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@Teach Me. Well, I would be irritated too if the one person tried to remove me from the team. They do not run it though, its a team right?  I don't know any advice to both get you what you want and help you. There are honestly more experienced people who work in all sorts fields here. Ask them for advice or start a thread specifically for it.
Had lunch with a classmate. Interesting fellow, will attempt to develop friendship from my side.
Deleted jic.
I bought some ecco leather boots, way out of my budget, under the premise that I can squeeze them for about 2 years of wear. Less than a month in I slipped and i scratched them deep, so it has like fuzzy leather patches on it. Is ther anything I can do to make them look good. I still have to wear them for the next 2 years.     Edit: I saw this but idk wtf this does http://www.hangerproject.com/saphir-vernis-rife-patent-leather-cleaner.html
Catchh. Di you end up using that website? I am looking into watches there I think I am just going to settle on a watch there. Watch hunting is so complicated
Post a pic?
 XLS up 20% since purchase.  *pops a bottle*  l You should all get together and start a "fund" thread.
Mesh Mens shirt?  Not as in strippers. As in wearing one as normal clothes.
 Anyone know if a market correction will have any impact on money market instruments? (How so?) I read that investing in silver/ gold will probably only help you beat inflation and nothing else                                     Idk anything about iron Africa or Sierra Leonne.
New Posts  All Forums: