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I know that I styled it but I  that beige striped tie with the navy fresco suit !
              In order of appearance : Minnis Fresco #104347, Drapers tobacco linen, Caccioppoli tan cotton solaro, Carnet/Piccadilly S140 tasmanian
 I've been going back and forth on that.  I wonder if the price point may end up too high.  A lot of the cost of the suit is in the fully handmade jacket.  
They're mostly all here but missing some sizes.  We're waiting for the last shipment to put them online since we want to have all sizes available when we do.
  IMPORTANT PSA TO EVERYONE WHO ORDERED THE MERINO COAT IN CHARCOAL : We've been informed that there was a mistake in the fabric composition we were communicated (and seen above).  The actual composition of the fabric is 86% wool, 14% nylon (same as the green cloth). If you made your purchase decision based on the fabric content and would like to cancel your order, please email us ASAP at customer@nomanwalksalone.com and we will cancel and release your coat for anyone else...
Awesome.  To be fair, there's only 2 pairs left.
We'll provide the 100% cashmere balaclavas
Particular cloth suggestions are of course welcome if there's stuff out there that tickles your fancy...
And here I am thinking that our Formosa make-ups were as "staples" as it gets!   Grey flannel, navy birdseye, grey sharkskin...  :)
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