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Will do! Sorry mane! Couldn't pass that up
Woooo Carmina. Sent the money, thanks man!
Haven't done legit thrifting in about 2 months, so I decided to hit a store today cause I had some time to kill. this was a nice welcome back.
Yessir! Thanks man! Hope all is wellThank you for providing it! 👍
In the spirit of more participation in this thread here an overdue fit pic: I figured since my school color is purple, it was the perfect time for my linen/silk WW Chan sportcoat courtesy of Luxeswap. Happy Sunday everyone!
Yeah I know, I don't have an answer though. He doesn't have a jacket that fits him so I'm going off of the best estimates I can give, that's why I said least amount of drop as possible.
I'll take a nice dark green please! I've already got navy and brown covered but I want to be sure 🤓
Yep, I should have but I won't be back to my family's home for a few days at least, so let just go with minimal drop! Thanks everyone
Looking for: ~46S blazer for my dad with measurements around P2P: 24" S2S: 18.5" Length: 29" Lighterweight preferred but not necessary (just no flannels or winter weights) Will consider all colors except black but a nice navy would be perfect. He's got a beer belly which makes it harder to find stuff that fits him haha. Need it by May 20th at the latest! Lots to trade or straight up ca$h! Hit me up
Gotcha. We'll I'll just let it go then. Annoying but not worth the headache, oh well
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