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It's great but very limited in terms of apps/services that can stream to it. I use Netflix and HBO go apps on my phone and it is pretty cool indeed. All HD quality. I think there's espn as well. I watch YouTube vids f the kids on the big screen straight from the iPhone but that's pretty much it.
 That is as far from my own experience as it possibly could.   I'm willing to bet I met a whole lot more WIS/ watch enthusiasts than you have, having been to meetups, events, or simply hanging on watch forums, and if there is anything in disproportion, it is certainly not aging bros, but rather nerds.  Really nerdy, detail-obsessed people of all ages.  There's something incredibly fascinating about the mechanics of precise horology : the idea that I would wind a stupid...
 I'd say good taste and bad taste are entirely uncorrelated to liking mechanical watches.  The distribution of good taste is likely pretty much the same for people who like watches as it is for people who don't.   That said, I think that maybe your point is that there would be an expectation that if your hobby is multi-thousand dollar watches, you should exhibit higher taste than average - and that is not the case, so failing to meet that expectation may be something to...
I find that flap extremely useful. I always have an overcoat dangling on top of my bag when I go through airports - being able to just stick it under the flap instead is valuable.
While there's always subjectivity in those awards (it is a vote after all), it isn't obvious to me that Robben would be more deserving than Messi. 3 GF & 1 ASS for AR vs 4 & 1 for LM - but most importantly Messi took Argentina to the finals - that team has been highly dependent on LM to win and progress. I'm not sure one would say the same for Ned. Also I assume votes are in before the final whistle for these awards - the FIFA pre-selection was announced days ago. So...
They may be redundant from a pure practical point of view (like two navy ties may be) but they look very different so they're not redundant stylistically. The Chapman probably holds more stuff - it's more of a duffel bag. The Calabrese has more construction and pockets.
The shoulder expression is a defining feature of a tailor-made jacket. If you like the way your jacket shoulder looks, don't let an alteration tailor redo it entirely. Re-attaching the shoulder can also create whole new issues, especially sleeve pitch.Altering from the shoulder should be a last resort kind of thing - I personally would recommend to simply never do it at all in a nice handmade shoulder.If you hate the shoulder, of course feel free to have someone redo it.
Isn't it voted by the media outlets, not FIFA?
The crowd you're looking for is partying in the hamptons on summer weekends.
Will do. As always, email is the best way to request measurements or get customer service help. Requests get queued in one place and we're less likely to miss one. customer@nomanwalksalone.com
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