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Given how late our fall order is coming, this will not be happening.   We may do MTO for spring styles but even that is not clear yet.    So if you like the fall styles we're getting, I wouldn't wait for an MTO version of them - at least not from us.   Also, note that we have many marled colors this season (we agree with your statement that they look fantastic)
The contest winner will come a bit later in November   On another note, the winner (and runner-up) for the Drake's Collective Action contest just landed yesterday - both in 8.5 cm to make it extra special.  They will be up online hopefully in a couple of days - and we will also draw the winner of a free tie among the voters.
Wearing the same shoes today 
New              Restocks     
The stock of these three new suits is thin this season because people got the chance to pre-order their size. That said, we had at least one of each size so others must have grabbed your size before you. Follow us on Twitter to get notified every time we drop something new. Restocks are slowly coming in and will happen over the next month or so.
Esemplare is up
 Next 48 hours
That looks so good - congrats on the improvements!
epic beard
You would need to try the next size up to accommodate your chest and shoulder and give them more room and comfort.   The waist can be taken in - this should not be your primary concern.   
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