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Someone MTO'd a pair of light wool (same quality and mill as our light grey wool trousers) in brown and they came out awesome.  I think we may want to add to our spring '15 order - what do you guys think?    Some pics :  
Yep - worsted/woven wool ties + flannel suit = usually great.  
Tallia di Delfino, Brughera book. I posted some pics of the finished coat on the customer a few months back. I'll dig them out
It can work but it can also look like a mushy wall of the same wooly texture everywhere.
I think it looks good. A wool tie could have been iffy with the flannel suit, but a knit tie works for me here. I like the three blues approach. Sometimes, simplicity is best.
@dirnelli looking incredible in Formosa :
They are indeed of Japanese design and make... Not KapitalKids though ...My sunglasses? OP x The Soloist
 What I wore yesterday to bum around playgrounds and parks with the kids...    Ah yes, navy Raf Vandals 
Thanks, I know it was a compliment and I appreciate it... I'm just not sure why the Lanvin mention since I've never worn anything Lanvin...  anyhow, back to regular programming !
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