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So about US $50 in duties?
Somewhat competitive price. You can buy cheaper at the Steven Alan sale, but once that ends it is competitively priced. I don't love the green color as my 256 is the same color.If it was tan and priced $20 cheaper I would have been interested.
I actually thought it was a good way to describe how tight the jeans were.
Great bag, at least in tan. You can definitely fill it to the point where it may be too cumbersome for a petite lady. I think my significant other would have issue with it when it's full.
I thought I would wear them a lot, but I don't love the fit or the shape of the toe box anymore. It's probably time for a resole too.
Probably a good idea. I know some of my belts are suffering from the same. I'd probably stick to the cream polish or something like HDLP for bridle leather belts like Equus though.
Agreed. I have Sanfords in calf and shell in the same size and color....The shell ones are not different enough that I think could wear another size. The calf ones do fit better though.
Is that just gum? Ice water and a rag?
I haven't voted or indicated I want to be in the MTO, but from personal experience with other group buys, people really aren't in until they've made a deposit or put some money down.Granted these group MTOs could be a different beast.
I actually have not worn/washed them yet, so can't really say. They seem to be more fitted than last year's linen sport shirts though from my recollection. I am actually worried about them shrinking in the first wash, so will probably machine wash, but hang dry.
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