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Yep, I should have but I won't be back to my family's home for a few days at least, so let just go with minimal drop! Thanks everyone
Looking for: ~46S blazer for my dad with measurements around P2P: 24" S2S: 18.5" Length: 29" Lighterweight preferred but not necessary (just no flannels or winter weights) Will consider all colors except black but a nice navy would be perfect. He's got a beer belly which makes it harder to find stuff that fits him haha. Need it by May 20th at the latest! Lots to trade or straight up ca$h! Hit me up
Gotcha. We'll I'll just let it go then. Annoying but not worth the headache, oh well
anyone have tips on fighting a NAD case for color? I described a shirt as magenta or pink and they're claiming it's red. They want a complete refund, which I don't mind paying for since its a shirt, I just don't want to have a strike on my account for something as subjective as color. I know @fueco has dealt with similar situations.   Thanks fellas.
No worries! Hahah I was just messing around. Your posts are always interesting and informative
Inb4 not isaia, it's michaelangelo 😂
Found other stuff but had a fun hat haul today. All N/A
I have no regrets because I kop and hoard uncontrollably 😂
Size of those choco suede jodhpurs?
A couple recent finds, just some of the more interesting ones!      From my trip to New Orleans!                      Someone trade me a small of this shirt                     Also, Thank you to @vexco for hooking me up with 3 pairs of alden shell in the past few months and to @330CK for some wicked Ferragamo boots
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