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Didn't know that the damage was that extensive.
Damn, when did the other buildings surrounding the ones where the fire was go down.
I looked at their belts when I had a 40% off coupon. They feel overpriced in my opinion. I think you're better off with something from Equus (casualish) or Trafalgar. Not impressed with my Allen Edmonds belt either. I have a Meermin belt inbound from eBay so we'll see how that is too.
You haven't really given us a point of reference as to what your Brannock size is, except that it might be close to US (?) 8.
I think tropics knows what EU is. I think OmniscientCause was trying to say retailer.
Yeah I read subways, then I looked at the picture, then thought, not in NYC.
He mentioned earlier that he ordered from the Madison ave store.
Sized the same as my Brannock size. I have both calf and shell and same experience as usual. The shell is a little looser.
Not as bad as the Voyagers...
They look a little short to me.
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