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 I'm sorry I don't understand the question - we never have multiple sizes for ties.  Which tie are you looking at?
 ? We've had Brigade up on the site for three months now
You're correct that this would be a more accurate measure of the waist circumference. But the size of these belts is the measure (in cm) from base of buckle to the middle hole.
 They don't really stretch.  52 Rota is probably a 95 (to confirm, you can measure your own belts from base of buckle to the hole you typically use)
 Yes and yes.  Info will be sent via email to newsletter subscribers
Correct.  That's a Mackinaw coat
 75% virgin wool, 25% linen
 We took Eidos pre-orders for the first time for FW16, including Sal trousers
 Yes.  If there's no cancellations, we'll have 4 different fabrics for Sal trousers.   (we were supposed to have 4 this season too, but two were cancelled)
One of my favorite summer shirts.
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