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Yep! I use it to send ties to my dad (for free) as gifts every now and then. Sorry I won't have my computer for another 2 hours, but I'll link it ASAP
You can print first class PayPal ship. I'm on my phone right now, but I'll add a link in a little bit!
Bless you!
I don't really want to post my finds after spoo but oh well..   Not sure what this is. It's got backpack straps though so I'm thinking massive rucksack?   [[SPOILER]]    Women's Northface jacket, n/a These have done really well for me lately. [[SPOILER]]   2 awesome HSM plaid blazers for my dad.  This is insanely heavy [[SPOILER]]    Women's Aran cardigan [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    Navy Brooks Brothers suit. ~40R, FF, cuffed pants, single vent, 3/2 roll. [[SPOILER]]...
ahh, that would make sense. Didn't even think of that. 
wait, why never mind?! don't leave us hangin! 
X-post to wake up this thread     Thrift fit inspired by eazye. Filson (mega discount, tip from @ccl88) JCrew Selvedge chambray (thrift) Rag & Bone (mega discount) Alden shell boots (underpriced consignment)
Oh yeah, a nice POP today...
Thanks!@ccl88 told me that there were some left in my size on sierra trading post and I used a 40% off coupon, plus I had a $60 gift cardAll in all the jacket cost me less than a hundred bucks shipped. Very pleased with it.
Rough week, damn. people are shitty.
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