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Woah. Love that
As spoo said. "When you're hot, you're hot" I'm sure it'll die down (back to normal) pretty quick here.
NWT VTG Johnson Woolen Mills Pants. 32x30 [[SPOILER]]   RG shirt. M [[SPOILER]]   Philip Lim 3.1 shirt. Small [[SPOILER]]    Okay, so maybe yesterday's Filson and Orvis wasn't enough for you guys. How about some Barbour?       Would love to get something like these in a small or maybe a medium. 
Will proxy for someone, Salvatore ferragamo 8.5ee. Black penny loafers. $30 at the store And Cop at $60?
Lolol @barrelntriggerI want to sell them, but then again they fit pretty well. Decisions decisions...Hope it serves you well!I've got a lot of PM's to reply to. Bear with me!
Stuff for me:   Available things:  Oxxford 42 [[SPOILER]]   Corneliani 46R [[SPOILER]]   Brooks Brothers, 42R, staple gray, FF and cuffed pants, single vent, and 2 button. Basically the most staple suit you can own.   [[SPOILER]]    Hugo Boss 38S. staple gray suit.  [[SPOILER]]  Brooks Brothers 40R donegal tweed blazer [[SPOILER]]   PRL 42R blazer [[SPOILER]]   Navy and gray chalkstripe suits 38R's I think. haven't measured yet.  Brooks Brothers herringbone blazer 45L. Can...
 I haven't tried this yet, but I think I might on a couple of different sweaters.  How to soften wool sweaters. Anyone have experience with this method? I could fill a bathtub of wool things that I'd like to be softer, so if this works it would be a godsend. 
That's what I kind of figured. Kind of funny how bad their grammar is then. Hahah
A few quick and dirties: I love the smell of blackwatch in the morning. Especially when it fits me perfectly. And this, NWT Black Scale varsity jacket. The care tag kind of worries me with those grammar mistakes though. Real? Fake?
Thanks! going to make an amazing suit 
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