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All are marked size 35 but were altered to take in the seat/wait about 1.5-2" so you might need to let them back out. These were the first chinos WvG put out and are made from very soft enzyme treated fabric with horn buttons. $5 off of each additional pair. SOLD Khaki/Wheat - $20 shipped waist 34" inseam 32.5" leg opening 8.5" Olive - $20 shipped waist 33" inseam 30.25" leg opening 8.5" Roaster Pan gray - a bit faded from wear but looks good imho. $20 shipped waist...
I second this. I actually have 2 of these because I would be crushed if something happened to it. My favorite shirt ever. Compliments every single time I wear it.
Does anyone have experience with sizing up and tailoring the waist to make the thighs fit? I foolishly I missed out on the keirin cuts, which I think would have been perfect. I just picked up a 60/30 chino in size 32 and while the waist is perfect, the thighs are skin tight and look a bit silly. My actual waist is 33", thighs 24-24.5". And if anyone has any keirin cuts to sell hit me up!
Mauro, Ever thought about doing merino shirts or tees? I know fabric is hard to source but it seems like this company is doing some cool things with merino: http://vimeo.com/49941172 outlier and wool and prince have some interesting offerings in merino but they can't match your patterns and construction in my opinion.
New and never worn. Size 32 waist 34" inseam 34" leg opening 8.5"
The original rivet chinos. Size 32 actual waist 32" inseam 34" leg opening 7.5" Worn and washed a few times, still excellent condition. $70 shipped each. STONE sold.
I really hope there is a restock on roll neck tees. Greatest tee ever and all I wear now. I wasn't sure about the roll neck at first but the neck hangs perfectly, like it's half way between a v-neck and a crewneck.
Mauro, any chance there will be v-neck ss tees?
What colors are they? Can't wait! I pretty much live in mine and need to stock up. Bets on how long before they sell out?
These have mabye 20 wears were washed twice. They are broken in and very soft. Crotch is still in very good condition and there are no rips holes or stains. actual measurements post wash: waist 32" thigh at crotch 11.75" leg opening 8" inseam 31"
New Posts  All Forums: