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fixed, Thanks! 
  Item NWT Scott James Blazer Sportcoat Steel Blue Herringbone M 38 Pit to Pit: 20.25 Waist laid flat (extra):   Shoulder to Shoulder: 17.5 Inseam (extra):   Length from Bottom of Collar: 28.75 Front Rise:   Sleeve from shoulder seam: 25 Leg opening flat:   Vents?: Dual Pleated?:   Closure?: 3 Button Cuffed?:   Characteristics: Triple Patch...
Shell? no. Sorry!  -------------------------------------------------------- Where has @noob gone? I miss his posts. If you're reading this I wore that Lindberg jacket today! Thanks again man! 
Got my girlfriend wearing selvedge jeans. This thread rubs off..
Obviously you don't want to let grails go for cheap, but if you don't want that to happen don't under-list them. IMO it would be a scummy move to back out of a sale like that. So I guess my answer is absolutely not. 
that's actually a lot better than I was expecting.    It seems to me that the previous owner may have liked the fitzgerald cut up top and the milano cut for the pants and decided to buy them as separates? 
ahh okey doke. I'm keeping him on the blocklist then! thanks! do you guys usually ignore messages about "why can't I purchase this item from you?" 
wmchulo69    this person is on the blocklist without any explanation, can anyone here shed light or should I let him buy something from me?
http://mobile.yoox.com/us/41451756KX/item?dept=men#sts=SearchResult&cod10=41451756KX Picked up 2 of these in 38, hopefully they fit slimmer. Gonna try to make them work if not oh well. The fabric content looks nice though.
I know not all buyers are out to scam/ cause trouble but I've had issues with him twice now over the same item. I've even shown him proof that my measurements were exact and he got extremely defensive/rude and began demanding a refund (I gave it to him). I just thought I'd put his name here incase others wanted to avoid potential annoyances. Not saying he's all bad because he does have 200+ feedback but I'd be curious to find out what his true feedback would be like if...
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