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 Upward camera angle positioned at your belly button is never going to make you look good.    Think of the camera as someone else's eye.  The vantage point looking at a full body is always from head level, slightly downward looking.
Here are a few shots that may help understand how the sleeves are attached.   Blue mini-houndstooth is Eidos, the other is constructed with the spalla camicia sleevehead.  I think that this closer look allows to see the difference between the shirt sleeve shoulder which is visibly inset and top stitched; and the Eidos shoulder which is not inset and top-stitched in the spalla camicia style.  Both have a good amount of grinze (excess fabric forming waterfall...
Yes, that's correct, the baby calf is a lot more supple and probably won't give much.  The thick veg tan uppers are quite unique in how they evolve. You have tried the shoes with your orthotics so you're well positioned to pick the right size - you're probably right that 39.5 will work best for you
 My post above was in jest... it's just a particular of their design (short cap) - some like it and some don't.   Some will find it cool, others not.  It's more noticeable on the styles with toe caps, of course.
Don't quite understand the question re: "stylistic advantage"... I guess you could say that a stylistic advantage to the design is that some people like it.
 Yep - two Boglioli brothers left the company and started their line.  I think it's 3 or 4 seasons old now.  Concept is soft tailoring with wacky fabrics - lots of boucle, thick jacquard and dobbies.  Very intense friends-and-buddies insider wink-wink social media marketing in Italy and at Pitti - one of those booths where they want to always have a lot of people patting each other's back.
 I'm going to be honest, I'm a little surprised that CP 42 is a perfect fit for you.  I would think they'd be a tad large given your dress shoe sizes.   I wear UK10E in the same EG lasts and CP 43 is good for me, almost slightly roomy.  But every foot is shaped differently, so there's no universal advice - so if CP 42 is a perfect fit, Buttero 42 is your best bet
 Yes, exactly the same soles - Serena rubber sole, the most trusted sneaker sole by upscale sneaker makers in Italy.  It's made in the Marche region by a family-owned company who invented it.  CP uses Serena soles, Buttero and Diemme too.  Many others do or have used the same sole.    Of course, the sole isn't the only factor for fit.  The shape and size of the last used to shape the upper also plays a role.  You can have the same real estate for the footbed (same sole)...
P2 is the perfect last for boots IMO   (as long as P2 fits your foot well, of course...)
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