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Still a great grab if at true thrift
Looks pretty cool! If true thrift, I'd grab it
@thrift Vader I'm still lurking, just haven't had much time to post finds recently. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And happy birthday Mr and Misses HansderHund!
No sir, just got notified that something sold and someone paid, and that was in my email.
Should I be worried about the no seller protection? I know not to ship until the e-check clears and then do signature confirmation. Just curious about that little tidbit.
hahaha god people are ridiculous. That meme is perfect
WHY are all of the Loheads such cheap asses? seriously, I almost hate picking up rare RL stuff because dealing with them is so annoying. Between lowballing, millions of messages asking if I'll go lower, millions of other messages telling me why it's not worth what I have it listed for, the messages being illiterate, scamming, etc. 
I'd go back but that's just me
sometimes thrifting is a cruel mistress. Went out last week (first time in a while) and I had to pass on a super recent Isaia jacket because it had a hole on the lapel and it was an orphan. Then a little further down the rack I spot a nice zegna wool/silk suit looks minty, aaaaaaand then I see a massive hole on the elbow. so I check back quickly the next few days for other scraps... nada. 
New Posts  All Forums: