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If he leaves a neg feedback, fingers crossed that he leaves it about the non-refund then. Thank you, you re-enforced my thoughts.  Yep! It's so hard to not get really frustrated with this guy, awful communication and making demands. 
 +1, I was there 3 days ago and nada. 
Hey guys,    I'm working my way through this thread and have not seen this discussed yet (although I'm sure it has).    I can get specific dates and quotes if anyone thinks that would help to understand more.  I sold a NWT BBGF suit about a month and a half ago, 3 weeks later he says "doesn't fit returning"  Keep in mind, that I provided measurements in the listing.    So I told him my policy. must be returned within 14 days, but I would make an exception in this...
The past 2 nights in a row, I've been having dreams (nightmares) of getting 3-5 negative feedbacks overnight on eBay, making me lose my top-rated seller status (and discount). Both mornings I frantically got out of bed and scrambled to check my phone. It's actually been extremely annoying haha. 
I think it really depends on the characteristics of the item being steamed. Obviously, fused stuff could be damaged by it, but I don't see how steaming a canvassed jacket would alter/harm it. 
Now to figure out how to get it home...
Furniture guys (@330ck), worth the kop at $40? eBay prices seem to say yes, but how much value does that missing handle take away? It's not in any if the drawers.
SF group trip?
This is almost everything that was left in my inventory. There are a couple things in here that I'm keeping but almost everything is available.  [[SPOILER]]
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