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 To be rocked a little bit like the Score coat before.   @PocketOfTies will show you : 
 From what I've seen and the hand of the fabric, I don't think it will.  It seemed to hold well with a nice drape.   The cut is the same so the silhouette isn't different, but the fabric is more relaxed and casual in nature, so it will give a different feel to Sal trousers.   The shorts here are made up of that fabric:    
 Not 100% sure yet but leaning towards brown, technical navy and grey donegal silk right now
The cotton one is a much more casual suit.  It rumples and creases almost like linen.  That's definitely the charm of it, but for some people makes it less practical/versatile.
Anyone who truly wants to order odd trousers in Lorenzo cut, please email us ASAP, and if there's enough demand, I will work w Eidos to make it happen. It needs to make sense re: minimums and production management.
Correct. Odd sizes do not exist.
They're held in folded position by the Force (I.e. magnets)That's correct for suits. For separates, you can
  Obviously, the sleeve length here is measured with the expandable cuff flipped in the extended position :   
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