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Calabrese spring summer is in                                
Feel the wrinkle !
 The one with the drawstrings?   It's so freaking good  
Light weight fresco is soft and comfy.  Medium weight is still fine although a tad rough on me precious knees.  Heavy weight fresco is essentially sandpaper.   I believe I saw an ad for a trendy spa in town that uses heavy fresco for exfoliation
 Best advice is to compare measurements (chest, shoulders, length) with something you own and fits well - and see if you're in the right ball park.
 This shirt?   Did you try sizing up?    
 Oh yeah but I grabbed that one already   
 All Monitaly this season (especially the wide pants & striped shorts) Post Imperial x Larose caps (so freaking cool) Frank Leder shirts (unbelievably good) Schneider reverse knit sweaters (awesome mix of yarns and lighter/easier to wear than most spring knits) Buttero stamped suede sneakers (please don't buy my 43) Blue Blue indigo heavy cotton satin pieces (both pants and CPO shirt/jacket are just perfect) Sage de Cret patchwork linen shirt Eidos navy hemp/wool chunky...
 That jacket was essentially designed (almost specifically) to be worn in Tokyo in October.
 I put this in my CAD model and my 3D printer spit out a few options, including one that involved a marlinspike hitch knot.    But this reverse internal fold is a far more elegant solution   
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