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the fact that they're even doing an online subscription is a joke.
Need to clear some stuff that's been sitting around for way too long as we're moving soon. All prices shipped in US. Can't do any trades unless for some reason you have an Acer Predator x34 monitor or the ASUS equivalent.   Might be some room for negotiation depending on the item and how bad I want it gone.        John Lobb Prestige Oxford 8.5E UK Brown $265   NWT Wallace & Barnes jacket 36R Gray $120   John Lobb Captoe Oxfords 8.5UK Brown $400   Ermenegildo...
Long time no post. 50 EU in an awesome fabric, also unlined. Probably N/A unless you've gotta have it. Medium
Been insanely busy lately. (Starting a new job at the end of the month, bought a house, and finishing wedding planning) so haven't had a lot time to thrift but i still wanted to post some stuff that I've found recently. Still lurking here every day. Most of this isn't true thrift just a heads up           Boys XL but fits like a adult small                                
Lol you guys thought the dog pics were done... Piper and Ralph
w...what if Spoo is Mr. Big..? 
Whoever got these, if they don't work out. hit me up
what's that website where you can choose from their options to create a "custom" couch/sectional?   Edit: I remembered, it was Joybird
Ah, it pays to finish reading what others have posted.. Well, I'm just glad I didn't throw my hat in the ring for the other ones as well haha.
Frenchy, that first one I've seen on Trussini, not sure if they're the maker or not.
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