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I think I saw a tailored sapper at Club Monaco. Looks like a nice jacket. If I didn't already have a similar one from Filson I would have considered it.
Yeah definitely would not make the trip solely for Kamakura. I had a few weeks wait for them to get the size I needed for the OCBD, especially because, at that time they, were not told what they receive in the packages from Japan.
If you can wait, I'm sure Brooks Brothers will have either a Friends & Family (25% off) or corporate incentive day (30% off). I know there is one in October, not sure if there is one before that.I don't have a 15" laptop handy, but my 13" with sleeve fits fine. Would double check in the Filson thread, but 15" laptop should not be too much of a stretch.
Ever popular Filson 256 or maybe something from Waterfield or Brenthaven. So many options depending on what you are looking for.
I try to have the shoulder seam end where my shoulders end.
Maybe it is because of the sizes? Most of us that do not size up are in the lower size range. I was referring to size mediums when I made the reference. People that are sizing up seems to be in the L and above range.
I would not size up. I am the same size in the Kent Wang polo as Polo Slim and Custom Fit.
I agree if they are quoting a previous post. I come here for the pictures so if it is the first post I want to see the pictures.
You're not alone. We just don't get to provide input on these pictures.
I'm not sure if these are sanforized or not, but usually with selvedge denim at least, you want to get them as tight as you are comfortable with and they will stretch over time.If there is no pressure being exerted on the material it will probably not stretch, so you should be OK.
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