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No shorts for us - only R and L   We're waiting for the styles we have to have their complete size runs (hopefully in the next shipment), before putting them up online.
I won't throw stones from my glass house.  I already have 2 and still got a third this time around...
All the overcoats are regular size.  
We don't have October dates yet but would likely be at the very end of the month or early November.  RTW prices are easy, they're online and include the cost of fabric. MTO and bespoke are priced CMT so price depends on chosen fabric. MTO/MTM (no fittings or pattern modifications beyond simple alterations to RTW pattern) is $2,090 + fabric ; bespoke (custom pattern, fittings) is $3,255 + fabric
If that's the brown/tan herringbone overcoat, we'll have it in DB
 Are you asking about MTO/MTM or bespoke?   
Also, we still have appointment slots for the Formosa trunk show next week - open at this point are : Thursday 9/11 between 10am and 1pm; and Friday afternoon between 3pm and 6pm   So far only one person is taking advantage of the opportunity to be fitted by Dionisio for a MTO/MTM order.   He won't be back for another 5-6 weeks so if you prefer to have a tailor determine your size, this is your chance to do so.   Cheers ---Greg
Those are surprisingly soft actually.  Like a fuzzy baby bunny.       We've just received our Camoshita fall shipment, and there is a navy sport coat in the lot which is also a wool/mohair mix (I'm so glad this is not shatnez!) and it is fuzzy and super soft too.
There are significant issues here, but it is possible that it can be salvaged. If not by this tailor, maybe by someone with better skills (and eyesight) If he's even considering letting you walk out with these suits, if he is not pulling his hair out and cursing at himself when looking at these jacket backs, I would say that he has little pride in his work.
'ts do it
New Posts  All Forums: