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Appreciate the support, guys!   We'll try to continue buying good things - hopefully, you'll continue to like them :)   I'd prefer not to have this conversation go much further in this thread, if you don't mind.   
 I guess you see these instatumblr posts too... sigh
 It is warmer
White Briefs, maybe?
There will be no more Mazzarelli in our store. Just want to clarify that.
While I can appreciate that they work great for those who need shorter sleeves, it is a lot easier (read: possible) to shorten shirt sleeves than to lengthen sleeves (not possible).
Don't think that woolen flannel is more porous. The non-combed fibers fill out the weaving pattern more on woolen than on a worsted. There is less porosity.
You missed the most exciting dessert in the history of Tuscan cuisine - ordered tonight by Gracia. It was glorious.
Camoshita shirts was a problem for us.  The sleeves length was way too short for most people, especially in larger sizes.   We'll see if the coming seasons have adjusted that pattern
New Posts  All Forums: