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Just heard about these and the Captains look like they offer a good value proposition.
I'm born and bred New Yorker, just cheap.
I pay less, maybe $15? IIRC, but my seamstress is a bit out of the way for me (FiDi), but he always gets the job done.
Agreed, I feel like field jackets should be waxed or be somewhat water resistant.Will be passing as I have too many jackets of this style right now.
Thanks. Crossing fingers
Pretty sure some people received them earlier this year.
D'oh, I have 4 t-shirts inbound in my long sleeve shirt size.
Anyone biting on today's drops? Wish the collars were more structured, but I guess less structure is more in line with the material.
The ones from Kamakura are nice if the fit is good for you.
That's a return/exchange for me.You can't really come back from ripped leather.
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