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Cool. The snarky opening statement means that the counter is back to 10! How did that cotton seersucker jacket shrink that much? Did you wash it? I'm intrigued by the M&E tweed you like sp much as to get three of them. Are there any pics of those made up anywhere? Most Caccioppoli is VBC-made, and in my experience good stuff. Some is LP - typically you can tell by the different pricing. For trousering options, have you looked at H&S Dakota Plains? I honestly...
How about a little positivity?    Maybe a break from the constant need to deride, attack, ridicule and put down other people's choices and taste?   Maybe a 10-post experiment without any snark at all?   What do you like?  Show us a few things you like and don't feel compelled to ridicule.  It would be nice.
Grey with blue accent is 402The other grey is a warmer shade and accent is orange
 I don't see why that would be an issue, or much effort.  The tab can be moved up. I'm a 43 in Tanino and found the 43 in Canalone to be the right fit.  If Tanino feels half-size small/large, the half-sizes in Canalone can help dial that fit
 We will stock two colorways (in very small quantities):  navy with no accent, and brown with orange accent.   If you're interested in any other colorway, you should pre-order
I don't know them personally
He has the same shape (long, scalloped hem shirt) every season. Can be worn long and loose, or sized down for a less dramatic fit.
 I see.  I don't understand how that jibes with wishing there were more pockets externally.   Anyhow... congrats on the Moscow.   One my favorite coats of all times.  I really do love mine
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