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It's one of my very few pet peeves.  I really really really dislike that.   Really
I'm a pretty typical 42 / Large.  I need 54 in Eidos and some other brands that fit on the leaner/smaller side
I wear the 42 and it's plenty comfortable.   The F/W version felt quite a bit snugger with the wool lining - to be able to layer a sweater, I needed to size up to 44.     I'd say go TTS on the S/S version - no need to size up
Just trying to help you guys make the right decision ...   I don't mind being the shoulder to cry on when your size is sold out, but I prefer to be the one high-fiving you when you get a badass piece in your size !
It all started 10 months ago...   
it's bada$$
More Inglese shirts are now up online.  Couple of Monitaly pieces (mountain parka and shorts made from recycled US military tents) are coming right behind.  
I wear flannel like that up to the mid to high 60s.   I would put it away when temperatures hit 70.      And I thought I ran hot!
The U.S. agent is in NYC, just a a few blocks away.
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