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You haven't really given us a point of reference as to what your Brannock size is, except that it might be close to US (?) 8.
I think tropics knows what EU is. I think OmniscientCause was trying to say retailer.
Yeah I read subways, then I looked at the picture, then thought, not in NYC.
He mentioned earlier that he ordered from the Madison ave store.
Sized the same as my Brannock size. I have both calf and shell and same experience as usual. The shell is a little looser.
Not as bad as the Voyagers...
They look a little short to me.
I don't know anything about any of the shoes, except the general consensus that Alden Barrie is 0.5 sizes bigger than Brannock. Your experience makes it sound like the WvG shoes are half a size smaller than Brannock.
You are right that the toebox is a little tighter though.I think some have mentioned in this thread that the wingtips feel 0.25 sizes bigger than Brannock.
AFAIK, I don't have narrow feet.
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