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Or the McDonalds on 8th and 35th, or anywhere around Port Authority really. 
I just saw a delivery guy running a red light across a four lane avenue. On a skateboard. In flip flops.
Sherman square - 70th and Amsterdam. There's nothing to see really - it's a tiny patch.
 I really do think that you have this backwards.  Eidos, the brand, the manufacturing facility in Frosinone, the previous collections, etc... existed before Antonio joined.  They're part of the Isaia group.  Antonio is a US designer who joined this company - so he is physically based in the US (although he is constantly in Italy at the factory or working with mills and third party makers like shirts and others).   This is an Italian company that hired a US designer because...
 Isn't the neck way too large?   I take 16/41 in everything, including Inglese.
Thanks - I just manually ran the indexing (instead of waiting for the next scheduled one) and it seems to show up now?
Thanks - sometimes it takes a few minutes for the database to re-index.     You guys are FAST with the new Inglese shirts !
 Thanks. Which ones?
Jamieson's will be up later this week or early next week.  
 We've decided not to do pre-orders for Inglese.   
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