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My thoughts exactly!This is awesome!This is adorable
I'm still trying to recuperate from my thrifting high from the Alden's and all of a sudden this amazing suit shoes up. Today is a damn good day.Hope everyone else had a good day!
Story time. So I was going bike shopping with my girlfriend and the bike store happened to be across the street from a small local clothing exchange store, my girlfriend said we could go to the clothes store first (she's a keeper). I spotted the boots from across the store and my heart started racing. First time finding shell (if they are, waiting for the Cap'n seal) so cherry pop, also popping my Alden cherry x2. The best part? Both pairs are 9D and fit me perfectly....
Just want to give a teaser/verify that these are shell. Thoughts? I'll post full pics after I verify.
I want that puppy
No problem man! I appreciate the shoes as well! Can't wait to do business with you again.
Thank you, I had researched it a little bit a couple weeks ago, and I also got the same answer. The reason I ask is because a potential ebay customer contacted (bitched at) me claiming that it wasn't couture so I politely explained to him that it was indeed (and explained why). Didn't work, he claims that I "have no idea what I'm talking about." Ahhhh, the joys of dealing with eBay.  Anyways, thank you!! Just wanted to make sure I "know what I'm talking about."
I've posted this find before, but I need to verify that this is indeed a EZ couture tie. It doesn't say couture but the XXX stitching signifies this, correct?
There's been some recent talk of thrift mobiles: There's a surprising amount of storage. I've gotten 1 suit, 2 blazers and 4 pairs of shoes to fit before. Bought it off a friend of mine for a couple hundred bucks and runs like a champs. I really only use it to hit the close stores. It forces me to be picky (which I need) Edit: Spoo, I'm coming for ya!
Found in St. Paul, MN. @Spoopoker Also found gap selvedge tagged 32x32. Can pickup if someone wants them. And a pretty nice paul stuart shirt 16x34. Yellow check pattern Going to leave both unless someone wants them.
New Posts  All Forums: