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We always get 52 in everything (because that's my your size)
 We shot everything - we need to measure everything now.  Hopefully on Friday
Yeah some of those snowflakes looked like small white leaves.
 We've received about half of the styles.  We're waiting for the other half, including the long sleeve pique shirts.   We also heard that two styles got cancelled (Canclini Mustique) so we will need to refund those deposits.
That does not square with my experience fitting people. The vast majority of men seem to have a dropped right shoulder, of varying degrees. We rarely see someone with a dropped left shoulder.
Really? That dark green Sentiment shirt is one of my favorite items this seasonStephan always does those jersey backed shirts for spring, but this one is particularly good with the tonal greens. The asymmetrical placket looks great open, and @Benesyed, those longer sleeves are really meant to be cuffed IMO
Elusion jacket + photobomb
^ I would recommend 42 for you
^ 3 years
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