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FYI, casentino fabric for Eidos FJ is now sold out.
Casentino now sold out
Naissance jeep coat    
 Not sure what you mean by that.  I believe that Naissance is Takashi's only collection right now.  He also has a retail shop (Wind & Sea) which primarily retails Naissance. Naissance is one of the most interesting brand we've seen in navigating hundreds of brands at shows and events around the world.   The artistic direction is fantastic and the make is top notch.   We're dropping two winter coats today and they're just incredible in person.
 Not for pre-orders, but we can work on an MTO order for you if you'd like to order something different from what we're offering. This is meant to be a good workhorse summer navy suit - we're keeping all the details conservative.
 Yep, still one length as of now I think it will look great.  It's a greyish green - more medium value than dark It will make up like this but less saturated/green, and a light flannel hand of course. 
 Yes, we recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit or if between sizes.  I wear the same size as my Eidos suit size, for example
 Which Valstarino?  Suede or bonded wool?
It's an error - it should say regular shoulders everywhere (it's a restock of an existing style)
 The size chart should help - we don't stock 44R or 44S sizes so I don't have any that I can measure for you.   As you can see, a 44R would typically have about 98cm chest measurement (pit to pit), 44cm shoulders (point to point) and 75cm length (from bottom of collar).  There's always variance, of course, as these are all cut by hand not with an industrial press or laser cutting machine.   A short would be 2 to 2.5cm shorter than the regular
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