 9.5E Love getting paid to get nice things
 good point
Buy and never look back
  Is this a tattersall? and does anyone have title suggestions? 
sorry to hear about this 
My buying trip this year hasn't been quite as crazy as last year but I'm still pretty happy with what its produced. Some highlights: Triple patch pockets and beautiful Navy Herringbone recent canali blazer Boglioli "Hampton" navy blazer gahhhh I wish this was my size. 52R EU Wool cashmere blend EZ. Wine colored Two charvet ties
Couldn't resist wearing a new jacket today even though the shoulders need a little bit of work still. Kiton Charles Tyrwhitt Random 7 fold Random PS Incotex Zegna
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