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Too rich for me too. I also don't love thick merino. When I think merino I usually envision something thinner.
Not familiar with Rota.Serious, but kind of rhetorical question.Don't know too much about tailoring, but I would think changing the rise of a pair of a pants would be a pretty involved alteration and not typical.Bonobos, IMO is pretty fashion forward too, maybe more fashion forward than brands like Gap and Banana Republic.
At the same time it is fashion based. What did men with your body type do before low rise pants? I would consider Gustin's classic fit to be lower rise than standard.
I think it's fine if anything, maybe even short. Gustin's straight fit is more fashion forward than other brands.
Thanks for the review. 24 hour seems more fitting for the bag if it is the same size as the 72. I can fit my daily work stuff in there, but it's really pushing if I needed to put another full outfit in there.
Not in for either, but is it possible to switch lasts on a model? Wouldn't the leather have to be cut different to adjust for the last?
Those sound like high wear areas to me.
Don't love the last for a Chelsea, but does work with the more casual leather. I like my Chelseas dressier.
Thought I PMed you, but checking back doesn't look like I did. It's Wagner's Tailoring on Fulton Street. I've been happy with his work so far.
I have two pairs of 3Sixteen also and they have been solid for me too.
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