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I don't understand the logic of the article.  The fact that manufacturing is shifting and sweatshop conditions are harder to spot and reach doesn't make the concern or the "narrative" any less relevant or any more "bullshit".   If anything, I'd say, this would make people more concerned and looking for stronger commitments from those fast-fashion brands and better transparency through their supply chain.    I'm confused by the tone and conclusions of the article.
What's "the uniform"?
He reposted on IG so maybe you can ask him what the track is?https://instagram.com/p/5L-sXoCllm/
Must be that day in the luzar calendar
It's subjective, of course, but I wouldn't do it
They played some autotune vocoder tricks right there. My real voice is downright threatening. 😡
Not to crush your dreams but I don't think we'll be offering linen yarns in the October MTO.  
 I'm sorry about that! 
Not until October
No pre-orders on the oatmeal trousers - they'll be all for the rack
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