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Bummer man. Colossal mistake.
I haven't been in store recently, but happy with most of the pieces I have from them, from trousers to sweaters. They are actually having an instore event at their New York flagship this Tuesday hosted by A Continuous Lean, but not sure if I can make it.
Good to know. I haven't checked it out yet, but will now.
That all sounds fine. I would carry a tie just in case. Personally I would go with brown belt and shoes, but that's my own preference.
Glad we're helping each other out. I was also looking at those, but was unsure of sizing. I tried on a pair of the Brooks Brothers Captoe Cordovan boots in my Brannock size and they were too large.
Check your previous post on this. I think some of us already answered.
Was it? I don't remember. Isn't this the first year they are not stacking percentage discounts on top of every day deals, so couldn't we presume the after Christmas discount won't apply?
If we assume that they are not allowing stacking of discounts, I assume no.
Seems like a pretty good price considering they're not stacking discounts on Every Day Deals anymore.
I think the Carminas are too sleek for my taste. If you ever feel the same as you get older the AS would be the right choice.
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