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About once every two months, we rent a Zipcar and make the trip out to the Target in Queens on a weekday night. It's a pretty relaxing shopping experience. We don't really save much, if anything, but the girlfriend enjoys shopping there.Was like that the one time I went to the one in Downtown Brooklyn too.Strangely, the Whole Foods on the UWS was only as crowded as it usually is on the weekends.
We're getting a lot of snow this week and it will be cold by New York standards. Personally don't think you will be warm enough in the rain coat. Would go with the car coat, but there is going to be quite a bit of snow here this week, so if the weather were not a factor that would be my choice.
I like to wear cardigans and v-neck sweaters over dress shirts. I think zip up sweaters are frowned up in these parts (Classic Menswear), but I like them. I don't usually wear them to work though unless it's Friday. How long are your sweaters that you can't clip the ID to your belt and still have it show? I'm assuming your ID is on a some sort of clip or clear sleeve that is attached to a clip.
Very NY way to think of things.
Wingtips today. [[SPOILER]] Another vote for Saphir Brown Cordovan cream.
Ah. I see. Sometimes those don't translate well on to the screen. Like the effort though.
Damn, 0/4.
I don't understand your analogy with the button-fly trousers.Topcoats are pretty much just longer versions of sportscoat/jackets, so it makes sense to follow the same rules.
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