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My experience with trying on the Brooks Brothers shell cap toe boot, which I understand is on the 240 last also, was that the US 9D felt big. I would have said that there is only a half size difference between UK and US for the Brooks Brothers 240 last.
I nabbed one too, but I'll be using mine as my shoe cleaning apron. Ordered yesterday and already have shipment email.
I don't regularly get coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, but prefer it over Starbucks.
I'm the same way with my sport/dress shirts. If it is dressy they should have structure and/or slots for collar stays. For casual I prefer button-down collars. I don't like non-button down collars with no collar stays as there is no structure to them on casual shirts. I also prefer to buy by neck/sleeve is possible to get the best fit. Totally understandable if Gustin didn't want to get into that.
I'd either call it a sport shirt or a dress shirt depending on the formality of the material and other factors, such as epaulets, pockets, etc.
Online code is BCSP15 It was already posted earlier in this thread.
For those that are ordering online don't forget to use the click through websites for an additional small percentage back.
I'd actually be interested in this also as I want to have jeans which will not develop fades over time for "dressier" occasions.
Unrelated, but hate the use of button-down to convey a sport or dress shirt. Button-down should only refer to collars.
My last recraft last year with AE cost $135 for a pair of Sanfords and had a v-tread sole added to it. You are right that with B. Nelson you would get JR soles for that price.
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