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Up for sale is a NTW Caruso sportscoat. Features are as follows: Made in Italy Fully canvassed 2 patch pockets Double vents 3 roll 2.5 front Soft shoulders Buttons on sleeves are not attached yet but come with it. This makes it easier for your tailor to shorten or lenghten the sleeves if necesssary. 95% wool, 5% cashmere The color is kind of mustard with red overcheck. The color is actually richer than in most pics. It is best represented in the picture with the paper...
One more price cut.
For sale is a wonderful Baldessarini Sportscoat. The cloth is a soft flannel glenplaid with lilac overcheck. In my opinion the scale of the plaid is perfect for a sportscoat. Baldessarini was the High end line of the Hugo Boss brand but was sold some time ago and is no a stand alone firm. This jacket is from the time after the sale but when the stuff was still made in Italy to a pretty High standard. It is said, that most of the stuff was made by Caruso. I am not sure, if...
Price cut. And will entertain reasonable offers.
You find Cashmere scarfs at every corner in Edinburgh.Look for Johnston of Elgin scarves. They offer good value for money.
Check out Ede and Ravenscraft in Frederick Street! Walker Slater has a horrible staff. Lot's of Tweed suits though, although the quality is not impressive. There is another shop, Stewart Christie in Queen Street, near the Ede and Ravenscraft shop. It is much more oldfashioned than for instance Walker Slater. Much more charming, if you ask me. If you have a car and plan a tour to the highlands as well, check out The House of Bruar near Blair Atholl. A big shopping village...
I offer for sale a suit by the well know Italian maker Belvest. I think I don't have to tell anybody about the quality of this garment. Lots of handwork, fully canvassed etc. Another thing that makes Belvest so good is the quality of the cloth. I would rate the quality below Kiton or Brioni, but above Caruso, Canali etc. The cloth is S110 pure wool. The dessin is a nice plaid on a greyish tan ground. In only sell it, because the jacket is slightly too short on...
Pic was taken just for you guys!
New years eve. Party at a friend's house.
Out for Dinner. Jacket: Belvest Trousers: Il Lanificio Waistcoat: Polo RL Tie: Borrelli Socks: Falke Shadow Shoes: Cheaney
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