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Looks great buttoned without the knit liner. Looks better unbuttoned with the knit liner
I can tell you how it is. If we list 3 measurements, some people will demand a 4th. If we list 4 measurements, some people will demand a 5th. If we list 7 measurements, some people will demand 10. Some people ask us to measure the specific piece that would be shipped to them because there's manufacturing variance between two different size M of the same style. Some people send us a list of 12 items for which they need 6 measurements. Sometimes they say please. ...
Heavier sharkskin > lighter birdseye Heavier birdseye > lighter birdseye
Great fit
That should be a simple alteration for someone used to knitwear alterations. The other option is to keep your hands on the pockets - or to wear it open.
Poa is phenomenal. The hand and stitch design is a throwback to Schneider knitwear 3-4 years ago. Same goes for Oxalis and its chainmail stitch. My own personal favorite (and probably most overlooked / slept on) is the Moonless cardigan
A shoe is also neither a sport coat nor a cardigan - still has a purpose... It's a knit jacket - a softer, more casual piece than a sport coat. I think it's the right size but right now, it looks like it is sitting like a feather on Newc's shoulders, almost pulling back - it needs to mold a lot more to his shape and shift that balance to the front. In other words, it needs a good, strong tug on the lapels/front. Also, don't be afraid to pop the collar up and see how...
@Synthese fit pics
I took the leather thingies off the zipper pulls on mine and I like it better like that - they can be distracting
It does look good (including the old pictures of the Duke) but the dandified impracticality of it makes it hard for me to relate to.
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