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 I totally need coffee to get my day started.   So, what changes do I need to make?  (more importantly, why?)
We can easily take that g out of gmto, you know
I like that idea a lot. He could also redecorate their sartoria with flawless sofas (complete with hidden wii) and Napoleon candles. Matt - are you in?
I'm watching this right now and after only 10 mins, I know this is a grand moment in TV history https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7uPOGxUtZvk
There's only one restaurant I would travel to the UWS for : Dovetail
I threw that grey Rock coat on yesterday again and it is so perfect.   It would make anyone look cool as ice.
I personally like all my cardigans a lot better open Try just one button (the one closest to your natural waist) Also pull down on the lapels/front a bit to get the jacket to anchor a little better around your neck and to shift some of it's balance forward.
While there is undoubtedly a house style for most houses, each cutter may also have his style or sometimes deviates a bit from the style.   The one I'm most familiar with has slight differences between the 3 cutters.   I think the "inconsistency" (most likely style differences) in NSM commissions has also been well documented in various threads here.
Supposed to ship from Italy before 12/19
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