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x-posting fit of the Leder deuschleder coat - this is the XL on me (also featuring the burgundy wool shirt )  
  Ask and you shall receive (yellowish pictures of me) !  This is the XL on me     And this is the Large  
Definitely Natural
Green is a nice option - provides contrast with other briefs or luggage rather than match it. Black w silver monogram would be cool too. Natural with no-color monogram emboss for those with a more casual lifestyle
This is a little absurd (and totally lacking self-awareness) for RW to talk about ripping off designs when his whole project is a blatant hipstappropriation of Japanese boro and patching ethos and techniques, made in 11211.    Nothing wrong with that... but pretty low IP cred.   The whole process of styling the RW pants before releasing their own, feels a little bit sketchy but what do you expect from J Crew?  They've been ripping off streed cred from the "in good...
Might be the right point to jump in and note that while the long officer coat and deutschleder coat are rather heavy, the softer dark green coat and wool-lined army parka are lighter and much easier to wear in cool but not freezing situations.
 La Portegna changed suppliers of veg tan leathers last year to a source that provides more consistent colors.   The previous generation Fat Carter leather was called "Sol" and teh current "Tobacco" is the replacement (closest in color).   Not sure, to be honest.   I'm hearing that part of the order has shipped from Italy but I don't know what is in that shipment.
I had to google him.  Fill me in on the joke!  
 Yes, SF10 for 10%
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