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Definitely asking in the wrong place. I have Whisky Harlechs and the Peal & Co boots also and was still considering the brown Harlechs, but may try to add a Coniston before that. If you can't tell I like captoes.My Harlechs and Peal & Co next to each other.
I like how they took their own pictures of the products.Eh, I think the money can be better spent on other brands that dedicate themselves to watches.
They started decreasing it last year.
I don;'t remember if I alternate between a darker wax polish color, but I use Saphir neutral on it .
If you keep wearing them the hole will just get deeper and wider and wear through to your foot.
Maybe not your style, but Kent Wang has some great polarized sunglasses for less than $75.
They look like they are in need of a resole to me.
You can get them ordered through the factory. I think it is an extra GBP40 and will add a few weeks to your wait time. The whole group does not have to participate.
Think you're referring to Barney's, which makes sense as Barney's stock for C&J is mostly on the 348 last too.
My girlfriend has very little patience for this too...
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