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Don't know why they don't allow for it.
In case people don't know, the waist can't be adjusted on these MTM shirts. Check my previous post on MTM. I think I included the form they use for MTM shirts.
It worked.
Don't think you can really tell the difference, but the Elkhorn jacket above is the Seattle fit on me and in this link are pictures of my Oregon Trail Jacket in the same tagged size in the Alaska fit.
from my experience, shell has a looser fit. The Leeds also fit looser than the Macneils, so you could even be a 6.5. My Macneils in shell 9D are almost too loose compared to my calf ones. Same with the Kenwoods, which I will have up for sale.
Haven't really noticed cashiers asking whether you want a bag or not. Default with places where I shop is to always give. Even at Whole Foods where they promote bringing your own bag, they usually default to giving. They also give you a 10 cent discount for not taking a bag. When grocery shopping is planned, we usually bring out our canvas and polyester totes.I agree though that I do use the grocery bags as trash bags. They're also perfectly sized for our building's...
I am a U.S. 9D in the 1 and 5 last and U.S. 8.5D in the wingtips. The U.S. 8.5D might be too narrow for you.
"Saved me a lot of money"
Thanks Burzan!I'm actually not sure what the best size is for me in the Strand as I have never tried half size down and one width up form my Brannock. I wear them in my Brannock size as well as the 511 last, 97 last, and 108 last.
Agreed. I like the look of the grain.
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