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@Mr. Six , @Murlsquirl and @in stitches have good pics There's several of me around, of course, but no robopose if that's what you're looking for
Correct. This is the other colorway. We preferred the shade and patterns of the darker version
Family & friends are ok. Thanks for the thoughts.
First leather is a "DIY shearling leather jacket" using :    +  TS(S) - Beige melange fleece vest  + VALSTAR - Brown pebblegrain leather bomber jacket
Here is a little editorial showcasing some of our FW15 outerwear.   It is titled "Long Face" and attempts to express the sadness of humankind faced with the wrath of global warming that robs our despondent species from the seasonality of a proper and cool autumn                       why oh why cold winds where haz you gone
 Did you get a welcome/subscription confirmation after you signed up?   Maybe you were already on the email list?   You should get an email upon signing up
 How did you like the Autore chocolates? :)
 You need to sign up for the newsletter and the welcome email will include the information for that offer
 It's Formosa
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