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I think that depends on whether you want the shoes to show the patina or to keep the dark brown color.
Watch out for the rats that run along the walls.
Would hate for that to happen on any shoe, but hurts more on shell for me.
Exchange wasn't terrible with Paypal when I last bought two weeks ago. Think it was 0.609/dollar compared to 0.625 standard exchange according to Oanda.
Steve Madden is either on par or a level above Aldo right?
I know you wanted B&M, but don't know of any personally. What about Amazon?This also came up in my Google search: http://jackfoxley.com/collections/all
Good price for some horse butt membrane.
Received my Unionmade shipping confirmation, but don't know what is in the package. Only received email confirming my order the day I ordered. My order number was in the 1100s. EDIT: Nevermind. Got the confirmation from Union Made I'm getting both of my items. Suspect it was because the two I got were not high desired items (tank top and Filson vest).
I bought the Navy one from Steep & Cheap for $200 a few months ago and like the jacket. Would have picked the khaki one up in if they had in my size.
Having issues with my email subscriptions not being mailed to me as of late.
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