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50% off orders of $100 or more at the Knottery with code burfday Picked up two raw silk ties and a tussah for less than $90.
It's a trek to get to the populated parts of the beach, must be even more for the unpopulated ones.
Big fan of Long Beach. I've been out there three times this year already.+1 and it's pretty relaxed there too.Would be at Fire Island more if it was more convenient, but I'm sure that's the case with most people too.+1Escaped that for this weekend. That's a win in my book.
I found this out first hand. I bought a pair of overdyed seersucker pants a few weeks ago and they are slimmer than my regular line Milano pants.
I had mine added two years ago when I bought my 256 and , luckily, they did sew it on for me.
I also wouldn't wear a double breasted suit or a pocket square to an interview. Best to be more conservative.
I need to get the regular fit tailored, but they fit better for me than the slim fit which is too tight. If I sized up in the slim fit, the length would be too long.
Agreed these are pretty ho-hum prices. I don't remember the CHCM prices close to 3 for GBP 90, but definitely cheaper than this.
Another shortwing open laced shoe!! Wish they did a longwing.
Yeah....Didn't realize it was that type of place.I don't think we were dressed down, but I didn't have a jacket on either.
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