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Too difficult to tell with those pictures. Do you have a full length mirror you can use and can you get close ups of the fit, i.e., without any distractions, sink, chandelier, etc.
Contemplated picking up some Smartwool ones, but $14ish/pair is kind of pricey.
Definitely great pic.
Maybe try an anklet that goes right below the ankle?I personally don't even have too many white socks. I have white no shows that I only really use when I wear my light colored Chucks.I don't see the contrast between the white socks and dark shoes to be a good thing. It really highlights the white socks, which is something I don't think you want to do.
I prefer no shows or anklets myself.
I don't have any of these yet, but would welcome some.Eh, I think the chinos are fine even in the straight cut.Like the shoes, but dem socks.Eh, I haven't seen any fabrics that are spread collar worthy yet. Gustin doesn't strike me as dressy.
Don't love doing it, but needs to be done most of the time.
Personally have not worn any of those brands, so I will defer to someone else with more experience.
If memory serves, I think it is the 35mm.
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