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I agree with you that shoe fitting is not limited to two dimensions, but as a starting point using a reference that is arbitrary makes it hard to gauge.We should start with Brannock and go with more specificity from there.
This is why we shouldn't be referencing our size in certain lasts. We should be referencing our Brannock size, a standard, especially when some people take the 65 last in Brannock or down half a size and up a width from Brannock.Doesn't sounds like a good deal....
Agreed. Would rather have two suits than two shoes.I'm surprised about the trees too. My trees definitely make my shoe boxes heavier. Don't think I would ever travel with them regardless of the length of time I'd be away.
In case you do want some nice hangers, Massdrop has the Hanger Project ones as part of a drop. $60 for three, but not sure how much the shipping to Canada will be.
I was also wondering what color they were.
Good price and the uppers seem to be in good condition. Not sure about the soles though.
My suede shoes are my wet weather shoes. I will only not wear them when there is salt on the ground.
I'd assume that it would similar to CXL as they are both oiled leathers. You would use something like Obenauf's HDLP on them. I think they are tough to shine, so leathers like this, for me at least, would be relegated to casual wear, so no shine really needed.This would bother me and I would return if possible, but these are your shoes.
They could probably transfer the shoes for you to try on.
The shoes absorbing water doesn't sound like it would healthy to me.
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