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He simply cannot. Between the untucked shirt, image crop and photo angle, the only way to gauge length would be the hem vs fingers - but that would be a misguided way to gauge jacket length.
Looks nice but I would personally tuck that shirt in
Yes. Our friends at Lesca developed a capsule of metal frames made in Japan (their Jura workshop makes acetate frames) and they look pretty nice. Thinking about adding those.
^ its much more tweedy than this and the scale of the check is much bigger. I think it's the same quality as the one PCK posted, but different color yarns
 It does not go without saying, as experience attests.   It goes better saying it.
The most important in requesting a re-make isn't whether they're exactly the way you asked, but rather if you really care if they have belt loops or side tabs.  If it's important to you, then they should be able to remove belt loops and make side tabs out of scraps of fabrics left from the cutting process.   If you don't really care that much, just make sure they know there was a mistake, and enjoy your pants.    I don't see the point of making them pay for a mistake...
Yep, we've got a normal size run for all the pre-orders.  
 ^  alright, so... whoever ordered this, please pat yourself in the back.  We just got a couple of those in from Naples, and they are insane
Now I'm intrigued...
 It's meta-cool that your actual life is more "look at my lifestyle" than an actual look at your lifestyle through your IG lens. 
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