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If you can get a discount, it's 30%. They are typically excluded.
I actually find the Uniqlo sleeves to be just right for me. Any slimmer and I don't think I could fit into it.
+1 I find it hard to get excited about any watch company's main offering that is quartz. I have no issues with quartz and even have been looking for a used bond Omega SeMP in quartz, but it just doesn't seem appealing to drop more than a few hundred for a quartz watch. I have two quartz Tissots in my collection right now and it's great when you can just pick them up to wear.Only when broken. I've had three watches serviced/repaired so far. A Marina Militaire (I think a...
Thanks, I've actually tried that one on, and you are right, I needed to size up from my regular size to fit into it.
I actually prefer wearing my suede when it's wet out. Just need to brush the suede after wearing in rain. No need to worry about the polish getting ruined.
Lots of Barbour at End Clothing. Contemplating the hooded Bedale or maybe the Tailored Sapper, but I already have something similar from Filson. Any feedback from owners of either?
Never loved their stuff and felt it was a bit overpriced for what it was.
He sells pretty often and for a long time on TZ. If he says it's stainless steel and green dial, I'd believe him. Seems like a decent deal to me.I personally prefer handwind vintage watches, and probably full rotor, rather than bumper auto.
If casual, I would go with brown shoes, though there's nothing wrong with black, but not my first choice.Black open laced shoes are kind of oxymoron for me.
Interested to hear what people have to say about them too.
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