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My experience is that they fit a bit smaller than the regular oxfords, but not as slim as the slim fit ones.
I can easily spend 10 - 15 minutes a shirt, so not worth my time IMO. Maybe I am doing it inefficiently or maybe I am picky, but that's too long of a time investment for me.
For WvG bottoms in the past they have been true to measurement.Not sure if the new Ts are different, but I wear a small in all and am a 38" chest.
Does it match any of the other buttons on your jacket. Maybe it's just an extra.
Not sure about this run, but the previous run length is fine for me at 5'5".
PSA: Armoury New York is hosting a Carmina MTO trunk show and Betty Albaladejo will be there today and tomorrow. Not sure what time there hours are.Surprised this was not announced in this thread.Link to the Armoury
What day did you get to the trunk show? Maybe the ones you tried on were tried on by a lot of people. The shoes that I tried on at the trunk show had no issue with stiffness that I could tell though and I was there within the first hour.
I thought this was the way most places measured shirt sleeves like Brooks Brothers. Maybe when you say "most of us" you are referring to SW&D people.
A regular here ordered them, but I think ended up returning them due to fit. If you search Norwich you should be able to find his post.
I've been to a few. Nothing memorable though. There is an all you can eat place in the west village off of 6th ave, possibly on Greenwich.
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