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Yeah lighter shells have to be blemish free, whereas with a darker color you can hide some of the imperfections.
You can always get internal organizers or use pouches. Always great to have the option of it being one big hole so you can stuff something big in it like a shoebox.
Totally agree. Was my first Filson item and my favorite.
Ah I see. Yes, The USD has a decent/good exchange against the GBP right now.I've never bought any whiskey shell before, but have noticed that lighter shells command a higher price on the aftermarket.
That's why we can't have nice things.
Really. I don't think the exchange is that bad right now.
I'd say they were less formal because they are beefroll loafers where the patriots are just pennies.
Agreed, really don't see an issue with these. It looks like they didn't like the way they were burnished and marked them seconds..
Agree that changing it now would cause trouble. We should go with the make up that everyone that has confirmed their orders has agreed upon.
New Posts  All Forums: