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Whoever got these, if they don't work out. hit me up
what's that website where you can choose from their options to create a "custom" couch/sectional?   Edit: I remembered, it was Joybird
Ah, it pays to finish reading what others have posted.. Well, I'm just glad I didn't throw my hat in the ring for the other ones as well haha.
Frenchy, that first one I've seen on Trussini, not sure if they're the maker or not.
I'll throw in some SWD   Issey Miyake around a Large-ish?   $165 firm. Could possibly trade but it would have to wow me and my closet is already overflowing so...
 hahah dollar signs popped up in my eyes when I saw that bad boy on the rack.   was visiting my grandparents in a small hill country town outside of San Antonio, my brother found an even cooler shearling jacket in his size at the same store, I'll have to snap a picture of it it's unbelievable. 
can't compete with what's been posted here recently. Some thrift, some consignment store. Haven't had much time to get out recently, but got out a few times.                           Pretty sure this is reversible astrakhan/leather, so soft. Found in a small town in Texas of all places hah!                    
Dark gray is always the answer
It can be really frustrating, but I've found that if I just plug in a mic and get people to group up to make coordinated attacks it's usually overcome-able. Teamwork tends to trump all in Overwatch.
Hit up a local stores warehouse sale last week on a tip from @My Main Man. and found these beauties (all keepers)         and then some thrift/consignment finds. All fit me so N/A              
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