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 I think that @Iyor here has one and Kyle has modeled it a couple of times - don't remember if there are photos in the thread.  Great jacket
It's almost the size of a Harry Potter book. With a lot more story lines and characters.
No we didn't do it for the rack in that cream hemp hopsack. I'll get search options photographed this week and we'll open pre-orders for a short period to get the order produced ASAP
I'm hoping there will be something in the same vein/feel.   I know for sure that there will be a number of great fabric options.   What do you guys think of the beige chunky hemp hopsack (the one we used for sport coats this season) - I think that's the same quality as the blue.
Yes. Trying to sort out fabric options as same fabrics are actually not available. 6-7 weeks
Those ts(s) pants are such a pleasure to wear. Some really fantastic casual trousers this season. All three Schneider are amazing but I have a soft spot for the tan parachute material ones. The Ollie ones are also on point. More biz cas, we received our final Rota shipment with two cotton/linen ("chino lino") trousers and the fabric is so nice.
Ha ha. Just modeling stuff for you guys
I think that people who purchase "Neapolitan" suits with italian sounding names, designed by a pre-IPO Dutch corporation and made in China, probably contribute more to the romanticized image of Neapolitan tailoring than those who decide they're going to give their business to actual tailors in Naples to keep that craft alive.
This is something you wear with a knit and jeans/cords. I wouldn't wear with a jacket underneath.
Everything is OOS in your size?? That sounds both impossible and terribly unlucky.
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