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oh I see.  Definitely something that needs fixing.  I misunderstood your post
Yep. the S&C caps are 100% cashmere so they will be lighter, warmer, softer, more stretchable and looser fitting than the wool Inis ones.
Some new cufflinks from Parisian artisan Samuel Gassmann -  those are shell button cufflinks with a silver bridge, then covered with multiple coats of colored epoxy resin.  Every pair is different, of course.         
 oops sorry.  Was that satire?
 I don't mean to be contrarian but... speed hooks can break finer laces, especially if the boot is not laced tightly and there is some friction happening when walking.   I can't imagine blaming a shoemaker for the fact that speed hooks can brake a lace.   There is a solution that is much more cost effective that sending boots to Budapest for "fixing" : get a few more laces.  It doesn't cost much?  Vass even includes a second set in the box.
 Ah ok.  I'm not sure.  The Drakes team will come with their price list - I believe bespoke ties are in the $200 area
    NY-area friends,  come join us, meet Juan Rivero Bosch and see some great and unique fabrics to get a tie made exactly as you want.     Who's in?   
^ correct
I think that he meant that he wears his pants right above his hips (as opposed to high up at the waist)
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