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Luckily, my office party was last night, so did not end up taking the train till around midnight. I think for the most part the trains were back to normal at that point.
Totally legit. I have received about $93 since 2005.
Don't quote me on this, but I think they are clearance items. If you give them a ring they should be able to tell you for sure.
Thanks. Went to try on last night and the 9D fit a little loose for me and they didn't have an 8.5D for me to try on, so I passed. I wear 8.5D in Marlow Wingtips for reference, which I prefer the fit of more.
Popped in and they still have the 9Ds if anyone is interested. To unsure of the fit, so didn't pull the trigger. They felt a bit loose possibly like a 9.5D. I prefer a snugger fit
I had some Sanfords recrafted earlier this year (also with v-tread). Shoes came back good as new and polished. No issues with them.
Thumbs up to Levain and Keeley's.I would also check out Jacob's Pickle for a meal.
Thanks will do that.
I think I can achieve the same level of shine with both waxes. When I say the AE wax is hard, it's unusable. I would need to put it on the stove or torch it somehow for it to be usable again.
TTS is a terrible term. I'm not sure what you mean by half a size bigger. If you mean that they run half a size bigger, I think that is the general consensus. I've never tried on Lindricks, but wear my Marlow wingtips and full strap penny loafers half size down from my Brannock size. If you have wide feet I would go with your Brannock size. Half size down will be too small for you IMO. Not sure if I would go half size up from Brannock.
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