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To be fair, I think we mostly refer to streets and avenues just by name, but don't indicate street or avenue.
Did Barney's do the size conversion right in your opinion? I don't have any US sized C&J, so just wondering if what they say is a US9D is really a UK 8E.
5% did seem pretty low to me too. I can think of plenty of beer that is above that mark.
Dunno about that . They have some exclusives that are super cheap that I can't find at any other stores. I don't think you will find a better under $10 selection of wine. I like the Montelpuciano, Chiantis, and Prosecco you can pick up there. I also don't have a very discerning palate though.
Looks like the U.S. folks are out of luck then.
OK thanks. So the assumption right now is that the Canadian website will only ship to Canadian addresses. Was your billing address in the U.S.?
You're a US resident and there is no issue with them shipping to your US address?
Korean at Gaonnuri? Go for the view.
I don't know. Most of the people look like they are Canadian residents except for Jackboot.
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