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I think your best best is the Armory in Tribeca. Believe they also makes shoes for Paul Stuart, though may be tougher to figure out which lasts those are on.
I have a similar sized foot and went with UK8. The Marlows (Wingtips) are just about right with little extra room, but I can still get the quarters to pretty much close. Only Aldens for me are on Copey and Aberdeen in size U.S. 9, but they are not an ideal fit, could be tighter.
Rode home last night, gorgeous. Manton must be out of town.
Front pocket
You're getting it at 37% off. That's a pretty good discount. I think you can probably only hope for 40% off max.
Guess I'm alone on this. I prefer the shape of the 240 last more.
I used the Allen Edmonds dressing. If you are going to get it get the smaller bottle. The bigger one is hard to use.
Pretty sure you can just add to the sheet.
Definitely short just looking at the pictures, but that does seem on trend.
I pretty much wear understhirts for almost everything except for t-shirts and henleys and even then I wear understhirts for the latter sometimes too.
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