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The next step in Gucci evolution: putting a bangin' donk on it. Thanks for the recs, everyone.
Does anyone have recs for nice quarter button sweaters in the <$200 range? I hate zips, but buttons work surprisingly well for my business casual office. I have one from Cotélac and another from BB that I wear all the time and it would be nice to add a few more to the rotation that are durable and nice quality. Every time I'm motivated to look everything looks cheap and dowdy and terrible. Maybe this is a question for CM but that side of the forum seems awful.
oops wrong thread
 Yeah dry clean only is a bit of a pain, but the flip side is that wool is a miracle fabric. These wool shirts are bomb.
 Like honestly what on earth
I see it's time for our bi-monthly "Mauro's here let's tell him how to run his operation" event.
 Well there's this little thing called bargaining power.
 Mind posting a pic? This is one of the few pre-orders I haven't gotten in on lately and I'm curious.
 If you don't give a shit about cool construction details/specs or quality:price ratio why even bother with WvG? Also it's probably important to remember that Mauro switched to pre-orders all of a year ago. I trust him to get stuff ironed out, but I assume that kind of thing takes time, especially when so much of the timing and production hiccups are relationship-based.
Figured it was just production-related headaches, but good to have the update to confirm. Thanks for posting.
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