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Sal is here      
 I don't want to be too precise here because I don't want anyone for whom 1 cm may end up being an issue with pre-ordering, to end up disappointed or unhappy.   I measured the prototype sleeve a little bit shorter (about 2cm) than the latest batches of dress shirts.  But I am 100% sure there will be some variance there.  If that measurement is quite sensitive, I'd recommend waiting for the stock units to come in and pick one up then.  
 Seems relevant to re-quote this 
One of my very favorite pieces, that I wear all the time, is finally back in stock.   We've ordered a bunch this time but, if history is a good indicator, they will go fast.            http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items/70-s-us-army-spec-green-utility-shirt-jacket.html
 Say no to business travel on saturdays!  
 Be in town!  Come on, make the trip with me.  We'll have Gose beers and reminisce
 We have the black ones in 44.5 (Buttero fits a full size large) and the distressed brown ones in 44.5 and 45
 I just measured one right now and it is about 32.5" or so - so I think the measurements posted are a good guideline.   Keep in mind that these two cotton trousers are thick (540 grs cotton!) and the measurements are taken on the outside of the waistband
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