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They looked thin in the initial pictures and I passed on them for that reason.
Alden (Copley and Aberdeen) 9D though fit could be better on bothAllen Edmonds (1, 5, 7, 8-108): 9D. The 8-108 is the best fitting last for me.Brannock: U.S.9D
Had a feeling it would be downtown.
Good advice here.
I wear my Marlows (wingtips, tassels, and pennies) in U.S. 8.5D and have my Harlechs and Onslows in U.K. 8E. I think you should be fine depending on what you are ordering. I do have to say though my Onslows (in shell) feel looser than my Marlow wingtips.
I feel the 363 is similar to the 348 and has a narrow toebox, but it is more rounded and not chiseled.
Maybe Republic if you guys are into noodles? Not really Thai, but I wouild say Pan Asian. A bit noisy though, but I like noodles and their broths. I think the Spicy Beef was my go to.
Yes, you can.
X-post from the Mass Drop thread. Just got these yesterday from them. Fleming Sunglasses
Definitely lacking that plasticky shine. Looks more like CXL.
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