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 Which Valstarino?  Suede or bonded wool?
It's an error - it should say regular shoulders everywhere (it's a restock of an existing style)
 The size chart should help - we don't stock 44R or 44S sizes so I don't have any that I can measure for you.   As you can see, a 44R would typically have about 98cm chest measurement (pit to pit), 44cm shoulders (point to point) and 75cm length (from bottom of collar).  There's always variance, of course, as these are all cut by hand not with an industrial press or laser cutting machine.   A short would be 2 to 2.5cm shorter than the regular
 Correct - thanks.   We're shooting for late January delivery
 The two Moessmer herringbone, the two Japanese heavy knit-style MCH92, the Casentino and the grey houndstooth
 For pre-orders, you can order 44R (or 44S or L)
 Naissance jeep coat with real shearling collar and real mouton lining.  Oversized fit.  Should drop tomorrow, along with another oversized Naissance coat.   I was talking about supporting Samuel  The Monitaly is warmer and much more weatherproof.   It's also more badass IMO.    US41 is IT52 (41*2.54/2=52.07).   In the new pattern of Ragosta, I would recommend 52, particularly since you're tall and will also like the additional lengthI'm afraid 50 may be a bit tight for...
Or he can support a living person who's keeping the craft alive
I don't think so. It sounds like the pattern doesn't work for your build.
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