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This. +1If your 38 jackets are measuring out to 38 then they are not sized/tagged right. There should be room to move in the jacket otherwise if your chest is actually 38" it would literally be skin tight.
Is the quality of those the same as the regular line? Personally the Red Fleece line is too slim for me.
I think the next best available option is the Brooks Brothers OCBD I think you can probably snag one in the $50 range with the right sale.
Those shoes don't look "used" to me either.
At that price point, I'm not sure there are any other good options.
I have an app called Agent that only allows certain notifications to ring the phone after a certain hour.
Made in the U.S., so no.Probably Allen Edmonds.
Here's my input on the 348 last measurements. C&J Drummond UK 8.5E bought from Burlington Arcade store in London: Length: 12 7/16" or 316mm Width: 4 3/16" or 107mm Insole marking: 8.5/5
Found a few things that I like, but at $50 for a pocket square and $100 - $125 a tie, I'm going to pass.
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