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Bringing the heat @vexco
All I was trying to say was that guy could have made a cool video but instead he went around and shot people point blank in the head. There were a couple cool parts. For example when the semi was barreling towards him, he blew it up, and then a soaring fireball of metal went right over him. Those were the types clips I (and many others) enjoyed. I love GTA and games like it, because I have no issue with video game violence (usually), but watching that guy turn something...
Man that video could have been so cool too, instead he used it as a murder simulator.
Photo dump, long time no post. Barely been hitting any stores lately, too much stuff going on in life. Glad to see this thread is still bumpin'   Some thrift, some thrift priced consignment:                                    by EZ                
Yep, there was spam. Looking back on that I should have realized the spam would have been deleted haha.
Truly a terrible business name. Sounds very suggestive... Edit: there was a spam post but I didn't want to quote it. My bad
Terrible :/. RIP Brian, I truly hope you're at peace.
The sleeve is what killed it for me too :/ wanted the attolini so bad
Will do! Sorry mane! Couldn't pass that up
Woooo Carmina. Sent the money, thanks man!
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