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^  this particular piece is all hand-embroidered (not a print).  It's awesome and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
13.25" across the thigh at the crotch
Just a quick PSA that we will be closing pre-orders on Sunday for Spring/Summer '17.   If you need a size that is hard to find, short, long, etc... this is the only chance to get it
 For a lot of people, yes.  Fit is slimmer and waist is 1/2 size smaller than the non garment-dyed.   There's always an element of variability in how a fabric shrinks when garment-dyed / washed.
 Yes, we're planning on stocking separates for this one (SC and Sal trousers).  Typically, we order one unit in 46R.
 Cement is very light grey.  It's a better option than sand when you're looking to match a jacket with trousers that do not have a beige/warm tone to them.    Cement is cool, sand is warm
ROTA S/S'17 PRE-ORDERS Just like last season, here's an opportunity to order your size and in a color you want.  This time, we're showing a greater range of colors for each fabric quality, including a bunch we won't be carrying off the rack - to give greater choice to those who know their Rota size and are interested in more fabric options. Like for fall, we are also offering the option to order your trousers in the new style that we developed with Rota : higher rise, flat...
 Many of the pre-order options will not be stocked at all. The ones that will be stocked will be available in 46R (no S or L)
Use EXTRA15SALE for an extra 15% off items already on sale.
New Posts  All Forums: