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Not working today, so will throw up a pic from a few weeks ago. Burgundy Shell Cambridge
They're actually from Club Monaco made with fabric from the "British Isles." I like them too and so much so I accidentally bought a similar pair of Rugby tweeds. Still like them both very much though.
I'm actually lacking short sleeve henley's so would be looking to do that, but linen or cotton/linen sounds great too. Not sure if I would prefer long or short sleeve.
Wearing mine today too. Walnut shellSent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
In that same vein, I'm not too sure on what that sizing means either. I typically wear 15/32 or 15/33 shirts and my one Kamakura shirt is a 39-87 Tokyo Slim fit because the smaller size did not fit me. The arms are a little long and the waist is a little wide, but I think is their closest off the rack fit for me. Also the reason I only have one of their shirts.
I'm not aware of any rule where you have to have a jacket to have pants with no belt loops.
I thought because it looked cleaner and you don't need to deal with a belt.
Black waistband is a dealbreaker for me for the new undie colors.
Committed to Little Louis in Natural Shell at lowest price point. Already have a Little Louis in #8.
Took receipt of my @Deusis Guarded Goods Horween #8 Shell Cordovan lanyard. Pictured next to my natural vegetable tan lanyard from SF member @zissou in 2012. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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