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I thank you, my wallet does not... 
9UK right? Cause if 9US...
except aging/good taste 
😂😂😂 thank you
Thanks everyone! Couldn't have done it without this forum and the knowledge and friends I've gained here. Off to celebrate round 2 with family
Partial thrift fit, I'll do a full one tomorrow or something, idk. Just got engaged! Champagne is kicking in. Ring was thrift funded 😎😂. Isaia cashmere double breasted blazer - e thrift Eton shirt - thrift Drakes PS - trade with Spoooooo Jpress tie - thrift Bracelets - fiancée's cousin (free) Puppy - opposite of thrift Not seen Bally chocolate suede loafers - e thrift Brooks brothers 1818 gray pants - thrift priced discount
I don't know about everyone else, but I love seeing high end women's stuff in this thread, gives me a chance to pick up some stuff for my girlfriend and earn some brownie points.  
Haven't been out much at all lately, but glad I stopped today. 2 of the highlights, much more found but nothing else photographed Someone trade me this identical thing in a small. Drooooool. And then this bad boy. Thrift priced consignment. Ah cool, my first tailored RLPL piece Wicked.
Picked up Arma 3 and Dyling light 50% off, and the sniper elite trilogy for $15. Gonna be busy for a while
Not sure if this sort of post is frowned upon but since I'm not trying to make a profit off of it I figured it would be fine to post.    I've got a Roma fit (?) brown birdseye suit in 36R that I'd like to get rid of. I bought it off eBay and unfortunately it fits bigger than I had hoped. More like a 38R, I can get details for those interested.    Also open to trades for similar suits in a 36S or a Susu overcoat! 
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