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Brughiera and Maremma are the two books with shepherd checks and gun clubs
Rive Gauche coat on the right
Thanks. It's really warm. The liner is filled with wool fibers instead of poly and the shearling parts really help. I've yet to test mine in cold NYC weather but the NR guys say that it keeps them cold in normal -10 degree Bergen weather.Yes, but delayed because of a change in ownership in JulySo far, I'm thinking all 5 but if there's a color that draws no interest in pre-orders, that probably means we shouldn't get it for the stock.
I think that's the Camoshita one? Or maybe the new Document one coming online soonNot this season.
I honestly don't know re: collar. If it was my size, I would wear and wash the prototype a few times and see how it evolves. The pique fabric is finer than a traditional polo (RL, Lacoste) so I think that it will take ironing well. You can also starch parts that you find too floppy. I personally like the soft collar but starching is probably an option.
I don't think that we sold that coat in S yet so I'll need to check what's goin on. The single breasted, right? Sure you were a Small? They fit very trim for the size. The polo design isn't changing. Maybe not a great reason but I like it like that.
Am I the only one who really got into The Killing seasons 1 & 2 but finding season 4 really bad. They spend 3 seasons building these characters with incredible depth and subtlety, to then turn them into ridiculously simplified personalities in season 4. Can't possibly be the same writers?
Yep. Looking great. I don't know where you live where you can wear those layers - it's still warm here - but it looks good
All great. Seriously.
I would go 39 and be safe with regards to shrinkage. I don't know about you but I just don't like tight fitting polo shirtsPrototype is light blue indeed
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