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Does yours flare out at the bottom? It almost looks like a dress on me, and it really accentuates a nice pear shape on me.Edit: also got it in my usual JE size
Yeah sorry I didn't really mean that nothing fit me from JE. It's more just the fit on this one shirt. I understand that my post didn't really convey that though.
Just got my linen mercer, and it fits wonky on me. I'm guessing because I have a large chest and shoulders, and the average JE customer isn't 200 lbs, but it flares out on the bottom weirdly. So...I have a BNWT large linen mercer in plaster if anyone's interested...
Are the Uneck, Mercer or Crew tee in Dune gonna be in stock anytime soon? Preferably larges (shoutouts to all my BBW out there)?
Looking for an A2 Bomber in Brown size 48-50.
I'm looking for a uniqlo undercover fishtail parka in medium (navy/gray). Please message me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
Will the canvas rivet chinos in olive be coming back anytime soon?
Where is your local store?If you can, please tell me anything and everything about this sport coat:
I'm selling a pair of brown Top siders in size 10.5. These were worn once. Turns out I just don't like boat shoes. Selling for $60 shipped.
These are brand new Superga 2750 in white. They didn't fit me. Selling for $60 shipped.
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